1Password 5.2 for iOS: The Awesomesauce Edition is here

OPI 5.2 jar of AwesomesauceThe holiday season may be over, but we saved your best present for last! Well, at least the best present with ‘AgileBits’ printed on it somewhere. 1Password 5.2 for iOS is now making its way to the App Store, and we even saved you the time to unwrap it.

(Get it? Because software is digital and therefore impossible to wrap with paper.)

This free update goes out to our new customers and Pro feature owners. To start, we added our first-ever Login Creator, a really slick new tool that makes it easy, dare I even say fun, to add your existing Logins to 1Password and get a feel for how much time it can save you.

Login Creator has a polished workflow for hundreds of sites and services, and we hope it makes getting started with 1Password even easier.

1P iOS Login Creator

For our Pro feature owners, let’s start with a new One-Time Password tool. This helps you sign into a growing number of services (like Amazon and Tumblr) that support a secondary, randomized password for that extra… je ne sais quoi. You can learn more about One-Time Passwords at TwoFactorAuth.org.


Pro owners can now also delete attachments from the item editor and add many new custom field types like addresses, dates, and month/year.

Rounding up this release are plenty of additions in the 1Password App Extension, design, sync, Accessibility, and translation departments. You can check out the full iOS changelog if you want all the details or skip straight to the App Store and pick up the latest and greatest 1Password for iOS!

While you’re there, please take a minute to give us a great review—it helps more than you may know! Finally, let us know what you think of this release on Twitter and Facebook, and stay in touch with the Agile Newsletter.

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  1. David Wang
    David Wang says:

    To use 1Password’s OTP, I would need to disable OTP on the service (e.g. Dropbox), then enable it again. But this time I would use 1Password to scan the barcode provided to link the service to 1Password instead of Google Authenticator which I have been using before. Is that right?

    And I would also like to know the answer to tricil’s question. Thanks!

    • stlong
      stlong says:

      Hi, David Wang. Yes, that’s exactly what i did this morning. I signed in to the services that use 2FA, chose to enable another device, up appeared the QR code, I opened 1Password and went to Edit, scanned the new QR and typed in the verify code. Worked perfectly and so I’ve done this for all the 2FAs that I have. Hope that help you. Enjoy!!

    • Kevin Hayes
      Kevin Hayes says:

      To answer tricil’s question, DropBox has a “lost my phone” feature. You use your emergency code to temporarily turn off 2 step authentication to get sync setup, and then turn it back on after that.

  2. stlong
    stlong says:

    2FA in 1Password is fabulous! Love it. Beats having to use Google’s Authenticator! All beautifully contained in 1Password. And because of that, I have 2FA access on my iPad as well! Many thanks, everyone at Agilebits! Fab work!!

  3. Avner
    Avner says:

    You guys should seriously consider limiting the number of attempts thta can be made to open 1 password,it seems that as things a hacker could make as many attempts as he likes without fear of the app locking…

  4. Christian C. Berclaz
    Christian C. Berclaz says:

    Been using 1Password since v3 and god I couldn’t live without it. My use also got more and more complex over time and I’ve started using vaults for family sharing, with various levels between my wife and kid. One small criticism I would make about vault switching in iOS: similar to the desktop version, it’d be great to be able to switch without having to drill down to multiple menu levels.

  5. Paul
    Paul says:

    Hi team,
    please forgive my ignorance but is it possible to have a folder on my iPhone 5s and iPad 2 Air that is private and not accessible if I give it to someone else to use? Do you have a way to block apps one by one or can I pop them all in one folder and stop others from accessing what’s in there?

    • Kevin Hayes
      Kevin Hayes says:

      1Password can protect passwords, notes, credit cards, and lots of other information from prying eyes. But it’s not possible for an app to limit access to other apps. iOS doesn’t allow it.

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