1Password 5.3 for Mac: The Bionic Edition is out!

We last heard from our hero, 1Password for Mac, in version 5.1. Sadly, version 5.2 suffered a tragic accident. The development team refused to give up. “We can rebuild it,” they said. “We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world’s first bionic password manager. 1Password 5.3 for Mac will be that app. Better than it was before. Stronger…Faster…Better.”

We proudly present 1Password 5.3 for Mac, now available for Mac App Store and AgileBits Store customers, and it won’t cost six million dollars (it’s a free update for all 5.x owners).

Two-Steps Stronger

Barcode Scanner With BorderWe recently introduced our TOTP feature — Time-Based One-Time Passwords — in iOS and Windows, and now we’re bringing it to the Mac. TOTPs are increasingly used as an extra layer of security by companies from Dropbox to Tumblr, so now you’re ready for them with 1Password for Mac. To learn how to add TOTP to 1Password for Mac, check out our handy dandy guide and video!

Faster Communication

1Password makes you more secure online, but it also saves you time by logging you in and filling long, tedious forms with a single click. Now it can help you make phone calls and start emails with one click, too.

We’ve added great new features in v5.3 to make it even easier for you to keep in contact with your sidekick. You can click on phone numbers that you’ve added to Identities to start FaceTime Audio or Skype calls, or click on an email address to start emails.

This works not only in the default fields for these in items like Identities and Software Licenses, but also in custom fields.

synapse_brainA Better Brain

Did you know 1Password has a Brain that handles the under-the-hood tasks of figuring out webpages and filling your Logins, Identities, and Credit Cards into forms? In v5.3, we gave the Brain a heavy dose of B and D vitamins, as well as some omega–3 dev classes and shared objects to make it much faster and smarter when filling said forms and generally saving you oodles of time.

Too much more to list

We also implanted a plethora of custom field options, some great 1Password mini nips and tucks, and Secure Notes can now have custom fields and sections.

Actually, I’d love to list all the great stuff we packed into this free update, but there’s a chance such an extensive post might break WordPress. Instead, you can check out the full details in our release notes. To get the update, just hit the Mac App Store’s Updates tab, or for our AgileBits Store version, click 1Password 5 > Check for Updates in the menubar.

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  1. Primal Tuna
    Primal Tuna says:

    The style of writing you use here and on the update summaries is irritating and patronising. The humour is really not funny and it detracts from what is a very well polished and professional application. Not sure who is giving you PR advice but you might want to change.

    Simply state the facts and improvements without sounding like you’re trying to explain the birds and the bees to a toddler. It’s really off-putting.

    • ricej
      ricej says:

      I thought there were already standard technical release notes? Actually, for an app company their social presence is above average… so many you are getting the wrong “PR advice”.

    • Primal Tuna
      Primal Tuna says:

      This is not a comment on their ‘social presence’ which I agree, is excellent. Their products are fabulous and well polished and I hope they’re successful (and rolling in $) for the foreseeable future.

      I guess I prefer intelligent humour to this inane, padded ‘blog’ humour.

      Their ‘release notes’ on the iOS update page contain the same puerile nonsense. I’m far more interested in the real technical changes, not dumbed-down explanations and I can’t be the only one.

      Perhaps this should be the blog for K-12 and the adults can have a proper discussion somewhere else? You don’t need to dumb it down for people to understand it. Much better lifting everyone up so we can all talk the talk.

    • Scott S.
      Scott S. says:

      I just find it funny that someone complaining about the level of humor calls him or herself “Primal Tuna.” :-D

    • Toby
      Toby says:

      I agree with Tuna and your logic makes no sense. Because we didn’t build 1Password, we can’t disagree with their blog writing style, but instead are told to STFU? Classless. I too find the humor style on these updates way too over the top. IMO, it takes away from the brand. But 1P obviously likes it, it’s their blog, so sadly, it will probably stay.

    • James
      James says:

      I like the tone of the updates. They are creative and interesting, far more than the typical drab PR. Keep it up!

    • Luke Shingles
      Luke Shingles says:

      I agree, these blog posts make me feel dumber for having read them. The problem is not that they contain humour but that they have substituted important details about what has actually changed in the software for a bunch of nonsense.

    • alexander
      alexander says:

      I agree (partly). I think the app is incredible, it’s very well polished.

      However, the language could be tuned down slightly. By all means keep some of the jokes, the text doesn’t have to be boring, but perhaps you should have 1-2 others at the firm proof-read, and suggest edits to cut some of the less entertaining jokes.

  2. Kayle Clements
    Kayle Clements says:

    I disagree. I like very much the tone of your blog posts and release notes. Not everything has to be stuffy, and I for one appreciate you making the effort to make reading the release notes enjoyable.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    TOTP is finally here, awesome! Having to pull out my phone for every two-factor auth will soon be a thing of the past.

  4. Peter Skands Binderup
    Peter Skands Binderup says:

    For some reason when I use the twofactor field on my mac it doesn’t fill in numbers but a text string (this is the browser plugin that doesn’t work).

    When I open 1password out side of the browser the two factor field works correctly.

  5. RPH
    RPH says:

    Hi There,

    thanks for the amazing new version of 1 Password. Anyway there is one feature i really, really, really miss and i would kindly ask you to put it on your roadmap:

    Support for Fido U2F Tokens

    These tokens are not only very inexpensive, but also very convenient to use.

    Best Regards,


  6. Warwick Webb
    Warwick Webb says:

    Happy to see TOTP support. However, any chance you’re going to add 2FA support for the master password itself? This seems like a logical next step.

  7. Nik
    Nik says:

    Maybe it’s just my configuration, but the new mini icon is more pixelated in the menu bar & in the drop-down next to Search. OS X 10.10.2, late 2008 MBP with 1440×900 resolution.

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