The sixth annual AGConf includes record number of smiles … and selfies

One of the awesome things about AgileBits is that we’re a mostly remote company. We hail from six different countries around the world, and two different continents. Before we opened our Toronto office two years ago, in fact, there was no headquarters (except, perhaps Dave and Roustem’s basements). This means that a large portion of the company gets to work from wherever their hearts desire: home office, coffee shop, city park, you name it. Which is completely awesome … except that we never really get to hang out as a team. That’s why the entire AgileBits gang tries to meet up every year or so in a sunny, palm-tree-filled location to talk 1Password, and to get to know each other a little better.

AgileBits Group Photo 2015

AGConf[5] followed in the proud tradition of AGConf[4] and saw the team weigh anchor on our now favourite cruise ship, the Liberty of the Seas.

Cruising and collaborating

Of course, one of the best things about having the whole team in one place is that it provides an all-too-rare opportunity for in-person collaboration. This opportunity was not wasted as we hauled out laptops in hotel lobbies, cruise ship lounges, and even poolside patios to share ideas and get support questions answered. It was so neat to be able to sit next to a friend who is normally a thousand miles away and solve a tricky question face-to-face instead of conversing solely via emoji and gif (and the occasional word) in Slack.

You’ve already seen the fruits of some of this collaboration in recent updates to 1Password, and our shiny new Knowledgebase, but we have even more great things that we’re excited to show you … soon!

All aboard!

Of course, even a work-cation can’t be all work and no play … and there was certainly a ton of fun available on board the ship.  From an all-you-can-eat frozen yogurt bar and all-day buffets to fancy ‘family’ dinners in a swanky dining room, we never went hungry. There were hot tubs to keep us relaxed, lounges for us to take over to play innumerable games of the Resistance, and a handy karaoke bar for when we just needed to get our groove on. (Note to the daring: never challenge Khad and his wife to a sing-off … you will not win.)


On this voyage, the Liberty of the Seas stopped in Belize and Cozumel, and we took full advantage of the opportunity to explore these tropical locations.

What a trip!

As always, our annual meet-up has left us all feeling refreshed, inspired, and ready to take 1Password to the next level.

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