Staying on top of deadlines and expiry dates

1Password is at its best when it’s helping us forget — not just our passwords and credit card numbers, but also where we put that thing. 1Password remembers, so we don’t have to. It’s easy to get hooked on this line of thinking. You start to ask yourself: what else can I afford to forget about?

How about deadlines? I’m not talking about calendar appointments. Think instead of the warranty on your laptop — the one that always runs out days before you need to use it. Think of the gift card you need to spend before Father’s Day. The domain name you keep forgetting to renew. The annual subscription you plan to cancel before you get charged again.

So much of our sensitive information comes with a best before date — and 1Password is great at keeping track of best before dates.

expires soon

You’re probably used to filling in the expiry date field for your credit card, but you might know that it’s also built into lots of other 1Password items — Passports, Memberships, Driver’s Licenses, etc. You can also add it to your own items using custom fields.

Once you assign expiry dates to all your time-sensitive items, you’re one smart folder away from seeing anything that needs your immediate attention.

expiry smart folder

The key to making this work is the second field (“Any Value” -> “contains”), which I’ve set to the current year. You could also fill in “2015-05” to see only the items that expire in May, but tweaking this value every month might be too fiddly for your tastes. I find a year’s worth of expiry dates is manageable so long as I review the folder every once in a while.

1Password won’t ever replace my calendar, but there are some due dates it handles with style — especially when it comes to information I can’t risk keeping anywhere else.

How do you use 1Password to make your life a little more manageable? We’d love to find out. Share your creative ideas in the comments!

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  1. Dave P.
    Dave P. says:

    Would be even better if “Any value” could contain variables: current_year-current_month would be a one and done.

  2. dkf2010
    dkf2010 says:

    This search matches all items, that have a field named “expiry date” and any other field with the content “2015”. This won’t work for me.
    I will find all items, where the field “expiry date” matches “2015”. I think, this is impossible with this smart group.

    • mitchchn
      mitchchn says:

      If you run into false positives this way I’d suggest a different approach. Add a line to the top of the “notes” field of your items. “Expires: YYYY-MM-DD”. Then your smart search can match “Any value” -> “begins with” -> “Expires: 2015”.

      But it would be ideal if 1Password could match the value of a specific field. :)

  3. Jasmin
    Jasmin says:

    Can I do anything remotly similar on iOS? Would be great to get a notification on my phone that my driver licence or ID is about to expire.

    • Andrew Costen
      Andrew Costen says:

      Not at the moment, Jasmin (1Password for iOS can only search by name at this time), although I agree that would be really handy so I’ll pass your feedback along.

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