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Quick Tip: Migrate your details between 1Password items

We all have our own ways of keeping things neat and tidy, and having something out of place can just throw your whole day out of whack. Luckily, 1Password mini can help you keep things organized just the way you like them.

Let’s say someone sends you the details for the Wi-Fi router at their house, but it’s in a Secure Note instead of the Wireless Router template for 1Password.

Wireless network data stored in a Secure Note

If you’re like me, this is the kind of thing that could make you a bit, well…


So, let’s move the relevant data over to a new Wireless Router item and set things right with a few simple steps:

1. Create the new item

In 1Password, create a new item in the proper category. Launch 1Password, and choose File > New Item > Wireless Router. This is the new item where the previous Secure Note’s content will go. Leave this new item in edit mode.

Create a new Wireless Router item

2. Open the original item in 1Password mini and anchor it

Click the 1Password mini icon in the toolbar and search for or browse to the Secure Note containing the details you want to migrate to the new entry. Click the anchor button in the bottom left of the detail view to keep the item on screen.

Copy and paste the details

3. Copy and paste

At this point, you can copy and paste the relevant information from the original item. You can also create new sections and fields for any important information that doesn’t fit elsewhere. When you’re finished, save the new item.

4. Delete the original item

At this point, the original item is no longer needed and can be safely deleted.

5. Bonus points: share!

Share the new entry with the person who sent you the Secure Note version using the item’s Share button.

Share the item

This use case comes up for me more often than I would have thought in the past. The Wireless Router example is a real one from a recent trip to visit the team in our Toronto office. Beyond that, I have quite a few items I exported from Yojimbo long ago, and those only exported as plain text files. I imported those text files as Secure Notes in 1Password and I have been migrating them to proper 1Password entries here and there over time. Instead of switching back and forth between items in 1Password, using 1Password mini’s anchored windows helps to make the process of migrating data between categories a lot simpler.

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    • Andrew Costen
      Andrew Costen says:

      We thought it was a rather clever workaround. Still, anything is possible for future versions of 1Password (although I can’t make any promises since we generally don’t discuss future updates to 1Password publicly).

  1. ACB
    ACB says:

    The last entry here is from 2015. I’m a new subscriber and I really hope this has changed in the last two years. I’m looking for a way to re-categorize my items or at least a list of what info needs to be in an item for 1password to recognize it for a specific category. I have way too many items in SplashID in different categories than “secure notes” to cut and paste. Thanks for an update.

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hello @ACB, ?

      Thanks for reaching out and giving us a chance to help.

      Jamie’s post here was about someone sharing an item with him that was created as a Secure Note but that he wanted organized using one of our Wireless Routers templates.

      It sounds like your situation is quite a bit different: you want to import items from SplashID into 1Password. I’m guessing you have already tried importing and most items landed in our Secure Notes category? If so, you might have better luck using a convertor that one of our forum moderators created a while ago:


      I can’t be certain it will organize things better for you as their categories do not match up with our 1Password categories but this convertor does a pretty good job mapping things over.

      Please give that a go and see if it better organizes things for you. It certainly won’t be perfect so some copy and pasting will be required, but with any luck it will be small enough to be manageable.

      I hope that helps. Take care,


  2. Walter Szymanski
    Walter Szymanski says:

    Surely, there has to be a simpler way by now to allow for the changing of categories without using this “Create the new item” workaround?

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Walter! Categories are also templates with included fields specific to that type of item. 1Password doesn’t know what goes in what field based upon a secure note, nor would it be able to make that judgment call going from say, a login to an e-mail account so it’s tough to just have, say, a dropdown that swaps the category without potentially putting information into the wrong fields leaving you little better off than you were before.

      Of course, if there’s a specific situation you’ve found yourself in where this method was particularly cumbersome, I’d love to hear about it. Perhaps there’s something we can do to improve things for you that’s not quite as obvious as being able to swap an items category. 🙂

  3. Adrian B
    Adrian B says:

    I would be happy if changing type meant that ALL fields where dumped in the notes field of the target type. Then I could easily copy and paste within that same item from the notes to the correct fields. That would save me a ton of tedious work compared to what I have to do today.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Adrian! We know there is some definite room for improvement in switching item types. I’m personally not the most organized, so I expect if I ever share an item with Jamie, he’s probably going to give me the stink eye. That said, Jamie’s anchor method really is great. When you anchor an item in mini, you can definitely copy and paste quickly into the proper fields in a new item. You do have to create the new item, so that’s an extra step vs. dumping everything in the notes field, but it’s pretty darned close. I’ll certainly pass your feedback along to the team, but I’d encourage you to give this method a try. 🙂

  4. Duane Clause
    Duane Clause says:

    Along with ease of use – I ttied following the above work around and once I open a new item – where is this “1Password mini icon in the toolbar” and where is the “anchor button in the bottom left”?

    If i click in the search box, after typing the first letter the program wants me to quit the new entry.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Duane! If you’re searching in the main app, that definitely would cause trouble as you can’t view the details of two items at once, which is where mini comes in. The 1Password mini icon will be up on your menubar. It looks just like the icon you see in your browser. When you click it, it will display a menu with categories as well as a search option. You can use either, so choose whatever works best for you. Once you find the item you’re looking to swap to a new category, mouse over it and you’ll see a fly-out window appear with your item details. The anchor icon is in the lower left-hand corner of this window. Clicking that icon will make the window stick around allowing you to copy/paste from the item details there to the new item you’ve created in the main app. Of course, if you’re still having trouble, send us an e-mail and feel free to mention me by name. I can help with some additional screenshots to provide some additional clarity. 🙂

      As for changing categories, while it doesn’t seem like it should be difficult, it really is under the hood as the fields in different categories are so different. This is compounded when you take Secure Notes into account (how can 1Password tell what your field labels are in a Secure Note?). Dumping everything in notes (as you previously mentioned) would technically save you one step (creating the new item), but getting the details into their proper place would need to follow this same process of copying and pasting. In a way, this method may save you some fuss with certain items with copy buttons for fields rather than having to highlight the text you wish to copy then copying that text from notes. This doesn’t appear to be a significant improvement worth the development resources to implement it, though I’d love to hear from you if you feel differently. We all use 1Password a bit differently, so something that works for me may not work as well for you (and visa versa, of course). Feedback of all sorts can only serve to help us make 1Password better. 👍🏻

  5. Geoff
    Geoff says:

    G’day folks
    similar to others, I have imported data from another password manager and find the categories are all wrong. I appreciate the workaround. The anchor is great!

    Two comments:
    1. Please add a note about this in your support material, so that it is easier to find. For this type of basic question, one should not have to rely on finding a forum post that points to a blog.
    2. For Mac users, there is a program called CopyPastePro that makes the transfer of info from one window to another much easier (ie: copy, copy, copy then paste, paste, paste). There may well be many other options that perform the same function.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Geoff! I love this little trick and have linked to this post for more folks in similar situations than I can count, so I’m glad it was of help to you. Believe it or not, I actually didn’t find this post myself until a customer mentioned using the anchor option and I looked it up (it predates my time with AgileBits), so it likely would have helped me earlier having it more accessible as well. It’s one of those things where most folks use 1Password without having having a need for it, but for those of us with problems it solves, it’s pretty life-changing.

      Ideally, the solution for your problem should be importing working properly and not a workaround like moving everything to new categories this way. That said, proper importing is a moving target and I still think this could help. We need to adjust as other password managers make changes and we won’t always been on top of that right away. I have a part of me that wants folks to run into a small roadblock when things aren’t working properly so that we know and fix it, but really that should be something we’re proactive about instead. Importing isn’t something we do often, but it really should be so that we know we’re still handling it well. Plus, there are enough other password managers out there that we don’t have a native importer for all of them. Between catching up with changes and unsupported imports, this trick definitely has a role to play I’d say. I’ll touch base with our documentation team and see if we can find it a home. 🙂

  6. Dave
    Dave says:

    “This doesn’t appear to be a significant improvement worth the development resources to implement it,”
    having been recommended 1p by family, and having recommended it to others, and having therefore discussed it, everyone puts things in the wrong categories, or later realises a category is now needed for a group of items. I check back sometimes to see if theres any development :( it would in fact be a significant improvement.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      I’m not super fond of that phrasing (and if was mine, I’m sorry!). Ultimately, priorities determined by balancing between how much work something would be with how much it will help how many people. This isn’t meant to imply that changing categories wouldn’t be valuable. It would be and importantly, it would be particularly valuable to those of you suggesting it here.

      We do take all feedback into consideration when planning new features. Every last one of them would be an improvement and we’d love to implement all of them. In fact, we track each one and, while our road map isn’t a full democracy and there’s no exact science to prioritization, your feedback absolutely does inform our decisions. Just because we say this isn’t something we’re working on right now, that doesn’t mean it will never be implemented nor does it mean we’re not listening or that we don’t see value in this feature. The time just isn’t right at this moment, but we’ll continue to keep track of feedback, and consider new ways we might implement such a feature. Perhaps most importantly, we will absolutely pull the trigger if we find a way to do it with the resources we have available at the time. Road maps are ever changing and prioritization is a massive juggling act, so there’s reason yet to keep hope alive. 🙂

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