1Password 4.6 for Windows: Fine-tuning the air conditioner

I’m not sure what it’s like where you are, but it’s been HOT lately, here in Germany. Recent days have had many on the team wishing they could work in their underwear. (Spoiler alert: I believe many already do.)
And just like fine-tuning an air conditioner in the house can make the difference between melting like ice in the sunshine and constantly looking like a plucked goose, we’re using version 4.6 of 1Password for Windows to make some useful improvements and fix a few bugs, to make things extra comfy for you.

Here’s the new coolness:

1Password + Yandex = best pals

The 1Password extension now works nicely in the privacy-focused Yandex browser. To install it, simply visit our browser extensions page in Yandex. Yandex will identify itself as Google Chrome (it’s based on the Chromium project) and from there you can install the extension like you usually would in Google Chrome.

Usernames column in the Logins category

You asked for it, we’ve listened. Now you can have a username column in the Logins category. To enable it, select View > Columns > Show Username in Logins in the menu bar.

Reordering Favorites

Don’t like the order of your favorites? Now you can reorder them by right-clicking the item you want to move up or down and selecting the appropriate menu option.

New custom field type: Phone

Once you add a custom phone field to an item, clicking the phone number will allow you to dial it with your favorite VoIP application or hand off the call to your smartphone by using a remote phone app for Android or Windows Phone.

More cool stuff…

  • The reliability of 1Click Bookmarks in Internet Explorer has been vastly improved.
  • The date picker in all categories now includes month digits next to the month name.
  • Our translators have further refined the localization of the app.

You can find the entire list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes in the release notes.

1Password 4.6 for Windows is available now as a free update for all existing owners. Choose Help > Check for New Version in the menu bar, or grab the new version from our downloads page.

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    • alexh
      alexh says:

      That’s unfortunate.
      I just checked and during installation it asked me whether it should pull settings from other browsers I have installed.

    • Alex Soriano
      Alex Soriano says:

      Interesting. I ran the installer, switched to another window, and eventually it finished and asked me which search engine I wanted. I clicked the Google button. That was the full extent of my interaction with the installer.

    • Alex Soriano
      Alex Soriano says:

      Yep, just tried it again. Same deal. It informed me after installation that “We’ve transferred your settings from Google Chrome” but again no prompt asking if I wanted this to be done.

    • Alex Soriano
      Alex Soriano says:

      That’s not a process for not importing settings; it’s a way to undo the unauthorized intrusion. It’s precisely my point and the problem where I take issue. I shouldn’t have to finagle the browser (that is ostensibly about privacy and security) to keep it from automatically grabbing my data without asking first. That’s what Trojan viruses do. =P

    • alexh
      alexh says:

      I agree with that. This kind of behaviour should always be opt-in.
      If you’re interested in Yandex, you should bring this up with their developers.

    • Alex Soriano
      Alex Soriano says:

      When I uninstalled the program, I was asked for a reason (on a Russian page that I needed to translate), so I used the “Other” box to explain that I didn’t like the program importing my Chrome settings without asking first.

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