1Password 5.5 for iOS: The Fun in the Sun Edition

While all the AgileBits kids have been having a fun- & sun-filled summer vacation, our development, docs, and support teams have been toiling away in our air-conditioned nerd caves to bring you the best 1Password for iOS release since the last one!

Our focus for this release was keeping your security as convenient & refreshing as an ice-cold drink on a hot summer day. Let’s take a sip from the improvements to Vaults, Touch ID, the Extension, and the Apple Watch app.

Switching it up

Multiple vaults are the best way to keep different parts of your life secure, without a ton of clutter. We all have our personal data, family vaults, and even work accounts to keep safe & organized.

We’ve made switching between these roles of your life super simple with an all-new vault switcher. Simply tap the new Vault icon in the upper left to get the quick switcher. Select a vault and you are instantly switched to it.


Touchable on demand

In the olden days (meaning yesterday), if you opened 1Password and then tapped Cancel on the Touch ID prompt, 1Password would switch to the Master Password prompt. For your security and convenience, the new Master Password prompt is more flexible: now when you tap Cancel, there is a fingerprint icon on the Master Password screen. Simply tap this icon to immediately restore Touch ID.

Note: If you restart your device, or the Master Password timeout is reached, this new icon will not appear, as the Master Password will still be needed in those situations.


Improved short-term memory

The extension and the main app now share unlock settings, so when you unlock the main app, the extension will remember this and use Touch ID.

Again, restarting the device or reaching a Master Password timeout will still require you to enter your Master Password.

Never drop a PIN again

Unique passwords are great for your logins, and unique PINs for your credit cards are also fantastic. Remembering them? Not so much.

Credit Card items on Apple Watch will now show the PIN field. The next time you buy chips & salsa with your credit card you can take a quick look at your wrist for your purchasing needs.

Closing the Vault

There are many more improvements and fixes in 1Password 5.5 for iOS, and you can check them all out in the release notes or in the in-app Message Center, located in Settings.

While I need to close up the vault for this release, the team can’t wait to show you all the great things we’re working on for the next one! In the meantime, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave your comment here, in our discussion forums, on Twitter/ADN, or on Facebook.

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  1. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Using 1PW since my first iPhone 3. Now I have the 6 version of the phone and 1PW is still with me, accompanied with 1PW for OS X…..

    • Andrew Costen
      Andrew Costen says:

      We generally don’t discuss upcoming plans for 1Password, but I will say that it isn’t in our immediate plans. Still, things can change down the road.

  2. Steve
    Steve says:

    Love it, has made my life more secure and easier. I can’t find a way to keep the vault open on my itouch. Goes to sleep immediately.

    • Andrew Costen
      Andrew Costen says:

      Those animated GIFs were there to demonstrate how to use some of the new features, not to be cutesy. I do apologize if they caused any issues, though, since they were only meant to be helpful.

  3. Paul
    Paul says:

    Looks very nice. Will the Android app ever get multiple Vault support? It’s been almost two years since 1P4 launched with multiple vault support (on Mac) and over 16 months since the iOS app gained support for multiple vaults. The Android app first launched over 14 months ago, and is still not at feature parity with Mac / iOS.

    These great features are unfortunately not useful in multi-platform households until they are supported on all platforms. Would love to see synchronized releases with new features simultaneously available on all supported platforms.

    • Andrew Costen
      Andrew Costen says:

      Thank you for your feedback, Paul. Adding support for multiple vaults is a very important feature to us. Not only is it one of our top requested features, it’s something that we also use every day in our own workflow. We avoid promising features until the development process is near completion in case we face any technical challenges along the way. So, while I don’t have any immediate timeframe for multiple vault support on Android that I can give you at this time, please rest assured that we haven’t forgotten 1Password for Android.

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