1Password 6 for iOS: The Extreme Makeover Edition is here!

We all have a ton of passwords and important information to keep track of, and 1Password is the best place to keep it all safe and sound. Whether it’s your passwords, passport number, or credit card information, 1Password makes it convenient for you to stay secure, because we love you. ?

Over the years, as our data has moved from our desks to our pockets to our wrists, we’ve built (and rebuilt) 1Password to have the strongest defenses and the easiest usability. With iOS 9 we’ve created some amazing new additions and we’re finally ready for the big reveal.

Meet 1Password 6 for iOS.

1Password 6 Hero

A lovely shade of #1A8CFF

One of the first things we noticed when starting this project was that 1Password was looking a little, well, monochrome. Our designers spent hours holding up paint chips under different lights and finally settled on #1A8CFF to make everything pop. We affectionately call it Bits Blue. We’ve also pushed around the pixels of the category icons to make them more delightful, and beautified 1Browser. Don’t worry, everything you know and love is still in a familiar spot; it just looks shiny, new, and wonderful.

Rolling around new passwords

A password’s greatest strengths are its length and its randomness. But let’s be honest, sometimes you need to type in a password by hand and typing ErymQd3svcqM3BPYKWh is hard.

With our new Wordlist Password Generator, you can create long passwords out of randomly chosen real words: cellist-dander-signify-esteem-elver is easy to read, easy to type, and super secure. The new generator is inspired by Arnold Reinhold’s Diceware. We think it’s an amazing concept and aligns perfectly with our goal of making it simple and convenient for you to secure your digital life.

Pro tip: Diceware passwords make terrific answers to security questions! To have 1Password remember them for you, add a custom section with a custom password field to the Login item (Pro Features required for custom fields).

Installing a Spotlight

Spotlight search has always been a handy tool in iOS, helping you find things very quickly on your iOS device: a friend’s phone number, directions to a restaurant, or that important email that is somewhere in your inbox.

Spotlight is supercharged in iOS 9, and we’re taking advantage of it. New in 1Password 6 for iOS, Spotlight can search your 1Password data from the iOS home screen and take you straight to the desired item! It’s never been faster to find an item, and 1Password doesn’t even need to be open to do it.

To start using Spotlight with 1Password, enable the feature in 1Password > Settings > General.

Landscaping improvements

1Password has always been a portrait of amazingly convenient security, but its landscape mode has been limited to the larger screen of the iPad. We’ve made some significant improvements to landscape view support on iPad, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 6s Plus.

On supported iPad models, 1Password will take advantage of the new Slide Over and Split View features in iOS 9, automatically scaling to the view size you set. On iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus, 1Password will now use that extra space to stretch out in landscape mode, displaying your categories and items in a column alongside the detail view.

1Password 6 Landscape Hero

A more watchful security companion

You’ve been telling us how convenient it is to look up Logins, Credit Cards, Secure Notes, and Passwords on your Apple Watch, but you’ve also told us you wanted more. By popular demand, 1Password for Apple Watch now supports more category types.

Say hello to Passports, Wireless Routers, Driver’s Licenses, Social Security Numbers, and Bank Accounts right on your wrist! To add items from these categories, open the item in the iPhone app and tap Add to Apple Watch.

We’ve also added a convenient way to manually lock 1Password for Apple Watch: simply Force Touch the screen and tap the Lock button.

How much does this extreme makeover cost?

Given the fantastic new features and improvements, you might be thinking 1Password 6 is a paid upgrade, which makes what I’m about to tell you even more incredible. Basic features are still free for everyone, and if you’ve already purchased the Pro features in 1Password 5, you still have them in 1Password 6 for no additional cost. 1Password 6 is available on the App Store.

If you find 1Password useful, please take a couple of moments to leave a rating and review on the App Store. It makes a huge difference to us. Thank you very much! Remember that we can’t reply to App Store reviews, so please post requests for technical support on our forums, or email support@agilebits.com.

We always love hearing from you. Start a conversation with us on our Support Forums, Twitter, or Facebook.

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  1. John Doe
    John Doe says:

    Looks awesome. Waiting for the android update. Hope to see such big changelog of improvements in the material app update and hope it will hit beta soon…

    • John Doe
      John Doe says:

      Great to hear Greig! But about plans I hear since last Google I/O, we are waiting for release, not plans ;-) Don’t get me wrong, I love 1password, using it for three years, bought it for both Windows and Android, it’s just a bit disappointing to see many updates for Mac and iOS and rarely updates for Windows and Android.

    • megsobrien
      megsobrien says:

      Hi John,

      I’m sorry that you’re feeling a bit disappointed. It’s important to remember that we did start out as a Mac app (almost 10 years ago!) so we do have a lot more history on the Apple side of things. Our development teams are working hard on 1Password across all platforms, and like Greig says, we do have some great stuff coming soon for Android (and Windows), but we think it’s important not to make promises on unreleased features. We will be sure to post here as soon as we have something concrete.

      We really appreciate your patience, and your passion for 1Password! :)

    • kevin kissack
      kevin kissack says:

      Me too, it makes working with a common set of data across multiple devices (PC Mac iPhone) problematic. Synching is still an issue from one set of data. I must be dong it wrong.

  2. Mike S.
    Mike S. says:

    You guys ROCK! Awesome update, and a beautiful new look. I have been using 1Password and recommending it to EVERYONE who calls me for consults since your 1.0 days at Macworld San Francisco in — what? — 2005? Love it love it love it! Worth every nickel, and this free update is another reason why!

    • Greig Allen
      Greig Allen says:

      Thanks so much for the kind words! We really appreciate them, happy users are the best form of advertising we have! I think you’ll really like the new version. :)

  3. marcus
    marcus says:

    yeah really nice but I don’t want to install iOS9 for the next 2 weeks because of waiting for bugs… But while not doing it, I cannot buy your App! How can I download your iOS 8 App?

  4. pete h
    pete h says:

    I updated to iOS 9 today and there seems to be a problem upgrading to 1password 6. When I checked the App Store, the version says 6 and “open”. However when I open the app, I am still running 5.5. Not clear what is going on.

  5. Jean-Paul
    Jean-Paul says:

    Thanks for this huge update. Somehow the spotlight search isn’t working on my iphone 4s. It works perfectly on ipad mini 2 and iphone 6 of my wife.

    • megsobrien
      megsobrien says:

      Hi Jean-Paul,

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the update! We would love to work through this issue with Spotlight search on your iPhone 4s. Please head over to our discussion forums (https://discussions.agilebits.com) and post some details about what you’re seeing there. Our team is monitoring the forums 7 days a week to answer your questions quickly, and we’ll be better able to troubleshoot the issue there. :)

  6. Geoffrey
    Geoffrey says:

    Love the new swipe from the left to quickly copy a password but disappointed I can’t swipe from the right to delete an item though.

  7. Dutch John Doe
    Dutch John Doe says:

    There is a small bug in the dutch localyzation in the setting screen, The icoonstext Favorieten, Categoriën, Organiseer en Instellingen are not line up probaly, The icoon Favorieten is to high in the line

  8. Christian de Vriend
    Christian de Vriend says:


    Iam a real fan of 1password.

    I have a small problem with my Ipad (air 2) i cant update the app,app store won’t show
    the update,the app itself shows version 5.5,but when i search for 1password in the
    store,it shows version 6.0. (info of the app in the store)

    what can i do?

  9. Eva Schweber
    Eva Schweber says:

    Hi Christian,

    So glad to hear that you love 1Password!

    Have you updated your iPad to iOS 9? If you have and are still not seeing the option to upgrade to 1Password 6, please post your version details and other information about this issue on our discussion forums (http://discussions.agilebits.com). Our team is monitoring the forums 7 days a week to answer your questions quickly.

    • christian de vriend
      christian de vriend says:

      Hi Eva

      I have to apologize,the day after the ios 9 update i opened my ipad,and then the app store,and there it was the update wat there,so i spoke in hast,sorry for that.

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