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Quick Tip: iOS 9 Spotlight search and 1Password

Some of the geekiest arguments I’ve ever heard have been over the way people organize apps on their iPhones and iPads. I keep my most heavily used apps on my main screen, then shove almost everything else into folders on my other screens.

The reason I can do this is because of the wonders of Spotlight search. It’s easy for me to search for and launch the app I want to use, so I don’t have to spend my mental energy trying to remember where I’ve put things.

Apple opened up Spotlight to third-party developers like us in iOS 9. My searches are now supercharged! I’ve gotta say, I love being able to find my 1Password items right from my iPhone’s home screen. I enabled Spotlight search in 1Password by going to Settings > General > Enable Spotlight Search. Now I can just pull down, type in part of the item’s title, then tap on its name in the search results. 1Password opens right to that item.

iOS 9 Spotlight search

You might have questions about the new Spotlight search and how it works with 1Password, so I put together some answers for you. If your question isn’t addressed, please let me know; I’ll be sure to update it in response to your feedback.

I’m also curious: what are your favorite iOS 9 features? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Jonas Ahmt
    Jonas Ahmt says:

    Is this feature restricted by region like the News app is? Since upgrading to iOS9 I’ve not seen a single search result from any 3rd party app, no “Nearby” suggestions or anything else which should be part of the enhanced Spotlight/Siri in iOS9. Even the proactive Siri seems either not to be working or an extremely slow learner as it never seems to suggest anything but my recently opened apps even though I do have some quite standard routines (e.g. opening the Sonos app each morning to start the radio).

    • Jonas Ahmt
      Jonas Ahmt says:

      Thank you, that did the trick! I don’t know how I can have missed that for so many days? Is it that way with all 3rd party apps? And is there a reason it is not turned on by default? I mean, it seems like overkill to have to enable it in both the General settings AND in the settings of the app.

    • Enduser
      Enduser says:

      This feature should be enable through 1Password Settings under General you can ebale Spotlight Search

    • aleen
      aleen says:

      For some reason, I’m unable to reply to your comment below!

      We made Spotlight search opt-in to give you the most control over your data possible. While we only allow Spotlight to access and index the names of items and vaults, some of our customers are uncomfortable with having that information exposed to the operating system.

      I hope this answers your question :)

    • Ingo
      Ingo says:

      Hi Sascha springt er bei dir dann auch gleich auf die Logendaten in 1Password?
      Bei mir wird nut die App gestartet und so angezeigt wie ich sie das letzte Mal verlassen habe :-(

    • Aleen Simms
      Aleen Simms says:

      Hallo Ingo!

      Tut mir leid zu hören, dass die Spotlight-Suche euch etwas Mühe gibt. Wir würden gerne helfen Sie herauszufinden, was vor sich geht! Bitte gehen Sie zu unseren Diskussionsforen (als https://discussions.agilebits.com) und lassen Sie uns wissen Sie, was geschieht und was Sie versucht haben, das Problem zu beheben. Unser Team überwacht die Foren 7 Tage die Woche, um Ihre Fragen schnell zu beantworten.

      Verzeihen Sie mir, wenn diese Antwort rau ist; Ich habe ein Englisch-Deutschen Übersetzer :)

    • Ingo
      Ingo says:

      Hi Aleen!

      The translation is very good.
      It was only a first impression, but now i have no further issues with the spotlight integration. Every spotlight-search entry of 1password links correctly to the details insight the app.

      Good job!

  2. Rich Larson
    Rich Larson says:

    I am so frustrated. I purchased I’ve had 1PW PRO v.3.7.2 for a few years and loved it. A few weeks ago I purchased v6.0.1 for $50. I cannot migrate data from the old to the new. Three Apple Genius Bar appts did not help at all – not their app, although they recommended it over their Keychain. I need someone to assist me – I want to put new 1PW on my Macbook, and iPhone 6, and my wife’s Macbook Pro and her new iPhone 6+ before I leave in 10 days for the MiddleEast on business…for three months! Can someone help me out?

  3. Foldager
    Foldager says:

    Very nice feature. I would be nicer if it could open in safari and fill in the login too. Is that too much to hope for?


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