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Hello Everyone!

I’d like to introduce myself, as I’ve often let Dave and Roustem take the lead. I’m Sara and I’ve been here since the start of AgileBits, in the background running the business side of things. As AgileBits has grown, my role has grown as well. My official title is Minister of Magic, and I oversee the Customer Service team. That’s the team that does a great job connecting with all of you: through Twitter, Facebook, our blog, forums, direct email, and any other way we can.

AgileBits has changed throughout the years, but the one thing we have always been sure of is our goal to make amazing software. As we grew, awesome customer service became a key piece of our philosophy. Being a self-funded, independent company means that we can keep our focus on building secure and convenient software, without having to raise funds to keep doing what we love.

AgileBits: the Early Days

When we started AgileBits 10 years ago, password management wasn’t even on our radar. We were working on other products and had plans to revolutionize the world of app sales. This was back before iTunes or the Mac App Store – It’s amazing to think of the changes we’ve seen!

As with any new business, there are always ups and downs: many ideas that you think are going to take off end up going nowhere. Somewhere along the way, Dave and Roustem found they were always testing new things, and that all of these new things required their own logins. It eventually became such a pain that they figured it was worth their time to spend a month and write a simple little program to manage their logins so they could get back to work. And that is how 1Password was born!

icon, v1Back in those days it was called 1Passwd and we placed it for sale in the app store we were building. Surprisingly enough, people started to buying it. I can remember the day, about 6 weeks after we made it available for sale, when I saw that 10 copies had sold!!! Double digits!!

Sales continued to increase. We received so much love from the Mac community, hearing from many people offering their feedback and suggestions. It was not long afterwards that we realized it was 1Password, not the store, where we should be focusing our efforts.

Growing the AgileBits Family

Along the way we realized we needed some help, and we started bringing people into the AgileBits family. In truth, expanding was scary. I was okay putting my family’s eggs entirely in the 1Password basket. But having other people rely on me for their income was something else entirely. It was a mental hurdle that I had to jump, because we just kept growing!

Hiring the right people has always been a top priority for us. Building a top-notch product requires a top-notch team. One of the most important things we look for when hiring here is personality fit. We are a (growing) family and it is critical that we work well together as a team. And, since most of our folks work remotely, remaining connected to each other is no easy feat. I think we’ve done a great job of collecting some incredible talent to help make 1Password all it can be.

Looking Forward

It’s great to have this opportunity to take a look back and see how far we’ve come. From a small, bootstrapped operation in our basement to a company built entirely on sales, growing the AgileBits family has been an amazing adventure.

I am so in awe of the response we have gotten from you all as we work towards our goal of making security convenient for everyone. With your support, AgileBits is now a company of over 60 fabulous people and I couldn’t love this team more! Being self-funded means that important decisions can be made quickly and we can pursue our passion taking 1Password to the next level.  We’re so proud that we’ve built AgileBits into the company it is, and we are looking forward to continuing to make awesome software to keep you and your loved ones safe.

We have great things in store for you all, and I’m looking forward to being able to share more with you all soon!! If there is ever anything we can help with, please be sure to comment below, reach out on Twitter or Facebook, or find us in the Forums. Our team is always here:)

Make it Magical!!

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  1. Willem
    Willem says:

    Sarah, what a nice story you told us. It tells us how dedicated and motivated your team is to build and expand a really most needed multi-platform application. There are many reasons to make a choice for 1password that makes the difference in this very concurring market. I mention some of them:
    1. Independent organization
    2. Interaction between teammembers and users on social media and forum
    3. Listening to idea’s of users
    4. Continious improving and maintain the software
    5. Investing in relationship between the Agily family and ther cutomers
    6. Independancy from US government and law
    7. Bêta testing through involving users
    8. Sharing your enthousiasm with the rest of the world

    Even if password management will become out of need, I still believe that all other features of 1Password wil remain of much importancy that it stays one of the best Apps in secure personal assistency.
    All these facts makes me a real fan of 1Password an Agile-bits.

    Nevertheless I remain still courious about other comparing products and ICT security in all its facets.

    Go on in the same way and keep the security up to date.

    • eva
      eva says:

      Hi Willem,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation of our organization and 1Password. Reading feedback like yours makes our days just a little bit brighter!

    • Sara Teare
      Sara Teare says:

      Hi Julia!

      Welcome to AgileBits:)

      We are a self-funded company located in Canada, and we are not affiliated with any governments or organizations.

      I hope this helps,

  2. Arun
    Arun says:

    I posted something similar in the comments section of another article; your great customer service and tech support makes me feel very good about my migration to 1Password.

    • Sara
      Sara says:

      Thank you so much Arun! We really appreciate hearing from our customers and we look forward to being here to help for a long time to come – glad to have you with us :)

  3. WK
    WK says:

    Let’s not forget where Agilebits really came from. It was Agile Web Solutions. :-) Hopefully, you will be around for a very long time to come, independently.

    • Sara
      Sara says:

      Hi WK! Names are tricky – we actually started with a very different name, as we thought it should be product related – Palmsphere. It didn’t last long, as we realized we needed something that was more about who we were as a group. Along the way it morphed into AgileBits, and we really love that name!!

  4. Jim Milton
    Jim Milton says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing some of the history. You write very well. Should do it as often as you can. Been a 1Password user almost from the start. I love your software. Without a doubt the best password management app for macs! Thanks to your “family”. Keep up the great work.

    • Sara Teare
      Sara Teare says:

      Thank you so much Jim! Dave has been encouraging me for a while to get my ‘voice’ on here more often, so I’m guessing you’ll be seeing more of me:) We appreciate all your support!!

  5. Ruth McClain
    Ruth McClain says:

    Great post Sara! And nice to know a little history. I love 1Password, and have used it for quite a while. I really like being able to share with my iPhone, laptop, iPad too. It is literally a lifesaver!

    • Sara Teare
      Sara Teare says:

      Thank you Ruth! I completely agree – when I’m on the run, it is so nice to be able to get access to things securely, so I don’t have to wait until I get to my main machine to cross something off the to-do list:)

  6. J Mueller
    J Mueller says:

    Hi Sara, thank for the recap of the old 1Passwd days! I remember when it first came out and we got it up on MacUpdate. It’s been a great run and I’m happy you ended up changing the name to 1Passwd to 1Password (users always searched for it spelled out on MacUpdate :).

    Great job building out your team too.

    • Sara Teare
      Sara Teare says:

      Hi J!

      I completely agree – it was wonderful finally adding those extra letters!! We have our original license plate with “1PASSWD” which always makes me smile. MacUpdate was one of the places that helped inspire 1Password to new levels, as we always get really great feedback from users on your site – thank you so much for having us there!!

      Looking forward to the future:)

  7. Denn
    Denn says:

    Happy 10th!
    Just wanted to say thanks for an amazing product that makes a difference in my digital life everyday!

    • Sara Teare
      Sara Teare says:

      Thank you Denn! Somedays it’s hard to believe we’ve been here for 10 years – we are so happy that we’ve been able to help so many people take control of their digital lives:)

  8. John
    John says:

    Hi Sara,

    Thank you for the complete story. I looking forward to your next blog.

    love from The Netherlands/ Amsterdam.

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