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Remotely use 1Password on the new Apple TV

Remote 4.2.3Of all the Apple devices in my home, the Apple TV has been a family favorite. Having cut the cord years ago, Apple TV is how we watch our shows using Netflix, Hulu, or iTunes. I took the plunge on Black Friday (who can resist a great deal?) and picked up the new Siri-enabled Apple TV.

Wow, is it awesome! By far one of my favorite features is asking Siri, “What did she say?” during a show. Siri backs up the show a few seconds and puts up captions for a moment so I am sure to understand. Ohhhh, that’s what she said!

My son loves playing Alto’s Adventure on the new Apple TV, and it’s stunning on the big screen. Between the gorgeous scenes and hearing the swooshes and slides of the snowboard over our surround sound system, it just doesn’t get much better.

But there is something I didn’t enjoy about the new Apple TV. On previous versions of the Apple TV, Apple’s Remote app for iOS allowed me to navigate an Apple TV from my iPhone or iPad, and when I needed to enter text for a search or to log in to a service, I could type it in with the iOS keyboard. While being able to use the iOS keyboard is fantastic, it’s still not ideal for entering long passwords on Apple TV. Instead, I’d use the Remote app to copy and paste my random, unique passwords from 1Password into services like Netflix and Hulu.

Sadly, tvOS didn’t initially support the Remote app. I had to use the Siri remote’s touchpad to slide around a keyboard on my TV screen, while using the Large Type feature of 1Password for iOS to look back and forth. Dark times, my friend. Dark times.

I know what you’re thinking: surely this calls for a 1Password app for the Apple TV! Unfortunately tvOS doesn’t (yet?) have a way for apps to interact with each other like on iOS, so a 1Password app wouldn’t be very useful.


Slide Over makes copying passwords from 1Password and pasting into Remote better than ever.

Thankfully, tvOS 9.1 is now available for the new Apple TV, and it adds support for the beloved Remote app! Entering your super secure passwords on your Apple TV is as easy as copying the password from 1Password for iOS and pasting it into the text field that appears in the Remote app. This is even easier when you use Slide Over on the iPad.


Looks like he’s going to stick the landing! Or will he?

With tvOS and Remote being buddies again, I never have to worry about how to get my super secure passwords from 1Password again. As an added benefit, I can also sneakily prank my son while he plays Alto’s Adventure by exiting him to the home screen.

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