Jessy on authentication and passwords in premiere of On the Wire podcast

Jessy Irwin On the Wire

On the Wire is a new podcast about the security threats we face and how we can protect ourselves against them. It’s hosted by our friend Dennis Fisher, who was previously behind the podcast at Threatpost.

The new podcast covers such topics as privacy, fraud, and social engineering. It aims to do so in a simple way that’s easy for everyone to understand. A lot of this stuff goes right over my head, which is why I’ve been relying on 1Password to secure my digital life for so long! I’m looking forward to listening to a security-centric podcast that doesn’t make my eyes glaze over.

The first episode of On the Wire is extra special because it features Jessy, our Security Evangelist! Listen to Jessy talk about the state of authentication, passwords, and security education.

To listen to the episode, you can stream it on the On the Wire website.

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