1Password 6.2 for iOS: The Resolution Edition

It’s hard to believe that another year is upon us! Whether you bid adieu to 2015 with enthusiasm or reluctance, we hope 2016 will be a wonderful year for you. We’ve spent some time reflecting on the old year and planning for the new, always with one goal in mind: improving your life by making security as easy and enjoyable as we can. With that at heart, we present our latest release: 1Password 6.2 for iOS.

Resolve to Search Smarter

You’re going to be delighted with the improvements we’ve made to Search! One of the first things you’ll notice is that you can now search from the Favorites and Organize tabs, in addition to the Categories tab.

If you want to speed things up and know the title of the item you’re looking for, make sure Search Titles is highlighted. If you need to look through all of your fields, start your search and tap on Search Everything. You can also clear what you’ve typed into the field or cancel your search altogether with a single tap.

1Password 6.2 for iOS: Search

Resolve to Stay Informed

I’m excited to tell you that Watchtower is now available in 1Password 6.2 for iOS! 1Password for Mac users will recognize this service, which monitors the latest security vulnerabilities from around the web and alerts you when your own accounts might need attention. To start using Watchtower, go to Settings > Security and tap the switch. If an item has a potential vulnerability, you’ll see it in the item’s details view.

1Password 6.2 for iOS: Watchtower

Resolve to Stay Organized

If you’re a 1Password for Teams customer or like to keep your items organized in more than one vault, you’ll love this one. Today’s release enables you to move or copy items across vaults! All you need to do is view the item’s details and tap Move and Copy button at the bottom. Then, select the vault to which you’d like to move or copy the item. Easy peasy!

Resolve to Work at Peak Peek Efficiency

This one’s for you lucky ducks with an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus. We proudly present: Peek and Pop, in glorious 3D (Touch)! Give the 1Password icon on your home screen a hard press to bring up the Quick Action Menu to add a new item, view your favorites, or bring up search in 1Password.

If you want quickly look at an item, find it as you normally would. Instead of tapping on it, give it a light 3D Touch to take a Peek, then press a little harder to Pop into its details view. Or, Peek at an item, then swipe up to to copy a field or open a login in 1Browser.

1Password 6.2 for iOS: Preview and Copy

We paid attention to a lot of little details to help you start your new year right, from updating our translations to tweaking our in-app icons; we’ve even added the Strong Password Generator to the PIN field of Credit Card items to make it easier to generate PIN codes! To find out what other goodies are waiting for you, check out our release notes.

1Password 6.2 for iOS is available now, and it’s a free update for all existing owners. Head to the Updates tab of the App Store to update to the latest version now! Have feedback? We’d love to hear from you. Add a comment here, check out our discussion forums, or start a conversation with us on Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. Roni
    Roni says:

    I’ve noticed that when ‘All Vaults’ is selected, Folders are missig in the Organize, only Tags are shown. Is this normal?


    • eva
      eva says:

      Hi Roni,

      Great question!

      Yes, that is the way the app is designed to work. Because 1Password for Teams doesn’t have folders we do not show folders when in the All Vaults view. Tags are used across all of our products, which is those do show in All Vaults.

      But, if you switch to your Primary vault (or any other non-1Password for Teams vault, you will once again be able to see your folders.

      Thanks so much!

  2. Dave Teare
    Dave Teare says:

    Great release, team! I’m so happy I can use 3D Touch now.

    I can unchain you from your desks now. At least temporarily ;)

    • eva
      eva says:

      Hi Brian,

      Thank you for participating in our user forum and for your part in making 1Password a better app! We truly appreciate customers like yourself. :-)

      Keep being awesome!

  3. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    That’s nice and all… but where is the promise 1Password 5 for Android? With Material Design and Fingerprint support? Has everyone at AgileBits just forgot about the Android users? That’s a huge platform with potential waiting to be tapped by an excellent password manager such as 1Password. Please don’t forget about us.

  4. Rajesh
    Rajesh says:

    I have been using for years and recommend to all friend and relatives and people at work, only one request, please continue to keep it affordable.

    • brenty
      brenty says:

      Rajesh: Thanks so much for your continued support! I’m glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying 1Password for a long time, and that you’re sharing it with your loved ones. Thanks for being a part of our extended family. We really couldn’t do what we do without you and the rest of our awesome customers!

      And regarding affordability, this is something that’s very important to us as well for a few reasons We have families of our own to support, so we can’t give it away for free, but we also have budgets of our own as well, so we’re sensitive to the pricing issue. We’ll continue to keep that in mind as we move forward, because quite frankly no one will get to enjoy 1Password (and we won’t get to make it for long) if we can’t keep it affordable. Cheers! :)

  5. Ken Harris
    Ken Harris says:

    I also don’t know the details of 1password on my iPhone or iPad in relationship to the newest version of your software.

    I have 1Password installed on my iPhone and iPad and home desktop.

    I am on iCloud. Do these versions all talk to each other automatically ?


    • brenty
      brenty says:

      Ken: Without knowing the version numbers it’s impossible to say for certain. So if you’re having trouble at all, the best thing would be to shoot us an email at support@agilebits.com and we’ll help you get everything setup.

      But if you’re using the current version of 1Password on each device, iCloud Sync is supported on Apple platforms. And if you need to sync with Android or Windows, Dropbox is a great alternative. Cheers! :)

    • Jacob
      Jacob says:

      Hey Dennis!

      I’m sorry for the confusion about an account. If you made a one-time purchase of 1Password, you didn’t get an account or Secret Key. 1Password accounts are part of subscriptions, which have automatic sync between your devices, access to 1Password anywhere, and an account to access everything. You can create one to get the benefits accounts include, or you can keep using 1Password as you always have. Check out this article for more info about 1Password accounts.

      To get 1Password back on your iPad, you can install it from the App Store, then sync your existing data from another device or backup, or you can create a 1Password account and move your existing data over to it, then use it going forward. That way when you get a new computer or device you can just sign in to your account and you’ll be good to go! No need to manually set up sync or anything like that. I’d be happy to help you get started with that as well. 🙂 You can start using a 1Password account by signing up and moving your existing data over, then signing in to your account on each of your devices. If you have some questions, feel free to let us know, and you’re also welcome to contact us directly if you’d like to discuss specifics.

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