Update on 1Password for Teams

Whew! I can barely believe that it has only been 3 months since the 1Password for Teams announcement back in November. It feels like it happened last year! ;)

Since then, 1Password for iOS has seen multiple, huge updates, 1Password 6 for Mac was released, and 1Password for Windows entered beta testing. We also have an amazing update for Android that we’ll be sharing with you soon.

While we’ve been busy updating the apps, we’ve also been hard at work on 1Password for Teams. Since the announcement, we’ve had over 30 updates with several awesome improvements and new features.

I thought it would be fun to go through the highlights of what’s new. Let’s jump right in!

Safari and Edge Support for New Teams

When we launched 1Password for Teams, it required Google Chrome or Firefox. Safari support wasn’t available as it didn’t (and still doesn’t) support all the WebCrypto bells and whistles we need (Apple friends: please see Radar 23379153).

Roustem worked hard to find a way to shim up Safari’s WebCrypto support and now newly created teams are able to use Safari!

1Password for Teams: The Teare Family Admin Console in Safari

Teams that signed up before December 3rd are not able to use Safari just yet. We are working on a migration tool for these teams so they can gain Safari support, but it will take time. We hope to include an automatic migration tool for these teams in a future update.

Awesome(er) Vault Mode

The vault viewer has had an incredible number of improvements since we talked last.

For one thing, you can now edit your items! Directly within the web interface! Yeah, it never gets old seeing this. So much so that I begged Dan to make an animated GIF to show it off :)

Editing an item in 1Password for Teams

As cool as that animated image is, it’s even cooler once you look closer: it’s from a Linux machine! That’s right, you can now access and edit your data on Linux.

Those who have Two Factor Authentication-enabled Logins will enjoy knowing that you can view your One-Time Passwords directly in the browser:

One-time passwords in 1Password for Teams

I just love watching the timer go around, turn red, and then start over with a lovely blue. Repeat. Good times! :)

I saved the best for last: You can now view previous versions of your items and restore them!

1Password for Teams: View and restore a previous version of an item

This feature is incredibly handy if you or anyone on your team accidentally make changes that you need to revert.

Get the Apps

The Get the Apps page now includes a link to our new Windows app! It also does a better job of explaining that all the apps are included for free with your 1Password for Teams account.

1Password for Teams: Get the Apps page

Android is coming soon. And by soon, I mean a lot sooner than the last time I said soon. Seriously. It’s really close now but I can’t spill the beans just yet so I’m forced to simply say “soon”. Soon I’ll be able to say something else :)


The Owners, Administrators, and Recovery groups are now more visible throughout the Admin Console. You can now see which groups a teammate belongs to, and see which groups have access to which vaults.

1Password for Teams: Group membership

Improved Home Page

The home page has had many enhancements, ranging from little tweaks to whole new features. There’s a new Team Overview in the top right, allowing you to see your team at a glance and quickly know if there are any outstanding tasks you need to perform.

We also added an All Vaults card so you can quickly jump to Vault mode with all your items shown. And those with the allowed access control permissions can now click the vault’s Edit icon to manage who can access it, without needing to jump to the full-powered Admin Console view.

1Password for Teams Home page

My favorite part of that screenshot is how the Quests are nestled right below the overview. What are Quests? I’m glad you asked…

Conquer All the Quests for Thy Reward

1Password for Teams has several innovative security features to ensure that your data stays yours and is never seen by anyone unless you give them explicit access.

These features are great, but they are real security features that rely on true cryptography without any backdoors and therefore we cannot help you if you ever forget your Master Password or Account Key. But you and your teammates can help each other by setting up a Recovery Group and ensuring everyone has their Emergency Kit.

We designed a set of Quests to help all users and team owners find these safety nets. The Quests are fun and easy to complete.

1Password for Teams: Quests conquered

Who doesn’t want to be a hero? Be sure to conquer all your quests and then contact us for your reward. I have searched the kingdom and consulted with the high council, and hast found thy perfect reward! I can’t wait to give it to you—er, I mean, I cannot wait to bestow it upon thee, gallant and intrepid adventurer! :)

Newly Designed Setup Screens

We have completely redesigned the setup process for team members and owners. When creating an account we’re now highlighting how the Account Key greatly improves your security and how to store it, as well as many other enhancements. Here’s a glimpse of this new awesomeness:

1Password for Teams setup

All new team members you invite will see this new setup flow, but team owners will need to create a new team to see it firsthand. If you have a family team, now’s a great time to set up a company team. If you’re using 1Password for Teams at your company or work environment, there’s never been a better time to create a family team.

If you’d like more information on setting up your family, you should checkout my previous post on using 1Password for Teams with your family. There I walk through how I setup my Teare Family team, all while keeping my wife happy :)

And much much more!

As the old cliche goes, that’s not all! There were a ton of other changes and improvements that I just don’t have the space to write about.

Here are just a few of the things that jumped out during a quick run through the changelog: users can now change their email addresses, we have fancy progress indicators for longer running tasks, improved notifications for automatic refreshing, invitation emails are now more personal and come directly from team administrators, and several changes to our infrastructure to make it faster and more robust.

It’s been incredibly busy but we’ve been having a blast bringing all these new features to you. Many of these features and enhancements came directly from awesome users like you, so please continue to reach out and let us know what’s on your mind. You can leave a comment below or join us in our 1Password for Teams Discussions Forum.

I hope to talk to you soon! :)

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  1. gprguy
    gprguy says:

    Are there plans for a Windows 7/8 version of 1Password that is compatible with Teams? If your aim is to get into the corporate environment, a Windows 10 metro app isn’t going to be sufficient..

    Other than that, loving the beta so far.

    • Dom S.
      Dom S. says:

      +1 on that Win7/8 Teams support. Just purchased the full Mac + Win suite today, and being able to access my Team Vaults on my work PC (via native app) will be the icing on this deal.
      I know it is coming though – thanks again Dave!

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Thank guys! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the beta so far.

      Yes, absolutely, we’re looking into adding support to earlier versions of Windows. I can’t promise anything yet as the code is not written but this is definitely on our radar :)



  2. Rick Fillion
    Rick Fillion says:

    Looks like that URL doesn’t work because our blog switched the http scheme to https and openradar doesn’t seem to like that. Will try to figure out why that is.

  3. Jeff Shiner
    Jeff Shiner says:

    These last few months have been an incredible ride and I want to thank everyone who has been involved in our beta so far. The updates that you see in this blog post are a direct result of your feedback and suggestions, and have made an incredible difference.

    I have been using 1Password for Teams within the Shiner family for the last few months. Being able to store our passport information, wills and shared logins in a secure place that both Brenda and I can easily access has made me a lot more relaxed. I’d love for you to try it in your own family.

    Speaking of trying things out… if you are using an Android device you may want to try out our awesome new, and just released, 1Password 6 for Android beta (https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/56932/welcome-to-1password-5).

  4. Tavi
    Tavi says:

    Hi, just received a newsletter regarding the usa of 1P4Teams for family. This is a great idea, but the pricing of $5/mo/user is rather prohibitive for families. Of course, the price may be OK for companies/corporate environment. Even Apple allows for free download of family purchased content. There’s a plan for 1P4Teams to introduce some family friendly plans/licensing?

  5. Adam Rudny
    Adam Rudny says:

    Sorry, but I really don’t know where else to ask this – how can I export from 1Password for teams? We want to start using it but my management wants to be certain we can back out. We are a 100% Microsoft environment so no macs…. and on Windows 7.

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hello Adam,

      No need to be sorry; I’m glad you took the time to ask!

      We never want you to fee trapped within 1Password so we’ve always had an export feature. In 1Password for Windows and on Mac you can simply use the File > Export menu. Here’s some more details if you’re interested:


      There are a few things to keep in mind. First, on Mac, the export feature is disable when viewing All Vaults. You’ll need to switch to the vault you want to export first, and then use this feature. Second, 1Password for Teams on Windows currently only supports Windows 10. We’re working on support for other versions as well but need a bit more time to finish :)

      Take care,


    • Sara Teare
      Sara Teare says:

      Glad we could help Adam!

      If anything pops up again, you know how to reach us – plus our support page has tons of great resources:


      Have a great day!

  6. jchhenderson
    jchhenderson says:

    Hi – really enjoying the beta (for my family) and looking forward to the family price you have mentioned in another post. However, I cannot reconcile needing both a local vault as well as “your vault” (pleased to hear you are changing that name as well). Do you have any personal ideas about that?

    • Dave Teare (@dteare)
      Dave Teare (@dteare) says:

      Hello @jchhenderson!

      First, let me get the “Your Vault” name out of the way. Just last week we decided to rename it to “Personal” and have updated the web client already. Soon the apps will all be updated to use this new name as well. It’s so much easier to talk about now so I wanted to start with that :)

      So in theory you don’t “need” a local vault and a personal vault. In fact, if you have all of your items in teams, you can simply enter your 1Password for Teams account information when setting up a new Mac and you’ll be setup without any local vaults (usually named “Primary” in most of the screenshots you see).

      Now, that’s the ideal and you’ll see above I specifically only mentioned Mac. That is because on the other platforms we do not yet have a “teams-only” mode. The other platforms still require the primary vault to exist as that’s where we store the login information for your teams accounts.

      At some point in the future we’ll likely hide the local “primary” vault if it is empty and you have a team setup. We just need a bit more time to get all our ducks in a row :)

      By the way, I love your avatar! I just finished watching Kung Fu Panda 2 with my kids last week and had a wonderful time. Great movie! :)


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