Behind the Mug: Greig Allen

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Behind the Mug: Greig Allen

Hey, I’m Greig, part of the AgileBits UK contingent. I’m 28 and live in Aberdeen, which is in the Northeast of Scotland, a truly beautiful part of the world; it’s home to Scotland’s only dedicated castle trail, several Whisky distilleries and the infamous Rowie. I’ve been married to my wife Lauren since June 2014 and we’ve recently upgraded from an apartment to our own proper grown-up house with a garden (or should that be yard!).

Behind the Mug: Greig Allen - Greig in his native habitat

In my spare time I love playing and watching American football, following tech news, cultivating my new-found love of BBQ and enjoying any local whisky. I’m at my happiest either in my “man cave” surrounded by gadgets, LEGO, and games; or sitting in a field at a festival enjoying music with my family and friends. Music is one of my great passion—our house is always abuzz with the sounds of Ryan Adams and The White Stripes or my guitar, which I’ve played since the age of nine.

Behind the Mug: Greig Allen - Greig and his toys

If you were sent to the International Space Station for 3 months and were only allowed to bring 3 personal items, what would they be?

I’d definitely take some home comforts:

  • My iPhone (for music and photos)
  • Crate of beer
  • Reese’s Cups, in copious quantities!

If you had one chance to travel anywhere at any time, where and when would you go?

Before I tell you where I would go, I’m telling you how I would get there, and that has to be in the DeLorean! I am the biggest Back to the Future fan out there. As for where I would go, it would definitely have to be Woodstock; to be a part of such an iconic event in music would be incredible. Just as a little side note, not to be mushy but I would love to relive my wedding day too!

What is your hidden talent?

My hidden talent, well, if you’ve seen me after a few drinks you’ll understand why they call me “Snake hips Allen”. Give me a dance floor and good music and I’ll dance all night long. It’s maybe not a hidden talent… I’m maybe using the word talent pretty loosely but I sure do enjoy it!

What does a typical day in your life look like?

My wife gets up super early and once that hairdryer gets going, I’m up and out of bed. I set myself up for the day with a bowl of Krave, log on, check the football scores and blog feeds. Once that is taken care of, I’m usually one of the first in the morning to start engaging with and helping our amazing customers (might be something to do with the time difference). I’ll take a break for lunch and get some fresh air, taking a walk down by the burn and listening to Back to work.

Behind the Mug: Greig Allen - Greig's office

Then it is back to offering support to our customers until my wife comes home from work. We really enjoy cooking together so we will usually do that of an evening. In the winter our weather gets pretty bad so we tend to hibernate with a movie but in the summer we will visit family and friends, hang out in a beer garden, or fire up the BBQ!

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4 replies
  1. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Hello Greig,

    You stated “””hang out in a beer garden”””.

    I visited Scotland (Aberdeen included) 2 years ago.

    I know it´s Irish, but my favorite draft was Smithwick`s (“Smith-X”).

    Unfortunately here in Austria I have to order “Kilkenny” as Smith-X is not available in pubs…..


    • Greig Allen
      Greig Allen says:

      Hey Thomas!

      Awesome, I hope you enjoyed your time in Aberdeen when you were here :)

      I’ve never actually tried either Smithwicks or Kilkenny, but I’m gonna have to try them now!


    • Greig Allen
      Greig Allen says:

      Hey Art!

      Sadly I have not ☹️

      I’ve been off the beer recently, trying to get this belly down a wee bit and lose some weight. Damn beer and all its calories.

      BBQ weather is approaching here in Aberdeen, so that could change everything haha!

      Would you recommend I try them too?


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