Nexus 6P, meet 1Password 6

Last month I talked about how I’m using 1Password for Teams to keep my family organized and safe online. And earlier this week, Nik announced 1Password 6 for Android.

Today I thought it would be fun to talk about a combination of both and show you how I’m integrating the newest member of the Teare Family team: my new Nexus 6P :)

My New Nexus 6P

One of the best things about my job is that I get to test all the new devices from Apple, Microsoft, and Google. I need to be able to test 1Password on every platform, and of course, I require the latest devices for my testing. Well, that’s the reason I give Sara when I submit my expense reports anyway :)

When 1Password 6 for Android entered beta testing, I knew that I needed a new Android device. After a quick review I decided on the Nexus 6P in the Frost colour and placed my order. It arrived just a few days before we set sail for our 7th annual AgileBits conference, so I needed to get it set up quickly.

Setting up my new phone

The most important thing I need on every new device is my passwords. Of course I have 1Password for that, so my first order of business was to install 1Password from the Google Play Store.

I wanted to be on the beta team so I first needed to sign up to the beta program. If you enjoy being on the bleeding edge as much as I do, be sure to join our 1Password beta before jumping over to Google Play.

Install 1Password 6 for Android from Google Play

With 1Password installed, normally I would simply enter my Master Password to get started; but many of my passwords are shared with other people, so I keep them organized separately using multiple vaults.

Historically, adding all these vaults was a bit of a pain as I needed to manually add each one individually every time I got a new device. I have over 10 vaults, so I’d often be lazy and only add my primary vault. Then Murphy’s Law would get me and I’d invariably need access to one of the passwords in one of the other vaults.

Now that I’m using 1Password for Teams, however, it’s super easy to add all my vaults. All I have to do is add my AgileBits and Teare Family teams and 1Password instantly adds all the vaults I have access to.

Adding Team Accounts

To add my teams, I first need to go to the Settings screen and tap on 1Password for Teams. From there I simply tap Add Account.

Now I could manually enter my team domain, email address, Account Key, and Master Password, but I prefer to select Scan QR Code and take a picture of my Get the Apps page instead.

Adding a team using the QR code scanner in 1Password 6 for Android

1Password finds the QR Code and prepopulates most of the account information (note that the QR Code above contains my Account Key which should not be shared; I was careful and used a sample test account in the screenshot). All I need to do is enter my Master Password and my team account will be added.

Add team in 1Password 6 for Android

Once the team account is added, 1Password will automatically download all the vaults that I have access to. I only needed to add my Teare Family and AgileBits teams and 1Password did the rest.

The best part is how blazingly fast this is. I went from nothing to almost twenty vaults containing 2400 items in just a few seconds. Here’s what my Vault Switcher looks like after adding my teams:

The Vault Switcher in 1Password 6 for Android

Once I had all my passwords on my new phone, I could start installing my other apps. I started with Kindle, Audible, Slack, MindBody, and Twitter. So far I have resisted the games as we have a lot of 1Password updates we need to finish first :)

1Password 6 Highlights

Now that I have my new Nexus 6P all set up, I thought I’d share a few screenshots of my favorite new features in 1Password 6.

First and foremost, I love the new material design. Here’s how my Category list looks for my Personal vault:

Categories view in 1Password 6 for Android

And here’s a look at how great the item details screen looks:

Item details view in 1Password 6 for Android

As much as I love the new design, I simply adore Fingerprint Unlock. Being able to unlock using my fingerprint is especially awesome given my new Master Password. When I set up my new teams accounts I used a 34-character Master Password1, so I don’t enjoy typing it often.

Now when I launch 1Password 6, I don’t need to type my Master Password! I just scan my fingerprint and I’m in.

Fingerprint Unlock in 1Password 6 for Android

Given how easy it is to unlock 1Password, I will likely add a few extra characters to my Master Password as I’m a geek and 50 characters sounds pretty cool :)

General Impressions of the Nexus 6P

I have to be up front and start by saying that I’m an iOS guy through and through. While there are a lot of things I love about my Nexus 6P, I expect I’ll be switching back to iOS after WWDC this year when Apple announces iOS 10.

With that disclaimer out of the way, I can honestly say that the Nexus 6P is the best Android device I have ever used. It feels good to hold, the Nexus Imprint scanner is accurate and super fast, and the reversible USB charger fixed my biggest complaint about my old Nexus.

As for Android itself, it has improved a lot over the last two years. Marshmallow feels polished and very fast. The Photos app is wonderful and I especially love how I can purchase books directly within Kindle and Audible.

My biennial switch to Android has been a great experience so far. And I’m incredibly proud of what our Android team has delivered in 1Password 6.

If you love 1Password 6 as much as I do, please leave a review. We’re sitting at 4.3 stars at the moment and now that we have these incredible new features I hope you’ll help us get to a solid 5 stars :)

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  1. This is not the real number of characters in my Master Password but it’s relatively close. I couldn’t bring myself to tell you the exact number as I’m still a security geek at heart :)
9 replies
  1. Dave Teare
    Dave Teare says:

    Before anyone asks I thought I’d jump in here and talk about special Teams pricing for Families :)

    1Password for Teams starts at $4.99 per user per month, which is great for companies but can be outside the reach of many families. As a family company, families are near and dear to our hearts so we’re working on a special plan made just for them. We’re pretty close to having this finalized so I’ll be able to share the details with you soon.

    I almost worked the Family pricing announcement into this post, but decided against it as it was a pretty long post already. I’m hoping to post it next week so stay tuned!



  2. Chris De Jabet
    Chris De Jabet says:

    Hey Dave,

    Long time reader, first time commenter (on this post).

    Since you live in both worlds of Android and iOS, I have to ask whether you prefer the Touch ID sensor on the iPhone, which you’d primarily use with your thumb, or the Nexus 6P’s Imprint sensor, which you’d mostly use your index finger with since it is on the back of the device?

    <3 Chris

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Good question! I’m not sure yet to be completely honest. I’ve used my 6P for over a month now and sometimes I think the fingerprint scanner is much better, and other days I find I need to enter my device password multiple times.

      I know these scanners have troubles when my fingers are wet, but I’ve been pretty careful to make sure my hands are dry before picking up my phone.

      Regardless, I still feel using TouchID with my thumb is more natural. But perhaps that will change with time.


    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Thanks for reaching out to us, Sapura.

      This is something I would love to add at some point, but it’s difficult to achieve in a fully private fashion. We spend a lot of time making sure we don’t learn anything about your data, and we’ll need to especially certain that this is true with password changing. Here’s a post on our Watchtower feature that explains how we do things differently so that we do NOT learn anything about the websites you use:

      Thanks again for the question!


    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing, Mike!

      I’m glad to hear you love 1Password on your Nexus 6P as much as I do :)



  3. Federico
    Federico says:


    I want to know because im going to buy a Nexus 6p and i actualy have the Nexus 5 with 1Password.
    The only thing I need to do to get all may passwords in the new phone is download the app (1password)? And put my Master Password?
    I need to know this, or maybe I need to put all my passwords in the new phone again?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Congratulations on your new phone, Federico! You’re going to love your new 6P :)

      If you are using 1Password for Teams or 1Password Families, then yes, all you would need to do is download 1Password and add your account and everything will sync immediately.

      If you are using one of the Dropbox, Wi-Fi sync, or Local storage sync options than you’ll need to enable syncing within the 1Password Settings as described here:

      Make sure you have enabled syncing on your old phone first as you’ll need to have your data synced up before your new phone will be able to find it.

      I hope that helps.


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