1Password 6.1 for Mac: The Mini Delights Edition

From time to time, something most people overlook makes me really happy: pulling a perfect loaf of bread out of the oven, going for a run on a beautiful day, or writing a fantastic line of code. And sometimes, those small things happen close together and combine into something truly delightful. That’s what 1Password 6.1 is all about: little things that come together to make one great update.

Find the right Login

If you’re anything like me, you not only have a lot of Logins, you have many for the same site. We’ve made it easier to tell which Login is which when you’re using 1Password mini by displaying the Login’s username next to the title when you have duplicate titles.


1Password mini is also smarter when searching for words that contain accents or other diacritics. While watching the Oscars the other night, I was a little disappointed that The Revenant didn’t win Best Picture. I could at least send the director a consolation prize like a 1Password t-shirt or something (a more exclusive club, after all). I never remember how to exactly spell his last name though, I just remember that it starts with “Ina” with accents somewhere. 1Password makes it easy now, I can search without the accents and it’ll find it just fine.


Teams & Families

One of my favorite parts of 1Password for Teams is that Documents became first-class items. You can see a list of all Documents, and you can link as many items as you want to the same Document. In 1Password 6.1, Documents have become even better, as you can now add Notes and even custom fields, just like with other items. Want to store a password field to go along with that file? Go right ahead.



Syncing your data across all of your devices is one of the greatest conveniences 1Password offers. As part of 1Password 6.1, we’ve rebuilt how syncing is scheduled at the core level. This means that sync now takes fewer resources, so that 1Password mini can be more responsive to the things you want to do.

We’ve also improved iCloud Sync in the AgileBits Store version of 1Password. It’s important to us that the iCloud experience in both versions our app is as good as we can make it.


Setting up a new Mac is super exciting! That new Mac smell. swoon Then reality hits: all of those apps that you’re installing, they’re going to want licenses. Licenses that you’ll have to manually enter or drag and drop or double-click or whatever. We thought it would be amazing if we could make it a little bit easier for you to register 1Password for Mac, so 1Password 6.1 will recognize the license you previously saved in a Software License item. It will automatically register itself, without you needing to lift a finger.

1Password 6.1 for Mac: automatic licensing

Better Startup

In my last blog post, I mentioned steps we were going to take to improve the startup process of the 1Password app. 1Password is now a little smarter during startup, and it will do more to communicate with you about what’s going on. If something goes wrong, we’ve added ways for it to detect the problem and tell you about it.

And much more!

These are just a few of the changes we’ve been working on. 1Password 6.1 is available today for all users of the AgileBits Store version of the app, and has been submitted to the Mac App Store for review.

If you want to know all the details about this release, read the full release notes.

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    • brenty
      brenty says:

      Thanks, Olivia! I’m glad you’re enjoying the update. We’ve got even more where that came from. ;)

  1. Jonathan Lang
    Jonathan Lang says:

    Now 1Passwird just needs to get smarter again about matching the login to the URL…
    For example, I saved one login for Amazon.com and one for Amazon.de, and guess which one gets auto-filled on Amazon.de :-/
    And there’s more…of the three logins I saved for the same url, one is a favorite. Maybe an indicator that this one is used most often?
    I could go on. -_-

    • brenty
      brenty says:

      Indeed, thanks for the feedback, Jonathan! We’ve actually made a number of changes to support equivalent domains (such as Amazon.com and Amazon.de) by popular request. I guess you can’t please all of the people all of the time! It’s a difficult problem to solve, and I don’t think we can really make everyone happy, but I’d love it if you’d start a discussion about this on the forums. Maybe we can come up with something even better! :)


  2. Chris
    Chris says:

    I don’t see the email address next to the logins. Is there anything I need to enable? (OS X El Capitan, 1Password 6.1, Safari, Extension Version 4.5.2.

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hi Chris, thanks for asking!

      I think what got you is we only show the username beside the title if you have logins with identical titles. If we always showed the username that would be simpler in many ways, but it would quickly clutter up the UI as well.

      We’re hoping this strikes a nice balance. I’d be curious to learn if you agree :)


    • Chris
      Chris says:

      Ah, Dave, that must be correct. As I already named them differently to keep them apart.
      Google (Chris)
      Google (Work)…

      Yeah of course I like the compromise. I was just looking for it before I removed those additional strings. As far as I have seen, it’s also important that the URL matches, at least the alias and domain part, right?

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Awesome! Thanks for the update, Chris, I was afraid we had a bug there or something :)

      I’m glad you like the compromise between consistency and keeping the UI as clean as possible.

      As for the URL, the domain needs to be the same. Technically the “naked domain” needs to be the same, so http://www.ebay.com would be considered equivalent to ebay.com.

      Does this not match your experience? I tested it again just now to make sure, so this should be the same thing you’re seeing. If not, please share a few URLs with me and I’ll test them explicitly.

      Take care,


  3. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Hi Rick,

    be aware that all the fine things which are added with every update don´t “overload” the app.

    My new car, for example, has features “under cover” I will never use by selecting.

    I want to push the “keyless go button” and the car runs…..

    That should be in mind. I am “normal user” of 1PW…..


    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hi Thomas,

      Thank you for helping us keep this in mind. I agree with you 100%: we have to keep things simple. If we make something too complex, people will revert to their old bad habits and reuse weak passwords.

      I’m curious if you think anything in particular within this release has gone too far? Just curious as I think we’re all trying to work towards the “Keyless Go Button” and would love some outside perspective :)


  4. Jay Gillibrand (@Jaymerica)
    Jay Gillibrand (@Jaymerica) says:

    “Find the right Login” feature is great, but sadly missing from the Windows client. I don’t expect exact feature parity all the time, but in this case I regretted de-mangling some logins, only to go to Windows and see that–without the same feature–I couldn’t tell my logins apart. Oops. Serves me right for using Windows at work I guess.

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hi Jay,

      You’re right, this feature is not available on Windows yet. I’m sorry for the trouble, it sounds like a pain in the butt to rename all your logins and then have to reverse the process because we’re not consistent.

      I’d like to see this feature and others work their way over to Windows, and to bring some of the Windows specific features back to Mac and the other platforms. Keeping things consistent across platforms is almost as difficult as keeping the documentation up-to-date! :)

      We’ll get there.


  5. Michael
    Michael says:

    Long-time user, first-time commenter. Long-time lover of 1Password; especially love having simultaneous access to multiple vaults! I proselytize about your product to anyone in earshot. My friends are sick of hearing about it.

    I have THREE questions (forgive me), the latter two of which pertain directly to this particular blog post.

    1) Is in the cards someday for users to be able to modify items in 1Password Anywhere, or is that feature forever to be read-only?

    2) The example about Iñárritu made me wonder: is it possible to import contacts in some way? Or did Mr. Fillion create a special Identity entry for him (for illustrative purposes or otherwise)?

    3) Lastly, how might a commoner get his hands on a 1Password teeshirt?

    Many thanks for a great product, always becoming greater!

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for supporting 1Password all these years and thank you for proselytizing 1Password! We rely almost completely on word of mouth and wouldn’t be here without awesome users like you!

      I’ll answer your questions in turn:

      1. No, 1PasswordAnywhere is and always will be read-only. It’s quite long in the tooth to be honest and hasn’t kept up with all the new additions in 1Password (for example, Time-based One-Time Passwords). We do, however, have a full features web app in the new hosted version of 1Password Families and 1Password for Teams that includes editing as well as all the new features like TOTP and even Documents. It’s pretty cool as we have a lot more flexibility there and are able to deliver amazing features. We even have All Vaults support there!
      2. We don’t have any import for contacts at this moment. And yes, I’m pretty sure it was illustrative as I don’t believe Rick is friends with Iñárritu – albeit when he learns we have a 1Password shirt ready for him, I’m sure that will change! :)

      3. Ah, T-Shirts! You would be surprised how often this comes up! :) We don’t have a store or anything like that, but we do have contests on Twitter and Facebook quite regularly. Be sure to watch and throw your hat in the ring next time one comes up. Not only do you win a T-Shirt (or two), but we almost always add some stickers to the parcel before shipping it out!

      Take care Michael, and please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.


  6. Gandalf
    Gandalf says:

    This is all good stuff :) I was thinking, could you raise the attachment file size limit past 5mb anytime soon?

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hi Gandalf,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the new release! :)

      As for the 5mb limit, this one is tricky. In theory it’s a simple change (it would literally be a one character change to increase it ten fold) but the way syncing works in 1Password with Dropbox and iCloud requires that we sync all attachments to every device. This is because the copy in the cloud could disappear at any time. The problem this causes is large attachments can cause syncing to take a very long time. Sometimes a ridiculously long time, especially on iOS and Android where 1Password can be shutdown by the operating system when not in the foreground.

      We’re more likely to raise the limit in 1Password for Teams and 1Password Families where we are able to sync things more efficiently.

      I hope that helps. Please let me know if you’d like any additional information and I’ll be happy to chat more :)



    • Gandalf
      Gandalf says:

      (In response to https://blog.agilebits.com/2016/03/01/1password-6-1-for-mac-the-mini-delights-edition/#comment-5988)

      Why don’t you just put a warning message in:
      1. When you do upload an attachement over 5 MB —> what the consequences are that you just mentioned.
      2. When you sync all of 1Password on a new device. —> why syncing may take long.

      It just seems like a disempowering brute force method to say “5 MB because we say so”. I have taken this up on the forum once before, where the explanation was something like yours, adding that some people were throwing in gigabytes of attached files. Obviously, that’s not the intended use of 1Password, and can lead to some serious performance / syncing problems I imagine. But even then, I don’t see why you should just not warn the user, but not take the option away.

      In any case all I’d be asking for was 10 MB limit, or perhaps 20 MB just to make sure. The application being scanned documents (in my case of my vaccinations card), which typically run between a few hundred KB (in the case of b/w 1-page scan), to 10-20 MB (in the case of 20-30 page scan). 1Password has already positioned itself as a tool not only used for passwords, but all kind of sensitive stuff. Some of that stuff I have physically, and I’d like to have a secure digital copy handy. Only, I can’t due to the arbitrary and unnecessary 5 MB limit. I could split up the PDF file in two 5 MB files, but I refuse to go through such silly measures just to satisfy some completely arbitrary limit. So until the day you consider this possibility, I will continue to keep some stuff in Google Drive, that I’d rather have in 1Password. And I think that is quite unfortunate.

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Thanks for following up on this discussion, Gandalf.

      I see where you’re coming from, and you’re exactly right, we certainly could up the limit. The thing is, I’ve also been on the other side of this discussion where users are stuck with syncing that doesn’t work, and finding out it’s because they added some huge attachments.

      We used to have a dialog that would warn users of what would happen if they added attachments that were too large and allow them to continue if they wanted to. The unfortunate reality is most users don’t remember a dialog they dismissed months ago when they are having troubles setting up a new device.

      So while I’m not 100% against what you are saying, we need to find a way to make it work smoothly. Users shouldn’t be expected to remember a dialog they dismissed; I know I wouldn’t :)


  7. Polly
    Polly says:

    Good morning Dave – “find the right login” is a really terrific feature but I was wondering why it doesn’t work with PayPal? I have multiple accounts across my vaults – amazon, gmail, comcast, etc – and in 1P mini typing in gmail will show me whose account belongs to which email address but this does not happen for PayPal. Interesting huh? Might be a simple explanation but I can’t figure it out. Thanks, Polly

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hi Polly,

      It seems fitting to be replying to you now as you’re my last comment for the day. I started my day emailing you so it’s nice to end the day with some nice Polly Time™ :)

      I’m confused why the new “find the right login” wouldn’t work with PayPal. It definitely should. I wonder, do you have logins saved for different PayPal sites? Like “.com” and “.ca” or similar? If you could share a few of the Login URLs here I can test them myself and see if I can recreate the issue.

      Good night Polly, and I’ll talk to you in the morning :)


    • Polly
      Polly says:

      Hi Dave, good evening! I took a screen shot of my two PayPal logins (in two separate vaults but in the same Family), but I can’t post it in here, so, here are the URL’s in question:


      As you can see – same URL. I tested all my similar entries – gmail, amazon, comcast, dropbox .. all show in 1P mini with the associated email beside them .. all except PayPal.

      This isn’t a huge deal but I am curious. I’m happy to troubleshoot in anyway that is helpful!

      Thank you, Polly

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Thank you for the additional details, Polly, and thank you for emailing me a screenshot as well.

      You already figured out that the issue was caused by a case-sensitivity issue as one login was named “Paypal” whereas the other was named “PayPal”, but I wanted to follow up here so others who are having this issue would know.

      Thanks again for reporting this! We’ll try to get it fixed up soon so it doesn’t trick anyone else :)


  8. GT
    GT says:

    I just downloaded the 6.1 update from the Mac App Store, and I do not see a way to create a new Document item. Do I need to enable a new setting in order to create these items and to see this category?

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hi GT,

      Thanks for asking!

      I think the confusion stems from the fact that Documents are a feature in 1Password for Teams and 1Password Families. To use Documents as described by Rick above you need to signup your team (https://teams.1password.com/) or family (https://families.1password.com/) and then add the account to 1Password.

      For “sync it yourself” licenses of 1Password, we have Attachments instead of Documents. Attachments are very similar to Documents, but they are not a separate category as Rick showed above, so you need to add your custom sections and fields on the item that has the attachment.

      I hope that helps. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with :)


    • Felix
      Felix says:

      Hi Dave,

      For “sync it yourself” licenses of 1Password, we have Attachments instead of Documents.
      Does this mean, that -if I ever want to quit my 1Password for Families plan- the Documents are lost? That would be very bad, since all my Attachments got migrated into Documents when I moved into the cloud. There has to be some wizard or something to revert this before quitting 1PforF.

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hello Felix,

      Attachments and Documents are very different in terms of how they are implemented underneath the covers, but conceptually they are very similar. So if you ever decided to stop using Families and go back to the “sync it yourself” version of 1Password, you could simply export your documents and then reimport them into your non-Family vault as attachments.

      Most of your items you can simply use the Share menu to move them between vaults, but Documents are handled special and this is not possible yet. The export/import work around should work just fine but I noticed during my testing just now that we seem to have a bug exporting Documents in general. I’ve reported this to the team and we’ll get this fixed up.


  9. Wolfgang
    Wolfgang says:

    PayPal on 1Password Mini

    I was a bit relieved when I read this comment from Polly …. I’m using 2 iOS devices and a Mac with the same Vault …… the PayPal entry did only show up on the iPad and on the iPhone – but not on the Mac!
    All other entries are on all devices. After some time testing I gave up…. Any idea?? Kind regards!

    • Rick Fillion
      Rick Fillion says:

      Hi Wolfgang,

      We’d love to help you out with this. Unfortunately the blog comments aren’t a great place for us to do so. Can you email us at support@agilebits.com so that we can take a look at this with you? I’d like two things from you:

      A diagnostics report from one of your iOS devices where things were working nicely. You can do this by following the instructions on this page: https://support.1password.com/diagnostics/ios.html
      A diagnostics report from your Mac where things aren’t working as you’d like. You can do this by following the instructions on this page: https://support.1password.com/diagnostics/mac.html

      In theory with those two things we’ll have what we need to determine what’s going on and can best guide you.


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