1Password 6.3 for Android: Seek and Ye Shall Find

Our Android team has been working so hard lately that I wanted to get you caught up on the major goings-on before the story got too big for a single blog post! Thanks to their efforts and your feedback (including our amazing beta testers), we’ve got a fantastic app in the Google Play Store that recently surpassed one million installs! Thank you for your support. =)

1Password 6.3 for Android: 1 million installs!

Since we last checked in with the Android team a couple of months ago to talk about 1Password 6.0, there have been three major updates. We told you there would be more frequent and focused updates, and your response to that has been really wonderful! In 6.1, we improved Search so that you could access it more quickly. In 6.2, we added All Vaults for 1Password accounts—our Teams and Families customers. And now, we have added Large Type in 1Password 6.3.

The theme? Making it easier for you to find and access your 1Password items.

6.1: The Searchiest Search

1Password 6.3 for Android: Search

Gone are the days when you had to make sure you were on the right 1Password screen to search for something. Search is now accessible from wherever you are. Simply unlock 1Password and tap the Search icon to get started. It’s in the top right corner and looks like a magnifying glass. =)

It’s also a lot better: Search results are now immediately displayed inline, and get filtered as you continue to type. Plus, 1Password will now match your search term to URLs in addition to titles in Login items.

Finding exactly what you’re looking for is now as easy as 1-2-3. =)

6.2: Show Me the Vaults!

1Password 6.3 for Android: Vault Switcher

Vaults are a really effective way to compartmentalize your 1Password data. My favourite example is my archive vault, named Vaultemort. :D On January 1st, I moved thousands of 1Password items to this vault. Whenever I access it to retrieve an item, I move it to my Personal vault. This keeps my Personal vault uncluttered and up to date.

All Vaults is crucial to my plan, as it enables me to view only the vaults I want and exclude my Vaultemort vault. Now that All Vaults is supported by 1Password for Android for my Families account, I can view my items the same way on my Android phone as I do on my Mac.

6.3: Up Close and Personal

1Password 6.3 for Android: Large Type

One of my favourite features is Large Type, and I’m thrilled that it’s now available in 1Password for Android! I really love this feature on my iPad and Mac. It makes it so much easier for me to see my passwords when I have to type them in manually, like on my PS4.

I just love that the password is colour-coded, making it simple to tell apart letters, numbers, and symbols. This is true of the regular-sized password, too, but it looks so much nicer when it’s embiggened. Just look at that screenshot. Isn’t it pretty?

All Things Great and Small

There are way too many great improvements for me to talk about all of them at once, but I do have a few highlights:

  • Adding and working with 1Password accounts is much faster and simpler.
  • An item’s vault and account are included in its details. This is super handy when I’m in All Vaults, because it helps me make sure that an item is stored where I think it is.
  • OPVault support. This is the successor to the Agile Keychain format and it syncs a whole lot faster! If you want the nitty gritty, you can read about it in our knowledge base.

If you want the full details on what we’ve been up to the past several weeks, have a look at the detailed release notes.

Everything we’ve implemented since version 6.0 is the direct result of your feedback. We’re listening, and what you think is immensely important to us. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, and thanks for continually pushing us to do better. I can’t wait to see where our adventure takes us next. =)

14 replies
  1. Jack
    Jack says:

    I love 1Password on Android, I just hope you make better keyboard layouts + functions (long press characters missing) so I that I can just use yours permanently.

    • peri
      peri says:

      Thanks Jack! We’d love to make the 1Password keyboard more user friendly to make filling easier for Android users. I’ll let the team know you’re interested in this! :)

  2. MisterAlex
    MisterAlex says:

    Does “OPVault support” mean I can finally sync my Android vault data using Dropbox? Or do I still have to manually sync using my computer for now?

    • peri
      peri says:

      It does indeed mean you can sync your OPVault vault through Dropbox! There are a couple limitations at the moment. For instance, attachments, tags, and local storage syncing are not yet supported. We’re hoping to add these in the future, though!

      Go ahead and give it a shot!

    • MisterAlex
      MisterAlex says:

      @peri: I can’t tell you how happy I am that I don’t have to use the manual Wi-Fi sync anymore… Seriously, thanks for the awesome update.

    • peri
      peri says:

      Of course! We’re super happy about this release also. :D I’m so glad to hear that you’re a happy camper now!

  3. Tavi
    Tavi says:

    Well… I’m a bit disappointed. I have followed the steps from the newsletter about early bonus for 1password for families, but it didn’t worked. No extra members, no discount… NO BADGE :)… I would expect this to be more serious.

  4. Lee hee bok
    Lee hee bok says:

    I want to see attached files on android devices.
    I can sync easily opvalt through dropbox among devices.
    But I can see attached files on mac, ipad devices except android device.
    I really hope I can see attached files whatever devices I have.


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