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Meet Saad, AgileBits Test Pilot

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Behind the Mug: Saad and his mug

Hi! I’m Saad :) My name is often misspelt as Sad, Said and sometimes even Salad (thanks to autocorrect!). I’m 25, living in Toronto and I am among the few that have the luxury of working from home and regularly visit our office located in the heart of the city. I’m a technology enthusiast. I enjoy playing around with new gadgets and learning new things on a daily basis. I’m filled with small jokes, and I admit that sometimes I am the only one laughing at my jokes. Haha!

Football, or soccer as we call it in this part of the world, is one of my favourite sports. FC Barcelona is my team and in international matches, I follow Brazil closely. I also play friendly football twice a week and occasionally join my friends in the FIFA video game tournaments.

All my free time at the moment is committed to wedding planning. My lovely fiancée, Megda, and I are planning our upcoming wedding this summer. It is a lot of stress, but we are excited to start our lives together. Megda also loves watching football and she is a hard-core France fan, her birth country. We often butt heads with each other, especially during the World Cup—but it’s all with love and it only happens every 4 years. ;)

What do you do on the AgileBits team?

I come with a Computer Science background and I am one of the developers working on 1Password for Android. My job title, Test Pilot, suggests I test a lot of things—which I do! I make sure what is broken gets the attention that it needs.

Our users are a big help with this process and I appreciate every individual that takes time out of their busy day to provide us with feedback. I am often found in our discussion forums and answering e-mails too. I find that it’s the best way to connect directly with our users.

How would you spend one million dollars? And it has to be spent, so no saving it for retirement with this windfall.

ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Woo! First of all, I would try and figure out how I would split the money for three different things: myself, family/friends, and finally making a contribution to the world. With my personal cut (which I would share with Megda, obviously), I would use the funds to travel around the world.

What is the wildest thing that you have ever done?

While doing Christmas shopping one year, three of my friends and I impulsively decided we needed a vacation to escape the Canadian winter. We literally dropped everything and left a few days later for a long road trip to Miami from Toronto.

The drive there was a lot of fun. We stopped at all the major cities we wanted to check out along the way and had a great time staying in the Miami area. The drive back was a different story, as it always is during a return trip.

This was one of the wildest things I have done to date, because it was a spontaneous decision that was made in a few days. We each had to rearrange existing plans to make sure we could make this awesome adventure happen. It’s hard to find time like that. In fact, I don’t think I could do something similar in the present time! I would really like to do the same on the west coast, some day.

What’s your biggest challenge explaining 1Password?

I thought I was an expert at explaining 1Password, but my recent trip to Bangladesh made me reconsider that thought. Naturally, after visiting my home country after more than 10 years, friends and family were curious about what I did for a living. Now to try and explain our beloved 1Password in Bengali was a challenge! I think I did a fairly good job after a few days of practice. Unfortunately for me though, I still haven’t figured out how to explain it to this goat:

Behind the Mug: Saad and the goat

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  1. Sinatra Jiueey
    Sinatra Jiueey says:

    will you bring auto password changing feature (which other competitors have cracked) after your wedding?

    • Saad Mohammad
      Saad Mohammad says:


      Thanks for letting us know you are interested in seeing a feature like this. We had a few others of the same request and it’s something our team is considering. I’ll let them know you are interested in this as well. :)

    • Saad Mohammad
      Saad Mohammad says:


      I appreciate your interest in this feature. As you know, automatizing changing of the password across different websites is not an easy task. For one reason, not all websites follow the same structure when it comes to the password change. This means that the implementation will require manually creating rules for each site and it will be difficult to have it working on a larger scale almost immediately.

      With that being said, I do understand the convenience factor behind your request and it would be awesome when 1Password does support this feature!

    • Saad Mohammad
      Saad Mohammad says:

      Hi Niha,

      Thank you for sharing your interest in having the ability to automate the changing of your password across different websites. I’ll share your passion with the team. :)

  2. Sinatra Jiueey
    Sinatra Jiueey says:

    if others can do – certainly you can also do – start with few major ones – like google and hotmail and amazon etc…


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