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I can’t even believe that I’m saying this, but 1Password is about to turn 10. Ten years old! These are such exciting days for us, and our birthday present from Apple really couldn’t have come at a better time.

This week, Apple launched their Canadian Made, Internationally Loved promotion, during which they are highlighting 10 awesome apps and games in the Canadian App Store. It would be more obvious if you could see me squeeing right now, but I’m sure you’ve guessed anyway that 1Password is among them!

With over 1.4 million apps in the App Store (as of a year ago, so probably even more now), to be recognized as one of the best the App Store has to offer is a dream come true. Even better, we’re in great company; I especially like Lara Croft GO and Transit App.

Apple Promo 2016 - Canadian Made, Internationally Loved - List of apps

We’re very grateful to Apple for this honour, but we’re even more grateful to you. This may be a Canada-specific promotion, but we know that without the love and support of our customers from all over the world, we would not be enjoying this gift. Thanks so much for keeping us going and for always motivating us to do better.

In the days ahead, we look forward to sharing some personal stories with you about our experience of growing AgileBits over the past 10 years. I would love it if you would get the celebration started today by hugging your favourite Canadian. ? ? #PeaceLoveMapleSyrupEh

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  1. Sam
    Sam says:

    Let me remind you of something.
    1Password 4 for windows is 2 generations behind the Mac version.
    No update for 2 years.
    Cannot even import directly from other password managers without a 3rd party script which involves installing Perl and what not.
    AND YET you are charging full price for the Windows version along with Mac.
    I mean really?????????Come on! if someone owns both Mac and windows then how will it look going back and forth to 1Password 4 & 6?


    I saw a couple of your employees criticizing Lastpass on Quora for being a cloud solution.
    and yet Look. now you have launched 1Password Families which is cloud based.
    Is this a joke?

    • nik
      nik says:

      Hi, Sam, I hope your week is going well. First of all, thank you for reading our blog and taking the time to comment. I know that the only reason you bother is because you care, because you expect and want more from 1Password. We really appreciate you pushing us to do better.

      I’m sorry to contradict you, but we don’t have any apps that haven’t been updated for two years. A quick look at the release notes shows that we have been regularly addressing issues and improving quality of life in 1Password 4 for Windows. I’m posting this mostly for anyone else who reads this conversation; to be perfectly honest, Sam, I absolutely understand where you’re coming from.

      1Password 4 is at the end of its development cycle. It was written from the ground up to be different from 1Password for Mac in fundamental ways, including different interface elements and even its underlying structure. We recognise that it’s a monumental task to bring the app in line with our other versions, and we have undertaken it in 1Password 6, currently in beta. This new app is being built to run alongside 1Password on other platforms and strives to achieve a level of unprecedented feature parity for us! There’s still work to be done, for sure, but we hear you and we’re working to provide the 1Password experience you expect.

      We are very grateful to the work MrC has done on importing data from other applications, and we believe strongly enough in his efforts that we have vetted the scripts and host the importer ourselves, but I agree with you that this is something that should be built into 1Password. Our developers worked diligently to improve the importer in 1Password for Mac and continue to do so, and will be paying attention to this on the Windows side as well.

      As for price, there is no longer any question about paying full price for one version or another. You should be able to buy 1Password and not have to worry about the platform. We have achieved this 100% with our subscription service, which includes all the apps for free. With the standalone app purchases we are somewhat limited by various app store constraints, but in our own store there is just one 1Password license for desktops and laptops, whether you use OS X or Windows.

      We make a habit of limiting our statements to our own apps and services. If we slipped up and criticised anyone else, that was a mistake and I’m sorry about that. That said, the truth behind our statements hasn’t changed. Storing your own 1Password data used to be a big selling point for us, and it’s as true now as it was then: we are not compelling anyone to subscribe and the standalone apps aren’t going anywhere right now.

      But Sam, permit me to be completely honest with you. We’re a business. We are 100% customer-funded. No angel investments, no venture capital money, nothing like that. And so we look for opportunities to serve our customers that will let us STAY in business for a long time to come. And the fact is that businesses and individuals have been telling us for years that they trust 1Password with their data and that life would be so much easier for them if they could selectively share more easily and if they didn’t have to think about sync. We didn’t want to offer an online service until we could do it right. With the technologies available today, we are happy to bring 1Password to “the cloud”. You can read more about the decisions we made to keep your data safe in our White Paper (PDF). I don’t think that there is anything bad or wrong with changing with the times and offering a service that our customers want, and I definitely don’t think that it makes us dishonest or hypocritical.

      I hope that I’ve addressed your concerns. If you decide to try 1Password Families for yourself, I hope that you’ll try 1Password 6 beta for Windows. But if not, that’s okay, you’ll just need to wait a little bit longer for us to make 1Password 6 ready for you. If you would like to continue this conversation, it would be great to move it to our discussion forums or to e-mail. The forums are great because our support team and developers monitor them, so you have the opportunity to get more of us involved in the conversation, if you want. Either way, thank you again for giving me the opportunity to talk through this with you, and most of all thank you for caring enough about 1Password to share your thoughts with us.

  2. David (@davidngos)
    David (@davidngos) says:

    Hi there. Congrats on the promo from Apple, you folks deserve it. Just wondering why your app priced in USD. Where is the Canadian love? Been sitting on the sidelines for a while now hoping our currency goes up, but it seems like it will be a while.

    • nik
      nik says:

      Hello, David! Thank you for stopping by our blog and for the kind words; we really appreciate your support! =) I can sympathise: I would want a home-grown app to be priced in Canadian dollars, too, and I understand why you’re confused. The answer is actually pretty straightforward: most of our customers are currently from the US, and most of our expenses are also in USD. Business-wise, this just makes the most sense for us right now. I hope that helps, David; thanks for asking.

  3. Teresa Martin
    Teresa Martin says:

    Hi. just wondering if you store client data on canadian servers, or some other country, or multiple countries? Thanks.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hello Theresa! Thanks for commenting and I apologize for the late reply — it’s been super busy around here lately! Encrypted 1Password account data lives on our US-based Amazon Web Services servers. This data is fully encrypted before it is sent out and the keys to unlock it live on the devices and in the heads of our customers. There is no way for us or anyone else outside your account to decrypt it.

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