Introducing our new 1Password subscription service — get 6 months free!

Today is a very exciting day in the world of passwords! We have not one, not two, but three(!) incredible things to announce:

  1. An awesome new state-of-the-art hosted service to protect you and your data
  2. The most affordable way to purchase 1Password on all your devices
  3. A launch special that’s so amazing it’s kinda scary

Read on to see why this is the best time to try 1Password and start protecting yourself online. ?

A new, revolutionary hosted service


Earlier this year, we released two amazing new services: 1Password Families and 1Password Teams. Both rely on our new hosted platform to bring awesome new features that weren’t possible when 1Password was just a standalone app.

The response has been amazing and many of you asked for a special plan so you could also enjoy these benefits. We now have the perfect answer: our new service made for individuals!

Our new individual hosted service comes with everything you expect from 1Password, along with these new features:

  • Built-in automatic sync across all devices
  • Data loss protection
  • Web access to your data on
  • Item History for restoring deleted or changed items
  • Secure Document storage
  • Brand new multi-factor security model

Using our new service provides the simplest and most feature-packed way to use 1Password. And with our new purchase option, it’s easier than ever to get started.

Our new super-affordable plan

To get the benefits of our new hosted service, you simply need to subscribe to our new plan on

In addition to all the new features, the biggest benefit of a 1Password subscription is that you get all the 1Password apps for every platform, along with Pro Features, free updates, and free upgrades to every new version of 1Password.

One of the things people love most about our Families and Teams plans is not needing to worry about licenses or paid upgrades. And with our new plan for individuals, everyone can get in on the fun.

At just $2.99 a month, it’s the simplest and most affordable way to start using 1Password. See our pricing page for full details.

Oh, and our subscription service will never lock you in! You can cancel at any time and if your subscription ever lapses, you will still be able to view and export all your data.

An amazing (and scary!) launch special

1Password Accounts launch special

It’s no fun having a launch without having a special launch special so we went looking for one and we found a doozy!

Sign up today and receive your first 6 months free! No ifs, ands, or buts (or ads!). There’s no fine print and no strings attached. You don’t even need to add your credit card to get this amazing deal!

To get in on this incredible deal, all you need to do is sign up for an individual 1Password account before September 21st, 2016.

Sign up for your 1Password account now

Given how excited we are, you might be wondering why this is a little bit scary for us as well. The thing is, we’re a 100% customer-funded company and have refused to accept any venture capital money. As such it’s scary to give away our one and only product.

But we’re more excited than scared as we really want everyone to try out our new service and see how awesome it is. So sign up now, before Fall falls ?

Security and Privacy

Secure Foundation

We built 1Password from the start on a foundation of Security and Privacy, and our new 1Password accounts have once again taken things to the next level.

First and foremost, our end-to-end encryption security model ensures all your information is encrypted before it ever leaves your device. The encryption keys are only accessible to you so we are never able to decrypt any of your data.

Your Master Password (which only you know) is a key player in this encryption, but 1Password accounts also come with a new concept called the Account Key to make our encryption even stronger.

The Account Key is a randomly generated 128-bit key that is used in combination with your Master Password to encrypt your data using tamper-proof, authenticated 256 bit AES encryption.

Only you have your Account Key and like your Master Password it never leaves your devices. Along with your Master Password this ensures that no one but you will be able to access your 1Password data.

See our security page for details and all the things we did beyond just enabling TLS/SSL (we did that, too, by the way ?).

Great for new and long-time users alike

1Password Accounts - great for new and long-time users alike

If you know anyone who’s not practicing safe passwords, now is a great time to introduce them to 1Password!

Simply link your friends to the signup page and gently remind them how important it is to use strong, unique passwords for every site:

Sign up now and get 6 months free

If you are a long-time user but don’t own 1Password for all your devices, haven’t upgraded to the newest version, or if you want to take advantage of the new features in our hosted service, now’s the perfect time to sign up.

After signing up you’ll be able to easily migrate your existing data over to your new 1Password account. We have a great guide along with a video that walks you through the process.

This launch special is too good to leave running for long so I needed to pick a cutoff date. Be sure to sign up before September 21st to get this awesome deal!

I hope you and your friends love our new 1Password hosted service as much as we loved making it for you. ?

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  1. Dave Teare
    Dave Teare says:

    Good morning, Neville!

    Thanks for reaching out and giving me a chance to help and clear things up ?

    You’re right, you and your wife each have licenses for 1Password. Since you are perfectly happy with your current setup, you’re more than welcome to continue as you are. There is no requirement to switch to our either of of new subscription services.

    With that said, there are some great benefits of 1Password Families that you know about. For example, in addition to being able to use 1Password everywhere, free updates, Item History, enhanced data loss protection, and online access that was discussed in this post, you would also get the ability to securely share items with each other, easily add more vaults for better organization, set up read-only vaults, and control access. You could also invite as many people to your family as you want (the first 5 family members are included in your $5 monthly fee and each additional person is $1).

    You can learn more about Families and sign up here:

    You’ll also want to make sure you migrate over your existing data into the new service. That’s easy to do as all you need to do is move or copy your data over. Here’s a quick guide on how to do that:

    As for keeping up with our news, are you subscribed to my newsletter? I’m guessing so but just in case, you can sign up here:

    I try to send out updates about once a month, but it usually ends up being every 6-8 weeks, especially during the summer ?

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


    • nevillemoray
      nevillemoray says:

      I think I will stay with a licence. With only two members in our family the cost of $60 a year does not seem worth it. But do we get automatic free updates?

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Sounds like a good plan, Neville!

      As for free updates, yes, absolutely. We’ve always given free updates to all license holders. You will only need to pay an upgrade fee when jumping to the next major version upgrade.

      Take care, and you really should be relaxing on your weekend ?


  2. Max Watson
    Max Watson says:

    I’ve been using 1Password for years now and yes I love it. I take keeping all my passwords etc. seriously ; I also live with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) which means on any given day I can both remember everything I have ever committed to memory and not being able to remember anything at all. I rely on 1Password a little more than most, I would think. I love it, I recommend it and I use it daily.

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing this with us, Max! ?

      I’m so happy you took the time to tell us your story. We love what we do but at the end of the day we all work very hard and hearing stories like yours reminds us that it’s all worthwhile. ❤️


  3. Max
    Max says:

    Hello Dave,

    Even though I love 1Password and was thrilled by the new subscription service, despite having a $70 license already, I’ve been having a pretty abysmal time transitioning to the subscriptions so far.

    The main issue I’ve had is with merging my old, local vaults with the account I created for your Individual Subscription service. My Primary (local) vault was synced with my work computer and iPhone. I successfully added my subscription account to the 1Password desktop app on my Home device, but from there had no way to merge the local vaults into the account vaults (I’m not talking about copying the data over, that still leaves you with the “Primary” vault, which I want gone). Besides that, I had two local vaults but the desktop app does not provide the ability to create a second vault within the subscription account. It took me awhile to figure out the only way to do this was to login to the subscription vault via the browser and create the second vault there. This was important because I was exporting and re-importing my local vaults into my personal account, and wanted to keep the info in those two vaults separate. I still haven’t figured out how to add a vault via desktop app. Once I had the data moved, I found out I couldn’t just delete the old ones. You guys make this difficult on purpose which I suppose I understand, but figuring out that I needed to go to Help and select “Start Over” from the troubleshooting menu, and that I could only do that if the account was locked, and that only then would the data be removed so that I could once again reboot the app and sign back into my subscription account, was very obnoxious. I found all that info on forum posts, which took way to long to glean through. Based on this experience and the direction I found online, which I’ve noticed you have repeated here, I decided the best way to update 1password on my phones was to delete the iOS app and redownload it, then sign into my subscription account from there. Worked great. This morning though, I notice that I’ve been charged $9.99 by the apple store. I don’t remember authorizing a charge for the Pro upgrade but I got it anyway. I thought this was covered by the subscription? Did I download the wrong app? Why did this happen? Oh well, I guess. Now I’m at my work computer on the desktop app and the “Start Over” option doesn’t even appear under the Help section. I deleted my data from iCloud and would like to reset the app so I can wipe the local copy and sign into my account, but for whatever reason can’t. Why is this different? I don’t have the energy to google why again today. I’ve tried everything on every post and the option just does not appear. It’s not grayed out, it’s completely absent.

    At the end of the day the subscription service is great on paper and I’m excited for it, but I’ve spent several hours now troubleshooting trivial issues and am pretty frustrated. I know I’ll get it worked out, but I really think all of this could have been avoided if your team provided better documentation for the Individual subscription service concurrent with the release. Seems like the release was premature in that regard. Getting linked to Teams and Families videos and how-to’s hasn’t answered the questions I’ve had, and it honestly feels like the roll-out wasn’t tested at all with existing users. When you have multiple platforms with different versions and now four ways of purchasing and using the product, sufficient documentation for transitioning to a new version should be provided with the new version. Instead I’ve been poking around in the dark reading forum posts and vague help pages trying to piece together a solution.

    I should end by saying I love 1Password and prior to this have never had a bad experience and will be continue to use it happily, but am feeling pretty put out at the moment. Maybe I’m an idiot and this is plain as day for others, but if you could explain what I’m missing if that’s the case I would really appreciate it.


    • laura
      laura says:

      Hi Max,

      Thank you for loving 1Password. I’m sorry that you had a hard time transitioning to the new subscription service. We have a great support guide here –
      This will help you copy your existing 1Password data across to your new account and also explains how to delete old vaults. You don’t have to start over, there is a delete vault option and this is explained in that guide. You are correct that you currently need to add new vaults in the web interface.
      It is best to start over in the iOS app to add your new 1Password account and delete existing vaults. However you don’t need to reinstall, there is a reset option –

      Run 1Password on iPhone.
      Go to Settings > Advanced – scroll down and tap on Erase All 1Password Data.
      At this point 1Password will quit and then when you run it again, it will start ‘as new’.

      I’m sorry you were charged $9.99 USD for the iOS Pro features. The 1Password subscription includes these and once you add your 1Password account to the 1Password iOS app, the Pro features are activated. You can request a refund for any app on the App Store by following this process:

      Sign In with your Apple ID.
      Select the “Apps” tab and locate 1Password
      Click the “Report a Problem” button
      Choose “Problem is not listed here” and tell them you have purchased it elsewhere.

      We have a variety of support guides here – – and we are adding to them all the time. Your feedback is very useful as it helps us to understand what guides we need to add.

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hi Max,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share your frustrations and point out where we could do things better. I truly appreciate it. ❤️

      Laura jumped in already to point out some of the resources we have to help out, but you’re right, the app itself could do a better job helping you transition to the new service. There’s several good reasons for why things are the way they are, but at the end of the day, it should be simpler and we’ll do our best to make that happen.

      One thing that I would add to what Laura mentioned is we are indeed going to make it possible to create vaults from within the app. We were actually close to rolling this out already but got stuck on a few technical issues. With any luck we’ll get these issues ironed out soon so we can simplify things here.

      Thanks again for sharing and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help. It sounds like you got everything sorted but we’re standing by if there’s ever anything else you need. ?

      Take care,


  4. TAnon
    TAnon says:

    Although you avoid saying it we understand that the standalone software is eventually going to be replaced with the monthly plan. Yes, some updates will follow, but no major release. Clicking on a certain feature we will be asked to subscribe to the new monthly plan in the future. We have seen it before. I promise to not use 1password anymore. I regret paying for this on iOS and OS X.

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hi TAnon,

      I can see where your fear is coming from. Many other companies have done exactly what you say. I can’t comment on other companies but I can tell you that we’re going to do what we need to do to make customers happy.

      Many people love our new subscriptions but several others are in full agreement with you and want to keep their licenses. I’m happy that we can do both and keep everyone happy. As long as you and others keep buying licenses and purchasing upgrades, we’ll happily keep selling them ?

      Seriously, it really is as simple as that. We’ve been in business for 10 years now and the only reason we’ve managed to survive this long is because we listen to our customers and do whatever we can to make them happy. You and many others have made it clear that purchasing licenses makes you happy so I’d be a fool not to allow you to. ?

      I hope that you stick around and give us a chance to prove the FUD to be just that – FUD. Many people got burned by other companies and they are simply expecting the worse. I can’t say I blame them but I will ask that you trust me and give me a chance to show you the AgileBits way of doing things. ❤️


  5. Neville Moray
    Neville Moray says:

    I also do not want a subscription service, because for a ding,e person or a couple even the Family sub is much more expensive than a licence.

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hi Neville,

      You’re welcome to continue with licenses if you prefer – no worries there – but I have to point out that the Family and personal subscriptions are basically the same price if not less so if you ever plan on upgrading.

      Let’s go through personal first to see what I mean: at $2.99 a month it’s roughly $36 a year for all platforms. With the license it is $65 for Mac and Windows, and an extra $10 for iOS or Android ($20 for both but most users only need one so let’s stick with the lower number).

      After two years and one month you will have the same price as the Desktop plus mobile apps and from there on out the license will indeed be cheaper for that specific version of 1Password. But it’s important to keep paid upgrades to major new versions in mind. Assuming you upgrade once every two or three years, the subscription will be the winner on price.

      With Families the monthly fee will be higher but the per-user cost will be even less. Anywhere from $2.50 to $1 per user. So you end up coming out pretty far ahead.

      This is why I need to smile when people allege that our subscriptions where introduced for monetary purposes. There is a knee-jerk reaction against all subscriptions because in many high-profile situations other companies are charging a lot more for their subscription services and making them mandatory, often with identical features.

      In our case we introduced our new services with more features at a lower price. We could have charged more but we wanted to make 1Password as affordable as possible.

      Again, you’re welcome to stick with the licensed standalone version as many people prefer buying things the good ‘ol fashioned way. I just wanted to make sure you were doing so for the right reasons ?

      Take care,


  6. illusionstoo
    illusionstoo says:

    1Password was part of a bundle I bought years and years ago. Once I installed it, I never looked back. I’ve bullied many of my clients into buying it and most of them are happy I did. ?

    It’s a terrific product. Thank you for providing a solid element of security in this insecure climate. Your attitude and service are constantly and consistently friendly and supportive. I even read your email newsletters.

    I look forward to 1Password’s continued growth; to future great things from all of you at 1Password for all of us. And yes, I definitely plan to take advantage of your more than generous offer. ?

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Thank you so much for saying so, illusionstoo! And thanks a ton for recommending 1Password to all your clients. Both us and your clients are honoured to have you our side ?

      And you reminded me that I need to get working on my next newsletter. It’s a good one and I can’t wait to share! ?


  7. Diane
    Diane says:

    Dave, you mentioned:
    “but I have to point out that the Family and personal subscriptions are basically the same price if not less so if you ever plan on upgrading.”
    “After two years and one month you will have the same price as the Desktop plus mobile apps and from there on out the license will indeed be cheaper for that specific version of 1Password. But it’s important to keep paid upgrades to major new versions in mind. Assuming you upgrade once every two or three years, the subscription will be the winner on price.”

    I always upgrade. Could you compare the subscription plan to just the 1Password license alone without iOS.

    A second question for clients. I have many that are very small businesses. Often with only 1-5 employees. Do they qualify for a family license? I know some share the same vault rather than have separate vaults.

    Lastly, with all the comments and great answers here, you might want to consider consolidating and making a FAQ for the comments. I appreciate the time you are taking to answer all questions asked.

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Sure thing Diane, I’d be happy to ?

      My wrists were hurting when I typed that so I skipped typing the numbers. I’ll fix that now ?

      If you only wanted a desktop license without any pro features on mobile, you’d only need to pay $65 for your license. At $2.99 a month for the individual subscription, it would take 21.74 months before your subscription cost would exceed your license cost. But again that would assume there was no upgrade during that time.

      But please bear in mind that payments is only a small part of what makes our service awesome. With the subscription you don’t need to worry about managing licenses or worrying about syncing so it’s easier overall. In addition to being simpler, subscriptions unlock several features that aren’t possible in the standalone apps – things like web access, Item History, and data loss protection. And you’re just a click away from our Families and Teams services which offer even more features like sharing, access control, and account recovery.

      As for your clients, they can use 1Password Families with their family, but it is only available for personal use (i.e. non-commercial) so they will need 1Password Teams for their businesses. They can easily use a single vault if they want to but I find keeping your individual information separate from the companies is usually the best option.

      Regarding an FAQ, we have a few already but you’re right, we can always do better. I find it more fun to be able to reply personally rather than pointing you at an FAQ anyway, so either way I’d write what I wrote ?


    • nevillemoray
      nevillemoray says:

      I am more and more confused. I have an iMac and two iPads. I use one and my wife the other. We are private, not a company. Can I just use one subscription or licence for all? Can we have different vaults on the one system? Where is the best account of how to use 1password, and how to configure it?

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hi Neville,

      I’m sorry you’re getting more and more confused. I’d be happy to help but at this point I think part of the confusion is you have questions and answers spread out across multiple threads here. It’s making it hard to keep all the thoughts together.

      I think it would be best if you emailed our support team at so we can keep the discussion in one place.

      With that said, I’ll try to answer your question here so others reading will know the answers as well.

      First, you and your wife are both using 1Password so you’ll want to sign up to our 1Password Families service. It will allow you and your wife to use 1Password everywhere and share your data for $5 in total (just $2.50 per month for each of you, and you can invite 3 other people to your family for free).

      You will then add your account to your iPad, and your wife will add her account to her iPad. You both will have access to a Shared vault which will allow you to automatically any item with each other – all you need to do is create or move your items in that vault.

      As for multiple vaults, yes, you can create as many as you like. You simply need to log in to your family account on and use the Admin Console. There’s a Vaults tab there were you can create as many vaults as you want, and share them with whoever you need to.

      Lastly, for your Mac, this one is a bit tricky as you can only add a single user account in a particular family. Often I recommend people setup multiple user profiles to avoid this limitation, but in your case I don’t think it matters since you and your wife are sharing everything. You can therefore just use the Shared vault (or any other one that you create that you share) for all your items and therefore you will only need to add one of your accounts there.

      I hope that helps. If there’s still confusion, please email us and we’ll take it from there.

      Take care,


  8. Karthik Ram (@_inundata)
    Karthik Ram (@_inundata) says:

    Hi Dave,
    This seems like an interesting development. I’ve been using 1Password for Mac/ios from the very start and love your team’s work. It’s been such a pleasure to use such a bespoke product and reading your overly polite discourse all over the web is also a delight in and of itself.

    I’m happy to switch to a paid subscription model after the trial alleviates some of my concerns. Perhaps you could humor me for a minute.

    In my current set up, I sync everything between my two macs and my iPhone via Dropbox. I sleep at night thinking that someone would have to attack my Dropbox first (not all dropbox accounts have 1password stores), then crack my master password after which they can take control of my life. There isn’t a single large looming target for an attack. In fact, for a long time, the appeal of 1password was that there was no central point of attack.

    Soon, hackers could concentrate their efforts on as a rich store for passwords, scanned copies of private documents and more. Could you speak a little about the security measures to prevent such attacks (without too much security jargon even though I do develop software myself)?

    thank you and please share my sincere gratitude with your team.


    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Good morning, Karthik!

      Thank you for stopping by and thank you so much for the kind words! ❤️ The team and I love what we do but hearing from awesome customers like you remind us that we’re on the right path. ?

      You bring up a great point about Dropbox. You’re right that in many ways they were a smaller target for someone looking for passwords as not everyone who uses Dropbox has their 1Password data stored there. With that said, in other ways Dropbox could be considered a larger target as most files people store there are unencrypted (ours are of course, but people store many other types of files there).

      When we developed our new services, these thoughts were at the forefront of our minds and we did many things to make ourselves as useless a target as possible. We don’t want to be in possession of any data that’s remotely useful as we want to avoid being a juicy target. Let me dig in a little and describe how we did this.

      First, as you mentioned, we have the Master Password. All your information is encrypted before it leaves your device using your Master Password (and more, as we’ll learn in a minute) so we’re never able to decrypt your information. And since we’re never able to decrypt anything (there are no backdoors or workarounds), neither can would be attackers.

      Next up, every 1Password account comes with it’s own randomly generated Account Key. This key is used in conjunction with your Master Password during the encryption process, which greatly increases the strength of the encryption. Since the Account Key is tied directly into the encryption of your data, and it cannot be reset or evaded. And since it is never sent to our servers, it can not be intercepted or stolen from our systems. This is really awesome as it makes the data store on our servers useless to would be attackers, even if you use a weak Master Password (of course we recommend you don’t do that, but it’s impossible for us to ensure everyone uses a strong Master Password).

      Finally, we do some extra acrobatics to make any would be attacker’s life even more difficult by strengthening your Master Password with PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA256, further hardening your SRP Verifier with KMS Hardware Encryption, and building everything with modern, open source libraries and industry-proven solutions.

      We also published all these details in our White Paper so everyone would know how we designed our 1Password services. Part of this was so we could get feedback from peer-review so we could improve, but another reason was to discourage attackers by letting them know how little (usable) information we actually store. It’s kind of like how convenience stores post signs that there’s only ever $50 or less in the cash register ?

      I hope this helps explain how we do things differently to ensure your data (and our reputation) stays safe. And with any luck I was able to speak to you with just the right about of security jargon – please let me know and I can try again if needed ?

      Take care,


    • Al
      Al says:

      Hi Dave,

      You are doing a great job answering our questions with clear explanations and a very positive tone. Your efforts are rare in this day and age. What a great example you are setting Thanks.

      The more I read the more I am being swayed away from my original feeling of staying with my license.

      Could you clarify a few things about subscription service?

      Am I correct that even with a subscription, my password files reside on each device, so if the internet is not available 1Password would still function on each device?
      On the other hand, if I needed one of my passwords when I do not have one of my own devices available, I could retrieve it from the web? If this is the case, what information do we have to enter on the web? Why would this not be (more) vulnerable to attack?
      A more general question: When the same login is changed on multiple devices when say Dropbox or the new subscription service is not available, how does 1Password decide which is the correct information? The most recent in terms of date and time?



    • nevillemoray
      nevillemoray says:

      Thanks for all your excellent and informative replies. An exemplary service.

      I have a licence to 1Password 3. I have opened two accounts -but does that mean I have “subscribed” or not?

      If not, what do I do EITHER to subscribe. OR to get an updated licence to a later version?

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Awesome! Thanks for letting me know, Karthik! ? Be sure to let us know how things go and reach out if you need anything. ?

      Al: thank you so much for the kind words. I try my best to keep up with all the comments here, and have a lot of fun in the process. I think it shows ?

      I’m glad to hear that the more I talk the more convinced you are that our new service is pretty awesome. I’ll ramble on here for a while longer to seal the deal ?

      You’re absolutely right, every device has a local copy of your data. This is primarily done for performance reasons as we don’t want to have to download it every time, but a side benefit is availability. Even if your network goes offline you’ll still have a copy of you data handy to use locally.

      As for accessing your data on the web, you need to know your email address, your Master Password, and you also have to have a copy of your Account Key. The Account Key is pretty awesome as it’s randomly generated for every account during sign up and it plays a key role in the encryption of your data so it cannot be reset or evaded. You can read up more on what we do to protect your data on our security page:

      With the addition of the Account Key and the other acrobatics that we perform, I would argue that your data is more safe within a 1Password account than anywhere else.

      Regarding how we determine which copy of a Login “wins” when 1Password is unable to sync the information, we go through a conflict resolution process where we automatically merge the two items for you. For the most part the merge can happen without any intervention from you, but sometimes we’ll have things that cannot be reconciled automatically and we’ll automatically create “conflict” fields in the Login so no data is ever lost.

      I hope that helps answer all your questions, Al. Please feel free to ask any more questions that you may have thought of while reading my answers ?

      Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend ?


    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hi Neville,

      Thanks for the kinds words! I try my best ? ❤️

      Before we jump in, I gotta say the threading for your messages is all over the place – I’m not sure how WordPress did it to be honest. I think at this point it would be best if you emailed us at so we can answer your questions all in one spot.

      In addition to a more structured environment, we will be able to talk more openly about which accounts you have, which email addresses you used, etc.

      Please email us with some of those details along with your question you posted here and we’ll take it from there.

      Take care,


  9. Steve Nelson
    Steve Nelson says:

    I watched the setup movie and read (most of) the comments to this post but am still left with a question. If I switch to the subscription model and transfer all my 1Password stuff to the cloud, what happens to (or what should I do with) the 1Password.agilekeychain file left in Dropbox from when I had the original stand-alone version? Sorry if this has been answered already – there were a lot of comments to digest!

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for asking! And no worries about not being able to read all the comments here – it is a very popular post ?

      Your 1Password.agilekeychain on Dropbox should likely stay exactly where it is until you’re sure you have all your data migrated over and things are humming right along. Once you’re sure, then you’re free to delete it.

      With SSDs being so prevenant now there’s no reliable way to “securely” delete your agilekeychain files, but the important bits are all encrypted anyway so you should be fine with a normal deletion.

      I hope that helps. Please let me know ?


  10. Kushagra
    Kushagra says:

    Hi, I have a Mac license and use iCloud to sync it across all iOS devices which is absolutely great. But I do have an android phone as well so, do I need to buy a separate license for android? And do we have cross-platform auto sync feature because when I tried the free version on android I had to manually sync it every time over wifi and I don’t use Dropbox?

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hi Kushagra,

      You’re right, iCloud works quite well when syncing Apple devices, but once you introduce an Android device or a Windows PC, you need to sync using another method. Dropbox is one but you mentioned that you are not using that so I would recommend trying our new 1Password service as it will automatically sync your data across all your devices, including Android.

      Best of all, as I mention in the post, you can signup now and get your first 6 months completely free so you have plenty of time to see how great it its ?

      I hope that helps.


  11. Aphonic (@aphonic)
    Aphonic (@aphonic) says:

    I was worried for a split second that you’d end the stand alone self sync setup which is bought across every platform you offer already. Then I remembered how. Much you care about your products.

    I personally prefer jt to have a solution that sits centralized begging for an attack or data theft. While I have faith completely in your skill. Tech evolves. Mistakes happen products need patches which sometimes take time. While I have faith in the team and service storing all my passwords on a centralized repo that’s going to be a known gold mine introduces another potential threat, especially given there are way more hackers than 1p employees.

    That said j know you’re not arrogant security engineers. You’re smart to know there’s always someone who will best you to something. You’ve seen exploits before and will again. So I’m glad you’re leaving the option to host ourselves. Id love to see a chance to host my sync file on my own server

    Finally my recent long term stay at s hotel with wifi that basically didn’t work for two months and I had tk fix effectively. I have grown even more wary of online solutions. My current sync requires service too I get that.

    One thing f I greatly miss from my days with one of our main competitors who has an online storage platform is the shared passwords function. Especially when you could do it blind. Sure it wouldn’t keep or hacked I’d from seeing the password if ou shared it to them but it worked well for families.

    You’ve done great work and insurer will continue. Thanks for always considering your customers.

    I hope this may mean some time can be put into the windows version. The Mac and iOS are fantastic. The android is pretty good. The Windows version is functional. It needs a major ui overhaul. Especially on high dpi devices there are some big display issues.

    Thanks for a great product and another way to use jt ! I’d definitely suggest most of my family and friends choose this option.

    There’s obviously a haenefitntonthe fact ou get every platform right away. And if you bought all versions you’d be paying for 4 years of service. Will you offer a discount when paid in 6/12/24/36/48/60 month increments. ?

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hi Aphonic,

      Thank you for remembering how much we care about 1Password and our users. It’s awesome to know our 10+ years of doing the right thing has earned your trust ?

      The ability to sync your own files on your own server is something we’re considering, but you have to keep in mind that the deployment setup we’re using is quite involved. It’s not something that one could run on their own server. There’s a lot of AWS technologies we rely upon to provide a secure and performant environment for all our users. Perhaps someday we will make this possible but I suspect it will be far too involved for a single user setup and will be accessible only to larger teams who have sysadmins to setup, configure, and maintain the entire environment.

      As for Windows, you’re right, we have a ways to go to bring Windows up to full parity with OS X, iOS, and Android. We are actively working on version 6 which brings HiDPI support as well as a whole slew of other enhancements as well. Version 6 is a huge update and so we’ve had to leave a few things out of the initial release (like support for standalone licenses; at the moment only 1Password accounts are supported) but our Windows team is closing the gap with the other platforms.

      Regarding discounts for purchasing multiple months of the service at once, the posted price is the monthly cost when billed annually. The month-to-month price is about 33% more.

      I hope that helps to answer all your questions. Again thank you for reaching out and for all the kind words. I appreciate it.

      Take care,


  12. Steve Nelson
    Steve Nelson says:

    I confess I’ll miss the sense of security (not in the way YOU use that word) of having my agilekeychain stored on a Tuff and Tiny flash drive on my physical keychain but I guess as you point out I’ll now have the option of the iPhone and if I understand correctly that file is both local and in the cloud so I won’t need to be connected to the internet to be able to access passwords. Thanks for that reassurance. I’ll search the site for info as to how to update my browser extensions with the new account settings.

    • Al Coons
      Al Coons says:

      Hi Dave. Thanks for the kind words.

      This skeptic is already reading about how to migrate to the new subscription service at

      I am planning to create an individual account (not family) on OS X. Then add another OS X and two IOS devices. What I do not understand is the section “To import data into your new account”.

      Just before this section it say “Now you can use 1Password in the Mac app and on” and there are screen shots of 1Password populated with passwords. Do I need to “To import data into your new account”?


    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hi Steve!

      Thanks for stopping by on a weekend to share your thoughts with us. You spend your weekends the way I do I see ?

      You’re absolutely right that each device keeps a local copy of your data so you will be able to access your passwords, even if you are not connected to the internet. It’s super useful for times when your network is offline, but what I personally love about it most is how much faster it makes things. Every time you open 1Password there’s no delay before your data is available. It makes things smoking fast ?

      As for how to update your browser extension with the new account settings, assuming you’re using the latest version of our extension, there are no changes needed there. The change you need to do is within 1Password itself – you’ll want to first add your account and then move your existing items over. We have a nice migration guide that will help.

      I hope that helps. Please give it a go and enjoy the rest of your weekend ?


    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Good morning, Al!

      It’s great to hear from a skeptic-turned-believer ?

      Yes, you will need to follow the steps under the To import data into your new account in order to make your existing data available within our new service.

      The screenshot that shows all the data on and within the Mac app was trying to make it clear that you are now authorized both the browser and the OS X app to use your new 1Password account.

      I think the fact that there was data within the screenshot may have tricked you into thinking it happened automatically. Is that what happened? Please let me know and perhaps we can find a more suitable screenshot to avoid this confusion.

      Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend! ?


    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Awesome! Thanks for letting me know, Al. I’ve asked our docs team to reposition that screenshot in our migration article to make it a little more clear.

      Thank you for taking the time to report this confusion and help us improve our docs ❤️


  13. deenguyendee
    deenguyendee says:

    This is fantastic! I do already use another service but you guys always have the best customer support. My one question is that did you guys ever offer the ability to automatically log me onto a webpage when I go there? Last time i used 1password you had to either press a key command or click logon via the extension it doesn’t seem like a lot of work but it’s much more seamless for this to just automatically work when I go to a page or automatically autofill a form instead of triggering the command to do so. Does 1password offer this option?

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Good morning! I’m glad to hear you’re as excited about our new service as we are. ? And I’m super happy to hear you appreciate having the best customer support – that’s something we believe in with all our hearts ❤️

      As for automatically filling a webpage when it loads, this is something we have never offered because of the serious security concerns that exist with this feature. We need to assume that every web page that you visit may be infected with malware and presents a threat. Many others are very careless in this regard and it shows in the number of remote exploits that they have suffered from over the years.

      By using a hotkey to fill, we make things much more secure as no password is ever filled without your explicit action. And when combined with our feature to automatically sign in after filling usernames and passwords, this additional security doesn’t come with any cost as you simply need to press the hot key to login. If we automatically filled, you would need to manually click the sign in button or press enter anyways, so you would be no further ahead.

      The other great thing about the way we do things is it naturally supports multiple logins for the same page. You just press the hotkey (or click the icon) like you always do, and then select which login you’d like to use.

      You can probably see why using the ⌘\ hotkey is one of my favourite features of 1Password ?

      I hope that helps. Please give it a go and let me know if you have any more questions.


  14. John Crisostomo
    John Crisostomo says:

    Now if only migrating is that easy. I’m having a hard time as I did the last time when I jumped from the app that syncs through Dropbox to the Family Account. Now that I want to move from the Family Account (since my family members are not really using it) to the Personal Account, nothing seems to work. I wish I could just export my things using the web app, as the apps don’t work on Windows, and I just the web app most of the time anyway. :S

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for reaching out and giving me a chance to talk with you – I’m happy to help! ?

      So first things first, please allow me a moment to get my bearings. It sounds like you have already moved all your data from Dropbox to 1Password Families a long time ago. Assuming this is the case, we can simply convert your existing Families account into a personal one.

      To perform the conversion, you simply need to log in to your Families account on, click your account name in the top right, and then select Family Settings. From there you can click the convert button at the bottom of the page to move over to the individual plan.

      If the convert button doesn’t appear, it’s because you still have other family members using your account. You will first need to delete them using the Admin Console by going to their details page within the Family Members section.

      As for your apps, there is no need to change anything there. Your vaults will continue to work without any intervention from you.

      I hope that helps. Please give that a go and let me know how it turns out ?


  15. Jorge Canto
    Jorge Canto says:

    I feel this news will represent a big disappointment for the early adopters and long time users as my self.

    When I purchase my license that wans’t cheap by the way, but I gladly did because I belived in the product, I did it to support this awsome tool, but also belived that includes lifetime upgrades or atleast 3 years of them. maybe I’m wrong so If you can send me my terms and agreement to my email I would apriciate it, I would like to re read them.

    I do not feel confident by using a cloud based password protection service. And that was one of the things that I liked about the software.

    I’m really sorry about how I feel but it’s the truth.

    All that I can understand from this post it’s the following:
    ” Hey to all our long time users we know that you supported us by paying in the past, from now on you won’t recieve any new updates, unless you need to start paying monthly fees, like all our new users. But… here are 6 free months for you guys before you start complaning about this”

    Despite all of this I really love 1Password, awesome job.
    So I will continue with my current version without any update.


    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hi Jorge,

      Thanks for reaching out and giving me a chance to talk with you. Open communication is the most important basis for every relationship, and for password managers it’s even more so ?

      So first things first: if cloud based services aren’t for you, no worries! We are not forcing users to switch over to our new hosted service so you’re free to continue doing what you’ve been doing.

      Many people love our new subscriptions but several others are in full agreement with you and want to keep their licenses. I’m happy that we can do both and keep everyone happy. As long as you and others keep buying licenses and purchasing upgrades, we’ll happily keep selling them ?

      Seriously, it really is as simple as that. We’ve been in business for 10 years now and the only reason we’ve managed to survive this long is because we listen to our customers and do whatever we can to make them happy. You and many others have made it clear that purchasing licenses makes you happy so I’d be a fool not to allow you to. ?

      As for upgrades, 1Password licenses have always been for the current version of 1Password. We give away all updates to the current version for free and charge for upgrades to major new versions. We’ve never had a lifetime upgrade as it’s something I completely disagree with as it pretty much guarantees a product’s doom. Without any recurring revenue there’s no way to continue investing in future development and in time the product slowly dies off.

      When Roustem and I founded AgileBits we wanted to be here for the long haul. We’ve been here for 10 years now and we want to ensure we are able to be here 90 years from now. With your support we will be.

      Thanks again for reaching out and thank you for supporting us. We wouldn’t be here with out you and we’ll never forget that. ❤️


  16. Trap
    Trap says:

    So what happens to your passwords if you stop paying the subscription fee?

    If the account becomes locked when you don’t pay, this essentially becomes extortion. I have no problem with not being able to use cloud sync or, but if the passwords become inaccessible, that’s inexcusable.

    • Roustem
      Roustem says:

      Hi Trap,

      Thank you for your question. Locking people out sounds like an awful idea for any business.

      This is why 1Password never did that. If you cancel the subscription your passwords will remain intact and your account will become read-only. You won’t be able to save any new information but you will still have full access to your existing data.

  17. Tavi
    Tavi says:

    Hi all,

    Is there a way to make my desired vault to show up in the front page of my family account?
    I wish to have a default vault that auto opens up upon login.

    Thank you!

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Good morning, Tavi! ☀️

      It sounds like you want this default vault to open immediately after logging in on, is that right? If so, Roustem had a good idea on how to do this: you can add a bookmark for your vault to your browser and use that every time you want to log in. 1Password will ask you to sign in and then automatically take you to that vault.

      For example, if I wanted to bookmark my personal vault, I could add this URL to my bookmark manager in Chrome:

      To find this URL simply view the vault you are interested in and then bookmark that page. I hope this helps! Please let me know ?


  18. Aleksandar Katanovic
    Aleksandar Katanovic says:


    I have some questions with regard to 1Password individual account:

    1) Can I view my passwords in my app (for OS X) when I am offline with my 1Password individual account? In other words, can I access some site using 1Password app when your server is down?

    2) Can I make a local bakup using File –> Backup? If it is posible, where is that backup located on my Mac? Moreover, can I copy the backup to another Mac machine and import data from that backup (even though I have a web based individual account with your server)?

    Best regards,

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Good morning, Aleksandar! Thank you for giving me a chance to answer your questions ?

      You can indeed access your 1Password data while offline. We store a local copy of your items on each device to keep things fast and snappy, and it gives us the additional benefit of offline access as well. It’s a win-win situation ?

      As for a local backup, the File > Backup menu item is only available for local vaults. Instead you can use the Item History feature to restore previous versions of individual items so you can go back in time when needed to bring back anything that may have been accidentally modified or deleted. For disaster recovery, we manage backups on our end as well.

      I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions or would like me to elaborate on any of my answers. Taking about 1Password is as fun as playing hockey ? ? ??

      Take care,


  19. Moritz Helmstreit
    Moritz Helmstreit says:

    Hi Dave,
    I had a small team of two working with license and both had a local vault. Now our team grows and we thought teams would be a great thing. At learning that we have to create accounts and figuring out “what to do” we saw, that there is a monthly pricing. Is our “one-time-investment” in 1password worth nothing anymore? I read most of the comments and know “we must not switch the plan” – Well but we want to due to the fact, that my team is growing and I do not like to have that own-vault and “could you send me that psw” stuff in future. Therefore team is great, but our two licenses seems to be wasted now.
    Any chance to get that right for us?
    Thank you very much for your reply and sorry for my not mothertounge english.
    All the best, Moritz

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hello Moritz,

      Thanks for reaching out and giving me a chance to talk with you and thank you for supporting us! We wouldn’t be here without awesome customers like yourself ?

      You’re right, there is no requirement to switch to 1Password Teams, but I agree, there’s a lot to be excited about there so I would want to switch, too ?

      At this moment there is no way to transfer your licenses or get credit for them. We wanted to add support for “trading in” your license but it ended up requiring a lot more effort than we could handle at the time. It’s something we’d still like to do at some point but for now we had a Teams launch special instead so we could focus our time on making new features for everyone.

      With the Teams launch special you are able to get all the features of the Pro plan for the low price of the Standard plan. And best of all, you lock in this plan for as long as you’re subscribed and additional team members you add will get the same great price as well. Over time this will save you more money than trading in your license so you’ll come out ahead in the end.

      Thanks again for supporting us all these years and for enabling us to work on what we love. ❤️

      Take care,


      P.S. Your English is great! ?? You’re quite good actually as I understood you perfectly, which is saying something as I’m a bad reader ?

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