Pro Features for 1Password Teams: Many Bells and Much Whistles

TL;DR: We’ve added some incredible new Pro features to 1Password Teams and we’re extending our Early adopter special that gives you all these Pro features at the Standard price! Sign up today or continue reading for more details.

We’ve been continually working on 1Password Teams since we introduced it last November and over the (Canadian) summer we finished putting the final touches on some awesome new Pro features.

I’d love to share these with you now while the weather is still nice. ?

Let’s start with our new advanced organizational features that give you even more control and customization for your team. From there we can jump to the new activity tracking feature and then we’ll button things up with some exciting pricing news.

Organize Your Team With Custom Groups

Since the beginning 1Password Teams has allowed you to assign teammates to be part of the Administrators, Owners, or Team Members groups.

This is great and provides enough organization for many teams, but larger teams need even more power and flexibility so we added the ability to create your own custom groups.

Using the Admin Console you can now organize your team into groups however you like. Once organized, you can easily share information securely with those who need it, allowing you to quickly control who has access to key information.

Organizing with Custom Groups

To create a new group, simply go to the Groups section of your Admin Console and click the blue plus button. You’re free to create as many groups as your heart desires ❤️

Grant Authority Using Custom Roles

The Owner, Administrator, and Team Member groups provide a great starting point for controlling who on your team can access the Admin Console, manage people, control access, recover accounts, and more.

But companies with advanced business needs will require more flexibility than these predefined roles allow.

That’s no problem whatsoever as it’s now super easy to designate which permissions each of your groups have. By picking and choosing from 9 predefined permissions, you can tailor the perfect role to suit your specific business needs.

For example, let’s say we wanted to allow managers to create vaults, manage their employees, and restore access to those who forget their Master Password. To do that, we could create a custom Managers group and assign their permissions as follows:

Granting authority using custom roles

As great as this is for managers, the real joy comes from knowing they no longer need to bug you every time someone joins their team ?

Using Activity Log to Review & Track Events

In short, you can now easily see who has changed what where and when. That’s a bit of a tongue twister, so let me try saying it again with a few more words ?

With our new Activity Log, you can now see a detailed history of changes made to your Vaults, Groups, and Team Members.

When a member of your team adds an item, creates a group, grants access to a vault, or makes other changes, each action is recorded and can be seen in the Activity Log.

This is super handy when you want to see what a particular user has been up to or review what changes have been made to a vault. All you need to do is go to the detail page for a particular person or vault and review the Activity Log to see what changes have been made and when.

For example, this screenshot shows the Activity Log for the Production Servers vault. You can see that I gave Jeff access and he then proceeded to update items in the vault and granted access to the Sysadmins group.

Activity Log

It’s great being able to see this history on each details page as it allows you to zero in, but you can also drink from the firehose ? by going to the Activity Log in the Admin Console where you can see the full list of all changes within your team.

Extending Earl’s Early Deal!

When we released 1Password Teams we launched with Earl’s early deal, giving away all the features of the Pro plan for the low, low price of the Standard plan.

With all these new bells and whistles I thought it would be awesome to extend Earl’s special launch special until October 15th so everyone could enjoy these new features.

Sign up your Team now and lock in Earl’s special deal

And best of all, you and your team will lock in the Standard price for as long as you’re subscribed. Even teammates you add after October 15th will still get the same awesome deal.

Enjoy! ❤️

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  1. Dave Teare
    Dave Teare says:

    One of the things I didn’t get to touch on in this post was where we’re at with Windows. In the official Teams announcement early this year I stated that 1Password for Windows would exit beta by the end of August. Amazingly it is September already so it’s time to share an update on where things are at.

    When I first drafted this post I included a huge section on Windows to officially unveil it to the world. I was wrestling with how to make it fit as there was a lot to announce and it was starting to dwarf the Teams features I wanted to focus on. As time went on I realized that we were going to need more time to finish things up and so I ended up removing that section entirely.

    So where are we on Windows? Long story short, I was overly optimistic in my estimation back in the Spring and we’re not ready to take 1Password 6 for Windows out of beta just yet. The longer story is a lot more interesting so let me tell that one, too ?

    First things first, as a general rule, I try to never officially promise any release dates as it can often get me into trouble. Software is an incredibly interesting field as it’s constantly changing and evolving, but a result of this feverish pace is timelines are notoriously difficult to get right.

    When I announced the official Teams release back in the Spring I felt compelled to take the risk and publicly share our internal plans with our Windows users. I knew it was risky but I wanted Windows users to know that we hadn’t forgotten about them. We’ve greatly expanded the size of the Windows teams and we’re working hard on making the 1Password experience on Windows the best it can be, so I wanted to share a glimpse of where we were at with our Windows users.

    The original date was an aggressive one so I knew the release was going to be tight, but we were on course to making things work according to the original plan. Where things got away from us was with a big change to the database layer late in the schedule. Earlier in development we found a key library we planned to use wasn’t working so we needed to write our own. Ours was working relatively well it was a technical debt that we knew we would have to pay off at some point. When we found the library was fixed in a recent update we decided to take the plunge and pay off this debt while we were still in beta. It’s never easy paying off debt but we’ll all be happier in the long run ?

    This large database layer change was just released over the weekend and I suspect it will take some time to work through any unintended consequences caused by it. Once things settle down the Windows team will be able to create a good estimate on when we’ll be able to exit beta. I look forward to sharing more details in a future post.


    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Great question, Bruce! Thanks for asking ?

      Yes, absolutely, you can convert your individual account into a Teams account. To do so, log in to your account on and open the navigation menu in the the top right hand corner. From there click the “Invite People…” menu item and you’ll be asked if you want to upgrade to a Families or a Teams account. Select Teams and you’re be good to go.

      Please give that a go and let us know how it turns out. Enjoy your new team! ?

      Take care,


  2. Juan Carlos Chavez
    Juan Carlos Chavez says:

    @Dave Teare

    Don’t worry about the release on Windows. People is using X, Y, etc.

    It’s funny that they have not the problems you have in development

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      That is pretty funny, Juan – thanks for mentioning it. The real joke is they also don’t worry about rock solid security or usability so they are able to ship things very very fast. Not all password managers are created equal and I understand why you’re so passionate about us shipping soon ?

      I’d love us to be done already so you and others can enjoy the 1Password experience on Windows. The beta is getting there but if you’re not a fan of using betas you can stick with 1Password 4 until the official release.

      Sergey and his team will get there. I look forward to sharing it with you soon. Thanks again for your passion ❤️


    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hi Glenn,

      Great question! Let’s see if I can give an equally great answer ?

      The only option is to move to a new account at this time, and most likely, that will continue to be the case. The reason for this is in order to make things work in Safari we needed to change how each user’s keyset was generated. Originally we planned on migrating old keysets to the new ones, and we were successful for one user, but the difficulty came in getting the entire team to migrate over at once. 1Password doesn’t have access to user’s private keys so the migration became very hairy very quickly.

      If you contact us at we can walk you through the process and make sure your old account is removed once the migration is complete. Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you but the migration process itself is fairly straightforward.

      Take care,


  3. Jonathan
    Jonathan says:

    I’d like to switch to the annual plan and wondered how does it work as I add team members and also occasionally remove them? If on month two I remove someone, but then on month three I add two more, will my account be billed for all three? Or will I pay the difference for the one net new member or for the two new members?

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Good morning, Jonathan! Thanks for allowing me to start my day by answering such a great question ?☀️

      The last thing we want to happen when you pay annually is to have you lose money when your team changes. After all, the only thing constant in life is change ?

      What we do is when you pay annually we bill your credit card for the entire amount for the entire year for every team members. When you expand your team, we will calculate the amount of time left in your yearly subscription and prorate an additional charge accordingly. For example, if you had 9 months left until your next annual renewal, we’d charge you credit card for those additional 9 months as a single charge.

      In the event that someone decides to leave your team and sail around the world, you will be issued a credit for any time remaining when you remove this team member from your Admin Console. This credit will then be taken off your next yearly renewal.

      I hope that helps clear things up. Please let me know if you’d like me to elaborate on any of these points or if my answer spurred any additional questions.

      Take care and thank you for supporting 1Password! ❤️


  4. Dennis Chiuten
    Dennis Chiuten says:

    Hi Dave, any word on enabling Apple Watch support for team vaults? Right now, any login items I have in a team vault don’t appear on my Watch. Thanks!

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hello Dennis,

      I hope you’re having a great weekend so far ?

      Now that iOS 10 and WatchOS 3 are out we should be able to resolve this issue soon. I’m sorry for it’s taken so long – we had some dependencies we needed to work through before we could release the fix.

      Take are and enjoy the rest of your weekend ?


  5. John Langlois
    John Langlois says:

    Hi Dave.
    I have moved and upgraded to team pro and I have a Mac running OSX 10.9.5 (as I write) and tell me if I am missing this as it is in the early AM, very early. I need to update my 1Password to the latest version? I have 3.8.22 on the Mac right now. Thanks especially for the generous upgrade pricing

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Good morning, John!

      It’s early here as well and my tea hasn’t kicked in yet, so I know exactly where you’re coming from ? ?

      1Password 3 was a great version in it’s time, but it’s gotten quite old. It was first released in 2009 and has since been eclipsed by newer versions. We’re now at 1Password 6 on Mac, and this latest version is where we’ve added the Team features.

      The good news is 1Password 6 for Mac is included with your subscription to 1Password Teams so you won’t need to worry about paying an upgrade. The only caveat is 1Password 6 requires OS X Yosemite (10.10) so you will need to upgrade your version of OS X before being able to use it.

      With any luck your Mac will be able to run the new versions of OS X. Apple has done a pretty good job there keeping the system requirements moderately low for their new releases.

      I hope that helps, John! Please let me know. And let’s both try to sleep in a little bit longer tomorrow ?


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