Introducing 1Password Windows for Teams!

Today is a very big day in Windows land: 1Password Teams is now officially available on Windows!

Our Windows team has made amazing progress since we introduced the first beta for Teams earlier this summer and I’m super excited to be able to share the results of their incredible work with you now.

Let’s jump right in!

Beautiful new design

The first thing you’ll notice right off the bat is 1Password 6 has an amazing new design. From every bit to every last pixel, literally everything is completely new in 1Password 6!


Once you unlock 1Password you’ll be greeted with a completely new overview and details screen.


As much as there is to enjoy in this new design, my favourite has to be Large Type – I absolutely love how great my passwords look there:


Large Type makes reading even the most complicated passwords a breeze – I can even read them without my glasses! And if you have a High-DPI screen, it looks even better ?

Oh, and then there’s our browser extensions. These were not available in the initial beta and they were dearly missed! They’re here now and they look great!


Beautiful new security design

1Password had an amazing security design already, but in 1Password Teams we didn’t rest on our laurels. Instead, we took everything we learned about security over the last 10 years and built a completely new security architecture that pushed the limits of modern technologies.

As has always been the case with 1Password, your information is encrypted end-to-end, so only you and your team have the keys to decrypt your information. What’s new is an even secure-er encryption design as well as some cool techniques like Secure Remote Password, which allows clients and the server to verify each other during communication.

tripleencryptThe most visual change is the addition of the Account Key. This is a unique 128bit key that is generated for every user and greatly increases the security of your account.

The Account Key might appear similar to two-factor authentication but it’s so much better because it plays a direct role in the encryption of your data. It strengthens and fortifies your Master Password so much that even a poorly-chosen Master Password will be infeasible for attackers to brute force. It’s also never sent to our servers so it cannot be reset, intercepted, or evaded.

For an illustrated overview of our new security design, check out our security page, as well as our Security White Paper, for fun details like these ones:

  • Tamper-proof, authenticated encryption using AES-GCM mode
  • Brute force protection using PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA256
  • Secure vault sharing using asymmetric cryptography

The most amazing thing about this new design is it’s not only secure-er, but it’s much faster, too! It’s one of the benefits we get for using the latest and greatest modern technologies ?

Beautiful organization and control

menu-trimmedOne of greatest features in 1Password Teams is how easy it makes organizing things into multiple vaults. When you’ve organized passwords in separate vaults, it makes finding things easier, and also makes it super simple to securely share with your teammates.

New vaults can be created from your Admin Console on and will automatically appear on all your devices. You can also add teammates to new vaults and they will receive the vault and everything within it immediately.

Your team admin can even control the permissions for each vault, allowing you to share read-only access to vaults, and control who can manage the vault.

Oh and you’re not limited to a single 1Password account. As you can see from the screenshot, in addition to multiple vaults you can also have multiple accounts added to 1Password. This is great for your teammates as it allows them to use 1Password in their private lives as well as their professional life.

Beautiful safety nets

When you change an item within 1Password for Windows it will sync automatically to and become available on all your other authorized devices instantly.

All these changes are remembered by 1Password just in case you ever need to revert to an earlier version. If you or your teammates ever delete or modify something by accident, you can simply sign in to and restore what you need from the Item History popup:


Item History is perfect for protecting individual items, but you and your teammates need safety nets for your accounts as well. In a team environment you just can’t afford to get locked out of critical systems every time someone forgets their password.

That brings us to the most beautiful and secure safety net of all: Account Recovery. We (AgileBits) have never been able to reset your password, and with 1Password Teams we still can’t. But now you can!

With our innovative new recovery feature, if one of your teammates forgot their Master Password, your team admins can restore their access and they’ll regain access to all their passwords.

Beautiful in so many other ways, too

In addition to our new amazing Windows app, your subscription to 1Password Teams gives you and your entire team access to many more awesome things:

  • You and everyone on your team get all our awesome apps for free, including Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS
  • Automatic syncing – no configuration or extra software required
  • Securely share items and documents across your whole team
  • Easily invite your entire team and control access using the Admin Console
  • Full web access from anywhere

Sign your team up today!

1Password 6 for Windows is available today for subscribers to 1Password Teams. If you have not yet subscribed, now’s a great time to sign up:

Sign up your team

Subscribers simply need to download 1Password 6 and add their account information during setup.


Once logged in, all your data will sync automatically. And if you had any data stored in an earlier version of 1Password, you can migrate over all of your existing data.

Oh, and if you sign up before October 31, you will get all the features of the Pro plan for the low, low price of the Standard plan. And best of all, you and your team will lock in the Standard price for as long as you’re subscribed. Even teammates you add later on will still get the same awesome deal.

Be sure to sign up by October 31st before this window closes ?

Enjoy! ❤️

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  1. Dave Teare
    Dave Teare says:

    Hello again ? I wanted to add a P.S. to my post and thought being the first commenter the best way to achieve that. ?

    As great as this release is, I know many Windows users will want to know why we are only supporting our hosted services in this release – after all, I’ve stated publicly many times that we will continue to support individual licenses. So why do we not support licenses in this release?

    The reason is simply one of timing. When we started development on 1Password Teams we made the brave decision to start from scratch and rewrite everything using Microsoft’s latest and greatest technologies. This was both exciting and terrifying. It was exciting because it enabled us to leverage all the modern libraries and create a solid base to grow from for the next decade. And it was also terrifying as there is a lot of code that needed to written and tons of features to bring over.

    Long story short, we simply didn’t have enough time to include everything in our initial 6.0 release so we decided to focus on Teams (Families as well as our new individual service are also supported). In the future we will extend what’s possible, so if subscriptions are not your kettle of fish or if you have corporate or regional restrictions that require you to use WLAN Sync, stay on 1Password 4 for now until we have a chance to port these features over. If you’re free of these restrictions, give our hosted service a spin and take advantage of our launch special.

    We’re continuing our Windows journey and I can’t wait to share more updates with you (including support for standalone licenses) once they’re ready.



    • arcsech
      arcsech says:

      The fact that the standalone versions aren’t mentioned at all in the main blog post just reinforces the feeling that the non-hosted version of 1P is living on borrowed time. If that’s not the case, you really should make more of a point of mentioning it in these types of posts rather than relegating it to the comment section – it definitely feels like you’re trying as hard as possible to keep the old version out of sight in the hopes that everyone will just forget it exists.

      And if it is on borrowed time – I get that! It’s a business decision. But I’d much rather you either a) keep it in active development as a first-class citizen alongside the hosted version and treat it in your posts as such, or b) just announce it’s dying with support for the next X months and get it over with rather than limp it along promising it’s fine as it dies a slow death from lack of support.

    • Jeff Shiner
      Jeff Shiner says:

      Hi arcsech

      Thank you for raising your concerns.

      Just to mention right off the top, I have no plans to discontinue support for individual licenses :) So, why didn’t we mention the standalone verions in the post? The answer is really quite simple, Dave’s post was an announcement of what we are releasing today, 1Password Windows for Teams.

      As you might imagine, starting from scratch with a brand new Windows app was a huge amount of work. To be honest, it was even more work and took us longer than I had expected. I continue to have great plans for 1Password Windows moving forward adding many features, including support for standalone licenses. As excited as I am by what lies ahead, we wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate what is a pretty incredible release. Trying to combine both what is currently being released with what is planned for the future in a single post would have been overwhelming and likely confusing.

      That said, and as Dave mentioned, we knew that Windows users with standalone licenses would want to know why we focused on Teams for this release. Adding Dave’s first and top comment to this post directly addressing that question seemed like the best way to do so. I hope that helps to explain our thinking.

      -Jeff Shiner, CEO

    • brenty
      brenty says:

      arcsech: The new 1Password for Windows app will support licenses in time. It doesn’t yet, so it wouldn’t make much sense for us to make a big announcement that it will someday. Similarly, it would be odd for us to devote a blog post to the previous version when we have a new one to talk about! ;)

      I’m sorry that you feel left out. If you feel a lack of support, you probably haven’t contacted us recently. We’re here for you and all of our customers, and happy to help in any way we can regardless of how or how long ago you purchased 1Password. :)

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Arcsech, I appreciate it.

      I can see where you’re coming from, so much so in fact that in my first several drafts of this post I had a large portion of the post dedicated to standalone licenses, why they aren’t here yet and how and when we plan on fixing that.

      These initial drafts suffered from quite a few problems that forced me to change them. First of all, discussing the lack of licenses detracted from the over all message of how great OPW6 is for Teams. I was willing to live with that but I also found it caused more questions than it answered. This second point caused me to add more discussion on the subject and it was getting to the point that I’d need multiple sections to cover everything. I also felt the discussion required me to start making predictions about release dates in order to feel complete, which is something that’s notoriously hard to get right.

      During final edits I found the post was much more enjoyable and easier to read if I focused exclusively on Teams and so in the end I nixed the whole discussion and moved some of it into this postscript. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, but I do agree it makes licenses feel ignored and I’m sorry about that. I did my best to avoid that and clearly failed for you, but I hope my explanation makes it clear that that we spend a lot of time thinking about standalone licenses around here.

      As for “[dying] a slow death from lack of support”, I think it’s important to remember that there is only one 1Password. Sure during this transitionary period we have multiple versions on Windows but that’s just a temporary stepping stone. In a future release we’ll have a single version that supports both standalone and hosted users, just like we have on Mac, iOS, and Android.

      Take care and thank you for reading and caring enough to leave a comment! ❤️


    • Andrew
      Andrew says:

      arcsech……I felt the same way when reading this blog post. Really sad they have decided to focus on the subscription products and release something without support for standalone licenses / offline vaults / wifi sync / etc. Actions speak louder than words, and their actions show where their priorities are.

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Good morning, Andrew! It’s great to hear from you again. I was afraid we had lost you after our last discussion about your Windows needs so it’s awesome to see you’re still with us. ❤️

      You’re right, this announcement post was not about standalone licenses, offline vaults, or WLAN Sync. This announcement was all about our Teams features that are now officially available for all Windows users. 1Password 6 has laid the foundation we need to grow 1Password over the next decade and I’m super excited to be able to share it with the world now.

      Yes, indeed, this initial release of 1Password 6 was focused on Teams and I understand the standalone features are very important to you so you’re not able to celebrate this release as much as you’d like to. I get that. But this release does represent a big step forward and gets us much closer towards what you’ve been asking us for.

      The standalone features are something we discuss every week around here, if not daily, and we’ll be weaving them into this new version of 1Password. And when we finish our knitting process I’ll be happy to announce it here. In fact, I am probably the most excited about this upcoming announcement post as I know you and many others will be very excited to read it ?

      Take care, Andrew. And thank you for your patience as we complete things.


    • MikeT
      MikeT says:

      Hi there,

      Thanks for writing in. That is because we do not yet have support for attachments in the local vaults, so it can’t migrate them over until we add support there first. It is coming in a future update but we don’t have a timeframe on this.

      There isn’t a way to view all attachments at once in 1Password 4 for Windows but there is a way to grab all files at once. Can you email us at with your comment, so we can help you with this.

    • MikeT
      MikeT says:

      Hi there,

      That is the correct page for the 1Password browser extensions, which is the same for both 1Password 4-6 for Windows (and macOS versions of 1Password).

      The latest version for the 1Password extensions at this point is 4.6.1 and it is normal for the versions to be different from the main 1Password program versions, they’re not connected.

    • MikeT
      MikeT says:


      That is correct. The 1Password browser extensions don’t have a UI or your data, it connects to the 1Password mini/Helper built into the main 1Password program, which will then power the UI and manage your data for you.

      Once you uninstall 1Password 4, the extension will connect to 1Password 6’s mini.

      However, you don’t have to uninstall it completely for now. What you can do is terminate the 1Password 4’s Helper via Task Manager, restart your browser and it’ll connect to 1Password 6’s mini. The process name for 1Password 4’s Helper is “Agile1pAgent.exe” or “1Password (32-bit)” with the white lock icon.

  2. Vitaly
    Vitaly says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the announcement. One question though, do I get it right that attachments are not supported in 1Password Teams for Windows at all? I have a number of attachments currently in my 1Password 4 for Windows and I absolutely don’t want to lose them, or have them stored anywhere else.

    • MikeT
      MikeT says:

      Hi Vitaly,

      Thanks for writing in.

      For local vaults, 1Password 6 doesn’t support attachments just yet, this one is something we’ll work on soon.

      For the accounts, attachments are supported by 1Password 6 via the Documents category, it can download and upload files for you.

      Once we have implemented the support for local attachments, we will then add support for migrating it over to your account’s Documents category. We don’t have a timeframe but this is one of our top priorities to implement soon.

      If you only have a few attachments, you can export the files via 1Password 4 and manually upload it to your account using 1Password 6 now.

  3. interpipes
    interpipes says:

    Okay, because I don’t want you to think I’m just cranky, other than the attachments not being supported in opvaults in 1P 6 preventing easy migration of them (still waiting on that process btw, maybe it should be on the KB article about how to migrate your data?) I am suitably impressed with 1P 6 so far – the new UI behaviour for the plugins is better (particularly where right clicking on objects to copy an individual field from the object, the pop-out appearing next to the cursor, etc) and the unlock speed on my laptop is literally a zillion times better, and it’s great to finally have High-DPI/scaling support.

    It’s been a long time coming, and I understand other people’s disappointments at the fact that the standalone licence use-case isn’t better covered for those who don’t have teams (though, to be honest, it looks like it’s almost there if it (nearly) supports offline valuts already?), but it’s a great leap forward over 4.

    My immediate thoughts now are around having the ability to control the size of elements – it’s a bit odd to me that the category listings on the left are so huge but I have to aim for such tiny copy/dropdown buttons when I’m getting data out of the main 1P app, though I guess a lot of time and effort has been put into using mini over the main app atm.

    It’d be nice to say, have left clicking the password field copy to clipboard, double left click large type, right click anywhere on it for the drop down options, etc.

    Minimise-after-copy is already being missed

    Double clicking the tray icon should really, imo, open the main app – right now it just rapidly opens and closes mini.

    Windows+Shift+L does not work on my windows 10 laptop, even when the main 1P window has focus, thought Ctrl+Alt+\ does work fine.

    • MikeT
      MikeT says:

      Hi interpipes,

      Thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback, that’s very helpful. I’m glad you like the performance, it was one of our goals for 1Password 6 along with a scalable UI.

      1Password 6 support read-only local vaults right now, it doesn’t let you modify them or create new vaults, these are the features we need to implement first before we can consider it ready for standalone users.

      Migrating your attachments over is one of our top priorities to implement soon. This is one of the most complicated processes and we want to make sure we get it right.

      My immediate thoughts now are around having the ability to control the size of elements – it’s a bit odd to me that the category listings on the left are so huge but I have to aim for such tiny copy/dropdown buttons when I’m getting data out of the main 1P app, though I guess a lot of time and effort has been put into using mini over the main app atm.

      The entire interface for both the main 1Password app and 1Password mini will be polished up over time. On the list that we have; we want to make the sidebar resizable, reduce size and even add Rich Icons that can add more colors to the interface.

      Not sure if you saw this but if you hover over the right side of the item list, it shows you a resizable pane. This is something we will add to the sidebar as well and make it persistent over time.

      It’d be nice to say, have left clicking the password field copy to clipboard, double left click large type, right click anywhere on it for the drop down options, etc.

      Great idea, it’s something we want to polish up in the near future. We want to let you hover over fields to click on it to copy, instead of requiring you to move your cursor all the way to the right to click to copy. This is definitely something we will be polishing up on.

      Minimise-after-copy is already being missed

      Do you mean in the main 1Password window? If you’re in 1Password mini, you can press the ‘esc’ key to dismiss it quickly after copying what you need. We’ll see what we can do about automating this as an option.

      Double clicking the tray icon should really, imo, open the main app – right now it just rapidly opens and closes mini.

      Great idea, we’ll see if we can do this.

      Windows+Shift+L does not work on my windows 10 laptop, even when the main 1P window has focus, thought Ctrl+Alt+\ does work fine.

      Right now, it is an app shortcut that only works in the main window. It is not supposed to be in 1Password mini, we’re used the same settings menu but haven’t removed that shortcut note in 1Password mini.

      However, we will make that shortcut a system shortcut soon, so that you can lock it globally instead of while you’re in the main 1Password window.

      Thanks again!

  4. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Sorting items (by title, category, date,..) does not allow to switch the direction. new –>> old into old –> new.
    On purpose?

    • MikeT
      MikeT says:

      Hi Thomas,

      Thanks for writing in.

      If you sort it by date, there is a known issue where the inner sort isn’t working by date either, it is sorting alphabetically inside the date group. This will fixed in a future update.

      Can you confirm if that’s what you mean?

  5. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Mike, that is only one part of the problem. For all items it is no possible to change the order. it is always a…z. No way to reverse it.

    • MikeT
      MikeT says:

      I completely apologize for misunderstanding, you meant the ability to reverse the order as in changing from ascending to descending. This is something that will be added in a future update as an option, it hasn’t been implemented yet.

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