1Password 6.5 for Mac: Fantastic Secrets and Where to Find Them

These past few months we’ve been toiling like house elves on an incredibly new and awesome version of 1Password for Mac and I am happy to report it is available now.

As development on 1Password 6.5 was winding down Apple made an announcement that presented us with an incredible opportunity: The arrival of a magical new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID. We were there on day one with Touch ID support on iOS and maintaining that tradition on macOS was a no brainer.

We have a lot of ground to cover in this marvellous story so open your textbooks to page 394 and let’s read on, shall we?

Unlocking with your fingerprint is as easy as swish and flick

So how about that new Touch ID support? There’s no need to utter any incantations to magically unlock 1Password with your fingerprint. Just enable the Touch ID setting in Security Preferences and you’ll be good to go.

Those of us with the new MacBook Pro here at AgileBits have been known to quietly whisper “Alohamora” under our breath as we perform this charm, and quite frankly, we recommend you do the same.


But Touch ID support is just the collectible wizard card that comes with the chocolate frog that is our massive 6.5 release.

Practice your wandless magic

Touch ID isn’t the only new piece of magic to which we’ve hitched our broomstick. The new Touch Bar is almost as awesome as picking up the latest offering at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes (but without the fear factor).

We’ve only just begun to take advantage of all the cool capabilities the Touch Bar makes possible, and already it has improved the way we use 1Password every day. For me it’s a toss up between the beautiful menu of categories that appears when I create a new item or being able to switch vaults with a tap.


Other incantations you can conjure with the Touch Bar include:

  • Adding a new item
  • Choosing the category in which you want to create an item
  • Locking your vault easier than casting the “Colloportus” spell
  • Activating search (to find the game-winning golden snitch, of course)

All aboard on Platform 9 3/4!

Of all the work that went into this new version, I want to highlight a piece that many of you may never see. That piece is a brand new first-run experience that anyone setting up 1Password for the first time will encounter.

Setting up 1Password for the first time on a new Mac is now just like that first swig of Butterbeer: warm, inviting, and deliciously sweet! We’ve completely rewritten this experience from the ground up. You can now create a brand new 1Password account directly inside the app so it’s easier than ever to get up and running.

Accio your items from anywhere

Accio your items with Alfred and LaunchBar!
Speaking of 1Password.com, one of things we’ve all missed was the inability to access our 1Password.com items from our favorite productivity tools like Alfred and LaunchBar. For version 6.5 we worked closely with the fine folks at both Alfred and LaunchBar to correct this egregious shortcoming. As of this writing Alfred has released an update for this new integration and LaunchBar has an update coming soon!

More goodies than Bertie Bott’s has flavours!

1Password 6.5 truly is an enormous release, packed with over 100 new features, improvements, and fixes. Here’s the full list for your studies. Be sure to pay close attention to all these Bits and Botts as they may appear on your upcoming Ordinary Wizarding Level Examinations.


  • 1Password can now be unlocked with your fingerprint on the new Touch ID-capable MacBook Pro.
  • Touch Bar support has landed! While using 1Password you will see enhanced controls in the Touch Bar on your new MacBook Pro.
  • 1Password has a whole new first-run experience! Setting up 1Password has never been easier. {OPM-4200}
  • You can now scan 1Password Account codes using the FaceTime HD camera on your Mac!
  • 1Password can now fill additional text, email, and password fields for items created outside the browser extension. {BRAIN-111}
  • 1Password will now ask you to migrate items from your Primary vault to newly added Personal vaults when adding a 1Password.com Account. {OPM-4240}
  • 1Password will now offer to automatically add any 1Password.com account to 1Password for Mac after signing into that account in your web browser. {OPM-4236}
  • Added the ability to copy 1Password Documents across 1Password.com accounts. {OPM-3974}
  • Added a Download Local Copy item to the context menu for Document items. {OPM-3939}
  • Added the ability to manage your 1Password account subscription within the app (AgileBits Store Only). {OPM-4249}


  • Improved filling of credit card expiration dates. {BRAIN-138}
  • Updated our translations with the latest from our incredible translators on Crowdin.
  • Renamed the Start Over menu item to Reset All 1Password Data. {OPM-4069}
  • 1Password mini’s menu width is automatically resized to fit long browser extension names. {OPM-4112}
  • After migrating to a 1Password.com account, the new account vault becomes the default vault for saving. {OPM-4534}
  • Improved the wording in Add Account preferences. {OPM-4444}
  • Improved wording in Accounts Preferences regarding 1Password.com Accounts. {OPM-4306}
  • Improved handling of sync when Folder Syncing to a removable disk. {OPM-4414}\
  • Updated to the latest 1Password brain for improved Login saving and form filling.
  • 1Password is now better at avoiding “search” and “newsletter” forms when filling. {BRAIN-289}
  • 1Password is now better at saving Logins on pages with search fields. {BRAIN-274}
  • 1Password is now better at avoiding search fields on Russian and German websites. {BRAIN-293}
  • 1Password is now better at handling sneaky password fields on Swedish websites. {BRAIN-310}
  • Improved the wording of the macOS authentication prompt. {OPM-3768}
  • We now enter edit mode after converting a Password to a Login. {OPM-4284}
  • Updated the password generator minimum and maximum values. {OPM-4409}
  • Added mechanisms for strengthening communication with 1Password.com.
  • Improved the parsing for certain improperly formatted web addresses. {OPM-4281}
  • Improved network efficiency with 1Password.com accounts {OPM-4290}
  • Added a notification to update to the latest 1Password version when features aren’t compatible with the 1Password.com Account server. {OPM-4177}
  • Changed naming of Wi-Fi sync to WLAN sync. {OPM-3851}
  • Empty address fields are now hidden when viewing items. {OPM-3902}
  • Updated the way 1Password determines which URLs to match in the extension. {OPM-4078}
  • When merging vaults during sync setup the password hint is no longer truncated if it’s too long. {OPM-4053}
  • Removed some potentially offensive words that were present in the word list for our Word-based Strong Password Generator. {OPI-3129}
  • The error message for when 1Password mini is quarantined by the system is now less mysterious. {OPM-4102}
  • Added a hover button and Voice Over support to item attachments. {OPM-624}
  • Removed several instances where 1Password for Teams or 1Password for Families language was used and replaced with 1Password Account.
  • Made numerous improvements to the way text is handled throughout the app to make translation easier.
  • Improved WLAN sync error handling. {OPI-3314}
  • Personal and Shared vaults will now display the user or team avatars if they don’t have their own avatar. {OPM-4032}
  • Improved the first run experience when using onepassword://team-account links. {OPM-4019, OPM-3905}
  • Improved the custom icon display for 1Password.com account items in the main 1Password app. {OPM-4125}
  • Improved the experience when deleting the last 1Password.com account when no local vaults exist. {OPM-4033}
  • Decreased the delay in uploading custom icons for Teams and Families vaults. {OPM-4124}
  • The account details preference pane now shows when you’re in trial mode. {OPM-4562}


  • Fixed the layout of the Start Over dialog so that it worked better with more verbose languages. {OPM-4167}
  • Fixed an issue where custom icons would not upload to 1Password.com accounts. {OPM-4049}
  • Fixed an issue where vault switching in mini was not instantly mirrored in the main app if it was in the background. {OPM-3523}
  • Fixed a bug that could cause instability in the Preferences window. {OPM-3983}
  • Fixed a bug when removing an attachment file before saving the item with the attachment. {OPM-4057}
  • Fixed an issue that caused Reset iCloud Data to be enabled even though there weren’t any local vaults. {OPM-4104}
  • Fixed an issue that caused problems with VoiceOver navigating password values. {OPM-3343}
  • Fixed an issue that caused category sorting in All Vaults to not sort properly when only non-1Password Account vaults were present. {OPM-4131}
  • Fixed an issue that would cause WLAN sync to not activate after unlocking 1Password for Mac. {OPM-4129}
  • The anchored Large Type window no longer crops off the top of characters in a long password. {OPM-4135}
  • The tab key now cycles through fields properly again when editing an item. {OPM-4083}
  • Fixed an issue where some unrecognized data in an item would be lost while saving. {OPM-4234}
  • Fixed autosubmit on fideliti.co.uk. {BRAIN-268}
  • Fixed a layout issue in macOS Sierra when choosing fields while exporting CSV or tab-delimited files. {OPM_4241}
  • Fixed a layout issue with the Password Generator on macOS Sierra. {OPM-4304}
  • Fixed the multi-line height calculation for notes and tags in macOS Sierra. {OPM-4297}
  • Obliterated a hang that could be caused by Documents with missing metadata.
  • Fixed a rare crash when scanning a QR code when creating a one-time password or adding a 1Password.com account. {OPM-4351}
  • Fixed instance where logging into 1Password.com may not offer to add that account to 1Password when using Bartender. {OPM-4435}
  • Resolved a logic flaw that would result in a failure to properly load localized category names on macOS 10.12 {OPM-4433}
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when using custom icons. {OPM-4423}
  • Fixed a minor button alignment issue in account sign in setup screen. {OPM-4481}
  • Fixed issues introduced in a previous beta causing setup screen animations to fail in macOS 10.10 and 10.11 {OPM-4476, OPM-4477}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when right clicking on 1Password mini. {OPM-4552}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when scanning a QR Code for a TOTP field. {OPM-4500}
  • Resolved a height issue with the dialog window that appeared when enabling local vaults in the Preferences window. {OPM-4390}
  • Fixed a rare crash when syncing with iCloud. {OPM-4328}
  • 1Password would fail to fill sites that had previously saved fields 1Password ignores during filling. {BRAIN-299}
  • Fixed an issue where certain Favorites could cause issues while syncing with 1Password.com accounts. {OPM-4402}
  • Fixed a bug in the item selection logic. {OPM-4417}
  • Fixed an issue that could cause 1Password mini to hang while copying large numbers of items across vaults. {OPM-4395}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during sync via AgileKeychain. {OPI-3713}
  • Fixed an issue preventing two my.1password.com accounts from being added at one time. {OPM-4312}
  • Fixed an issue that would cause 1Password to authenticate twice with 1Password.com upon startup instead of just once. {OPM-4286}
  • Fixed an issue that caused broken custom icons. {OPM-4314}
  • Fixed an issue that could create a username conflict when manually saving a login on some sites. {OPM-4156}
  • Fixed an issue where item counts were being squished on macOS Sierra. {OPM-4228}
  • Fixed an issue that caused problems reading scanned QR Codes. {OPM-4322}
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when removing the Primary vault on OS X 10.10 Yosemite. {OPM-4309}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when disabling vaults outside of 1Password accounts. {OPM-4273}
  • Fixed the Large Type window so that it stays on screen after being anchored by dragging it. {OPM-4152}
  • Fixed an issue where the verify code signature setting wasn’t being consulted when 1Password was locked. {OPM-4165, OPM-4178}
  • Login filling failed on tecmarket.it. {BRAIN-254}
  • Resolved an issue where 1Password would incorrectly identify the designated username and password field when saving a Login. {BRAIN-207}
  • Resolved an issue where 1Password would fill credit card month value into quantity fields when the field was of number type.
  • Resolved an issue where 1Password would attempt to fill into disabled or read-only fields. {BRAIN-263}
  • Radio buttons were being improperly saved and restored. (Existing Logins will need to be resaved.) {BRAIN-74}
  • 1Password would not fill the same password value into more than one field. {BRAIN-83, BRAIN-84}
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash when using the Strong Password Generator. {OPM-3676, OPM-4218}
  • Fixed issues that could occur while using your browser during 1Password’s setup {OPM-4565, OPM4569}
  • Fixed an issue where animations could get stacked and cause unintended view layout in the Setup and QR scanner windows. {OPM-4571}
  • Fixed an issue that prevented tabbing among the buttons in the Setup window. {OPM-4566}
  • Fixed a spacing issue with the Preferences window when viewing the security preferences with a 1Password.com account vault selected. {OPM-4570}
  • Fixed a crash with the QR scanning window in the Mac App Store version. {OPM-4572}
  • Fixed a crash when trying to unlock from the browser extension when still in setup mode. {OPM-4333}

This was an incredible release and we hope you love it as much as we loved creating it. So long for now and good luck on your Owls!

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  1. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    TONS of features and bugfixes for mac, while the latest Windows release STILL isn’t compatible with existing OPVault customers…….great!!!

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hi Andrew,

      It’s great to see you’re still passionate about 1Password for Windows. It really is. Windows is important to us and we are continuing to improve there. You can see on our Windows Release Notes page that we’re continuing to release new versions there. In fact, that page only tells half the story as there are multiple beta releases a week that aren’t even listed there. I need to ask the team to share those more often ?

      We’re able to do this because we have multiple development teams here which is great as we can work on all platforms at the same time. There’s no need for us to stop work on Windows just because there’s a new Touch Bar available on Mac, and we don’t need to stop work on iOS whenever there is a new version of Android announced.

      Now you mentioned OPVault customers and how they can use the newest version of 1Password. To be clear, the data format is not the issue here as they are able to import their data into 1Password 6 for use with their 1Password subscription. The part that is missing is to allowing people to use 1Password 6 with licenses instead of a subscription, and more to the point, for us to add support for Dropbox syncing and WLAN Sync to 1Password 6.

      These features will come – it’s simply a matter of time. There are many other things we need to implement as well to get to feature parity with Mac. That’s our goal and we’re working our way there.

      Take care and I look forward to having this conversation again in our next post ?


    • Andrew
      Andrew says:

      “The part that is missing is to allowing people to use 1Password 6 with licenses instead of a subscription, and more to the point, for us to add support for Dropbox syncing and WLAN Sync to 1Password 6.”

      No!!! The part that is missing is being able to do the most basic of operations on an OPVAULT file …..save an item. Or update an item. It doesn’t matter if you use License / Trial / Subscription. Anyone with an OPVault file can’t save new items, or update existing items.

      Sure…..sync is missing too! You are correct on that. And a TON of other MAC features are missing. But there are ways to work around these problems. There is no workaround for missing save functionality for OPVault.

      Were you not aware of that limitation???? It has nothing to do with adding in your existing license, or trial VS license VS subscription, or purchasing a license in app, or importing a license. It has to do with the product missing basic core functionality…..saving a file!!!!!!!!

      The fact that you don’t get this amazes me. I have been telling you over and over again……but looks like you don’t actually listen to customers if you feel that the missing element is licenses. The problem is YOU REMOVED FILE SAVE FROM WINDOWS!!!!!!!!

    • Andrew
      Andrew says:

      “Take care and I look forward to having this conversation again in our next post”

      Is that supposed to be a joke? The fact that you look forward to paying customers repeatedly complaining about your broken 1Password Windows release is terrible.

      A better businessman would focus his efforts on fixing the problem, and look forward to fewer complaints……not repeated complaints over many months while the problems haven’t been fixed.

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      You’re right, Andrew, there is no way to save to OPVault format in 1Password 6. The reason is because we don’t support syncing with Dropbox at the moment which means that we would potentially overwrite changes from other clients, resulting in data loss. Until we support syncing with Dropbox we simply can’t add the ability to update OPVaults. Until then we will only allow importing from OPVault.

      I know you’re not happy with the priorities we have chosen and I apologize for that. I wish we could finish everything for everyone at the exact same time, but it’s simply not possible. We needed to choose a plan and execute against it. In time these features and many others will find their way into 1Password for Windows.

      All I can do is ask for your patience as we work our way there. If you would like to discuss this further, let’s talk it over on the phone. I think it would be great if we could hear each other’s voices. You can email me at dave_teare@agilebits.com and we can setup a time.

      Take care,


    • Andrew
      Andrew says:

      BTW…..This is what I look forward to is:
      1) NOT having to post any more complaints about how broken 1Password windows is!
      2) Seeing you actually fix the product, instead of just talking about what you may do at some unknown time in the future.
      3) A release that works for people using the file format you yourself have recommended for years (OPVault).
      4) Seeing the money spent on Windows licenses being put towards development of a product that the people who bought those licenses can actually use with their existing vaults.
      5) Seeing the features you keep cramming into the Mac client make their way to Windows. Even basic stuff like being able to sync multiple vaults with all sync methods that work on mac
      6) Being able to offer 1Password praise for creating products that work for existing customers, and not just for new subscription customers.

      That is what I look forward to. Unfortunately, it is a pipe dream for now.

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      I agree Andrew. I look forward to the same things. I truly in my heart of hearts want to give you what you’re asking for and have no interest whatsoever arguing with you about it. You’re a passionate user of 1Password and that’s awesome! It’s exactly what we need. ❤️

      We are working our way there and I look forward to sharing it with you when we get there.


    • Andrew
      Andrew says:

      Sounds good Dave……just hope it will be here soon….even if that means expanding your windows team temporarily, or shifting some of your team from new mac features to fixing windows. Hopefully you will consider that, as your Mac client is 100% functional, but your windows client works for 0% of OPVault users

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      I wish it was that easy, Andrew. Each platform has it’s own required skill sets so it is not a simple matter of me just telling our Mac team to switch over to Windows development for a particular release.

      It also requires a great deal of time to grow a team. We’ve been working on that already but it’s probably one of the hardest things to get right in software. I don’t mean that as an excuse – I’m simply saying we cannot just flip a switch. It’s a much longer process and indeed it’s one we’ve been working on for quite some time now.

      We’ll get there. ✌️


    • Andrew
      Andrew says:

      Fair enough. One of my clients just asked me to take over their iOS app after 11 months working on their Android app, so I understand the difficulty of switching platforms. But it is not impossible, and many developers are flexible / move quickly. I know of several who work on iOS during the day, but do personal projects on Android at night. Just because someone is on one team now doesn’t mean they couldn’t work on another team temporarily. But if you never ask them what they are able to do (and maybe offer a bit of encouragement), you will never know.

      As for hiring more / new developers……if fixing Windows has already taken you the better part of 2016, as well as some of 2015, and you are still not at a point where you are willing to commit to having something compatible within 10 years, than maybe you need to expand your Windows team.

      Not to mention the fact that Windows new feature development has ALWAYS lagged behind mac development speed. If you guys would have fixed some of these issues earlier (years ago), then the long delays / time to rewrite the app wouldn’t have been as difficult to stomach. Windows has been missing features / had things that don’t work for a LONG time now.

      I have worked on many projects where the owner brought in extra developers temporarily to fix a program that stopped functioning, or meet a deadline. It is possible, and companies who need things done fast do it all the time.

      So when you say “I don’t mean that as an excuse – I’m simply saying we cannot just flip a switch.”………I agree…..but you have had many months to do so already (I may need to start using years instead of months), which would surely have been enough time to ramp up your Windows team if you chose to do so. Not sure if you totally underestimated how long it would take, or how little your existing team could finish……but it has been a LONG time already, and it sounds like you have no idea how much longer it will be.

      But if getting Windows fixed quickly isn’t a priority…….then I can understand why you wouldn’t be open to either re-purposing existing developers or hiring new ones…..even temporarily.

    • Andrew
      Andrew says:

      Thanks for the support Duane……hopefully that will help convince Dave to devote more resources to Windows development than he has in the past, and encourage him to fix the MANY issues in a timely fashion (although it has been a LONG time already).

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Thanks for jumping in, Duane. I appreciate it.

      I agree with Andrew as well. It’s easy to agree with him as that’s what we all want: a consistent feature set across all platforms with regular updates for all of them. That’s what we’re working towards and we’re well on our way.

      In terms of shifting resources around, there’s a lot of other things that need to be balanced. I understand you and Andrew don’t support the priorities I have chosen but you’ll have to trust me that we had our reasons. I shared as much with you as Im able to at the moment and we’ll just need to leave the discussion there for now. At some point you’re going to need to trust us to make the right decisions about 1Password. We live and breath this stuff all day, everyday. And we’re trying to move forward on multiple fronts and keep a lot of plates in the air.

      We’ll get there. Thank you for your understanding. ❤️ ✌️


  2. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    How does this work? “1Password can now fill additional text, email, and password fields for items created outside the browser extension. {BRAIN-111}”

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hah! You’re so right, Jesse!

      I’m embarrassed here as I saw that and I totally meant to fix it before publication, and then totally forgot. Thank you.

      I guess I could argue that technically the fixes happened to Wi-Fi Sync before we renamed it, and therefore the notes are correct. I wonder if that counterargument would succeed? ?

      Thanks, I’ll make the “fix” now. ?


  3. Jane
    Jane says:

    “1Password 6.5 is now available!”

    That’s what your email announced this afternoon.

    But am I missing something? No link to actually purchase it, I can’t find it mentioned anywhere on your agilebits or 1Password websites, and the inclusion of system requirements to run version 6.5 would have been a nice thing to include in your announcement.

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hi Jane!

      I’m sorry for the confusion. I try to keep my newsletters short, and that’s often for the best, but yeah, I can see how that would cause questions like yours. Thanks for asking so I could clear things up! ?

      First, 1Password 6.5 is a free update for everyone with a 1Password 6 license. And it’s also free for anyone who’s subscribed to one of our 1Password services.

      Next up, the system requirements for 6.5 haven’t changed at all – it’s the same as version 6, which is macOS Yosemite or later. I guess that’s why I didn’t feel compelled to talk about it in the newsletter or this post ?

      I hope that helps. Please let me know.


    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      You’re very welcome, Angie! Thank you for letting us know we’re going in the right direction ? ❤️


  4. Dale
    Dale says:

    I echo Jane’s comment re: “inclusion of system requirements…” There are some of us unable to purchase new Mac’s in order to be able to run newly developed software, so we must know if something has been retro-fitted so to speak that it will run on older versions of MAC OS. Myself? So far back am I that I’m plateaued at OS 10.7.5 (Lion)!

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Thanks for joining in the conversation, Dale.

      1Password 6.5 has the same system requirements as version 6, and the same as version 5 as well if I remember correctly. Since things didn’t change I didn’t feel it that important to talk about the requirements within the newsletter. After hearing from you and Jane I’m second guessing that decision, but that’s what was going through my head when I wrote the newsletter ?

      Anyway, 1Password 6 requires macOS Yosemite or later. I doubt we’ll ever have another update for Lion as it’s been years since Apple has supported Lion. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news there but there are many security patches in recent versions of macOS that aren’t being applied to macOS 10.7 so you’re putting yourself at risk. I know it’s not always easy, but you really should upgrade as soon as you can.

      Take care and best of luck breaking through that plateau!


  5. Peter
    Peter says:

    Perhaps the answer is somewhere in these pages? However is it possible to setup password for two different users i.e. Man and wife who use same machine?

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for asking! I’m happy to help ?

      To use multiple 1Password accounts on the same Mac you will need to set up separate macOS user accounts. This has the benefit of you being able to each have your own Safari bookmarks, Mail accounts, Desktop, etc.

      I hope that helps.


  6. Barry
    Barry says:

    Just updated to my 1P to v.6.5. I’m very disappointed to see that no attention has been given to longstanding issues with Security Audit. There are 1P forum posts going back over 2 years describing these issues (and promises by 1P to fix them) and still nothing. Boo.

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      I’m sorry to disappoint you, Barry! ?

      I suspect I know what the issues are you’re talking about, but it’s best not to assume. If you could share the links to these discussions I can see what I can do.

      I don’t mean to give you false hope, however, as the ones I have in mind are rather involved and are something we’re still waiting to find the time to solve the way we want to. However, you may be asking for something else so I best not make any assumptions ?

      Please let me know,


  7. George
    George says:

    I love the product and I love the energy and positive approach of AgileBits. For the few users who feel the need to vent – I am genuinely sad for you. I sincerely wish your entire life was perfect in every way. I have dealt with many software companies over many years and AgileBits is one of the best I have found. Sometimes people on the outside of such situations simply don’t understand the challenges from perspectives not their own. I am grateful for all the good here and extend my heartfelt best wishes to the entire team. I depend on 1Password daily and have never been disappointed… over a period of years no less (I can’t say that with many companies). The product and support constitute a solid value. My digital life is safer. My family is safer. You are first class at AgileBits! (FWIW I have no connection with AgileBits – I am simply a happy customer.)

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Thank you so much, George! I really appreciate you taking the time to share these incredibly kind words – it means a lot. ❤️

      We try our best to make everyone happy as every single person needs a secure and practical solution to the password problem. With that said, we are all human and only have so many hours in each day so we need to focus on the things that we think are the most important. We think we make the best choices for the vast majority of people and I appreciate people sharing with us when they think we miss the mark. Sometimes it’s a simple fix and we can help out, other times it’s more complicated and needs to wait.

      Anyway, thank you so much for letting us know that we’re on the right course. Take care,


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