Having a blast at AGConf[7]

Every year since I joined the AgileBits family, I’ve looked forward to our annual reunion. It’s a rare opportunity to see the faces and hear the voices that only exist in my head and in text most of the time. AGConf gives us the chance to get together, discuss, plan, collaborate, joke, sing, dance, and occupy the same space for one glorious week.

Suffice it to say that AGConf[7] was a blast. We all met in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where we boarded the Independence of the Seas for a five day Caribbean cruise. We visited Labadee, Haiti, and Falmouth, Jamaica, before making the return trip and parting ways.

Seeing the same old friendly faces

Most of us work remotely, and with the exception of the odd trip to the mothership (Toronto), we don’t get to see each other. The first day is filled with hellos and hugs–and an abundance of both. We always keep our eyes out for the official AGConf tees, and this year’s 007 themed one was a big hit!

Seeing the shiny new faces

In addition to seeing our old friends and colleagues, it’s always fun to meet the new Bits on the team! It seems like we’re growing exponentially these days, and by some wonderful Agilemagic, everyone fits in just right. I’m already looking forward to meeting more new Bits next year!

Getting some work done

Getting such great minds together always makes for some interesting discussion. It’s fun to put our heads together to help customers, solve problems, and make plans for the future. It’s also one of the few times during the year where we can have face to face discussions. Any big plans we’ve been working on in secret can finally be revealed. Any questions we’ve been wanting to ask get answered, sometimes with a full lecture.

Beyond all of the enlightening and productive internal discussion, we also spend a lot of time supporting our customers. At AgileBits, we take customer support very seriously, and everyone takes part in it. On the high seas, we all have each other to bounce ideas off of, or help with tricky issues we may not be too sure about. Need a developer? Just grab one. Have a security question? Goldberg’s got you covered. Working during AGConf almost doesn’t feel like work at all.

Having lots of fun

And of course, when we get together, we have fun. We play games, soak in the hot tubs, drink Labadoozies and rum punches galore, get dressed up fancy for dinner, sing karaoke, eat lots of dessert, get late night pizza, do yoga, watch the sun rise and set…I could go on. There’s so much to do, and so many people to see, it’s hard to make sure to get enough sleep! For a bunch of computer geeks, we’re a pretty rad crew.


Parting is such sweet sorrow

Like all other good things, AGConf, too, must come to an end. We came, we saw, we conquered, and we did some other stuff too. Now it’s time to get back to developing software we’re passionate about, and supporting customers we love. Until next time, Bits!

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  1. Benji
    Benji says:

    Missing everyone already! This was so much fun and cannot wait to meet up with more of our agile family! What a lovely collection of pics from what was an awesome and very productive trip!

  2. Jeffrey Goldberg
    Jeffrey Goldberg says:

    I hope that everyone is appreciative of the fact that the video does not contain a clip of me signing. You don’t know what you are missing, and you should be pleased by that.

    I aslo didn’t realize that Regan and Goneril were looking over my shoulders as I talked. I should have been more Leary.

  3. Jeffrey Goldberg
    Jeffrey Goldberg says:

    Peri, it is very possible that you were there for it but didn’t recognize it as singing. It was

    Each item key’s encrypted with the master key
    And the master key’s encrypted with the derived key
    And the derived key comes from the MP
    Oh hear the word of the XOR
    Them keys, them keys, them random keys
    Oh hear the word of the XOR

  4. Dave Teare
    Dave Teare says:

    There’s so many great things about traveling with my fellow ‘Bits, but I think my favourite has to be all the amazing photos and videos that get taken. I absolutely loved these photo galleries! ❤️


  5. Khad Young
    Khad Young says:

    This was the best year yet! It’s always so great to meet all the new folks and sing happy birthday to Saad. ?

    I learned this year that Matt is much more hardcore than I am. 1Password neck and knuckle tattoos? Baller move, my friend. And here I only had my Account Code tattooed inside my lip. The bad part is that the QR code doesn’t scan. Contrast isn’t high enough. ?

    Now if only I could find a Labadoozie closer to home… ?

    • Jeffrey Goldberg
      Jeffrey Goldberg says:

      It is important to keep your Account Key in a safe place, Khad. But it should also be kept secret. Though I do admire that you’ve got it at the tip of your tongue.

    • Khad Young
      Khad Young says:

      Jeff, the saddest part of it is that I forgot my Master Password and had to recover my account. You know what that means! New Account Code. At least my lips can no longer leak any secrets while I sleep. ?

  6. Daniel Pellarini
    Daniel Pellarini says:

    A fantastic blog post for a fantastic week! It was awesome to meet you all in person, I love you Guys!

    Here is to a long series of AGConfs!

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