Get to know 1Password Teams: Custom groups and roles

As a 1Password Teams customer, you’re in charge of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people, passwords, and files. Thankfully we have some fantastic tools that give you flexibility and control. Two such tools are custom groups and roles:

  • Custom groups let you organize your staff in a way that makes sense. You might want to put your IT team in one group, your accounts team in another, and sales in a third. Each group has access to the vaults it needs, so new members will have be able to see the right information as soon as they join.

  • Custom roles let you decide who can perform team-level responsibilities like invite people or recover accounts—-without giving them full admin privileges. You can also grant the ability to manage people and vaults, and a lot more. These roles supersede the built-in permissions, so you can give your team members more power, or take it away. It’s entirely up to you.

Together, custom groups and roles give you the power to organize your team and encourage autonomy. By appointing group managers, you set up your team to run itself—-leaving you free to focus on other tasks. The best part is, there are no limits to the size of a group, the number of groups you create, or that each member can belong to.

Custom groups and roles in action

Custom groups and roles are essential for the AgileBits team. Some of our groups include Customer Support, Sales, Development, Recovery, and Team Managers. Each group has access to the vaults they need, and the permissions required to do their jobs.

Let’s take a look at custom groups and roles in action. When someone new joins the company, it’s the job of Pilar, our onboarding lead, to invite them to the AgileBits team. Each new ‘Bit needs access to different vaults, including some which Pilar doesn’t have permission to see. But that’s not a problem — Pilar has a custom role which allows her to add people to groups. That’s everything she needs to help out new team members:

  • Oliver is new to AgileBits and needs to set up his 1Password account.
  • Pilar invites Oliver to the team from the Admin Console.
  • Oliver is working in customer support and development, so Pilar adds him to these groups. She clicks Oliver’s name under Team Members, then clicks Manage Groups. She selects Customer Support and Development from the list and then clicks Done.

Just like that, Oliver now has all the vaults and permissions he needs. And it was all possible without giving Pilar access to resources she doesn’t need.

Start organizing your team

Custom groups and roles are available to 1Password Teams customers with the Pro plan. If you’re ready to organize your team, our guide for custom groups and roles is a great place to start.

If you don’t have Pro, all you need to do to get started is:

  • Sign in to your 1Password account, click on your team name in the top right and select Admin Console.

  • From the tabs along the top, select Try Pro and then click Trial Pro Features.

And if you don’t have 1Password Teams, sign up for a 30-day free trial. If you’d like to see how 1Password will work for your business, chat with our Sales team at

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    • Will Moore
      Will Moore says:

      Thanks! We think custom groups and roles are brilliant, and save us tons of time at AgileBits!

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