Introducing 1Password 6.6 for Windows

We’ve been hard at work on a major update for 1Password 6 for Windows and I’m so excited to finally share it with all of you.  1Password 6.6 for Windows is here and it is HUGE.  I can’t possibly discuss every new feature here – there are 24 brand new features and 89 total changes made – but I’ll highlight a few that I’m most excited about.

Rich icons

Rich icons now adorn your items in 1Password 6 for Windows. This seems like a small thing, but it was probably the most common feature request I saw and I was super stoked to see these little guys waiting to greet me when I unlocked 1Password this morning. I’m sure many of you now need to scratch one thing off of your wish list, but don’t put the pencil down just yet.  You’ll need it to check off a few more before you’re done reading.

Fully automatic updates

If you’ve been diligently keeping 1Password 6 up-to-date on your PC, you’ve likely become well-acquainted with the settings menu as you check the updates section for new 1Password goodies.  That menu has been spruced up with a new icon and a new home on the redesigned left-hand sidebar along with a new help menu — just in case you need a hand.  It looks pretty spiffy, but you may find yourself paying fewer visits to check for updates, because 1Password for Windows will now update automatically while it’s locked and let you know when an update is ready.  So grab that pencil again and cross that off your to-do list — let 1Password keep itself updated from now on.

Favorites and move and duplicate, oh my!

Now that your to-do list is a bit smaller, why not spend some of that extra time marking items as Favorites in 1Password 6 for Windows?  Go ahead and show your most used items how much you appreciate them by giving them a gold star and a special spot in your favorites tab for easy access.

It may be a bit late for Spring cleaning, but if your vaults are feeling a bit cluttered it’s still a great time to to tidy up a bit. You can now move your items to a new home in a new vault without having to go back and clean up the extra copy left behind.  If you want an extra copy, you can also duplicate an item.  Move Item, Duplicate and Add to Favorites can all be found in a handy menu when you right-click an item.

New digs for 1Password and a fresh look for mini

1Password for Windows got a modern makeover in 6.6 to help you peruse your items in style. From splitting Categories, Tags and Security into tabs to giving the left-hand sidebar a fresh new look, 1Password is dressed to impress.

1Password mini also got a fresh coat of paint, and whether you access it in your notification area or from the extension icon in your browser, mini is ready to help you quickly find the item you need with more options in the sidebar, including easy access to your newly gilded favorites.

Search superpowers for mini

Finally, you can now search for items in 1Password mini from the extension icon or the notification area, whether you’re already browsing the web or just getting started. Improved ranking ensures you see exact matches for the site you’re on right at the top of the list with close matches right below. If you know precisely what you’re looking for, enclose your search terms in quotes to perform a precision search and make sure 1Password mini is finding the item that’s just right.

But wait! There’s more!

These new features are also waiting for you just a click of the update button away:

  • The vault menu has been redesigned in the main 1Password window and 1Password mini and you can now select a 1Password account to view its vaults or search for vaults.
  • Control + Click on the 1Password icon in your notification area to open the main 1Password window.
  • 1Password now remembers the maximized and minimized window states when you close it and will restore in the same state when opened again.
  • Press the Control + Delete key on a selected item in the main 1Password window to quickly move it to the Trash.
  • Restore items from Trash right in 1Password for Windows.
  • 1Password now automatically saves any unsaved edit session if you attempt to edit another item, 1Password auto-locks, or the 1Password window has been closed.
  • Autosubmit and Display in browser options are now available in the Login editor.
  • Press the ESC key to cancel the auto-save dialog from the 1Password extension.

That’s not all either, check out the release notes for a complete list of all 89 features, improvements and fixes headed your way!

Give it a try today!

If you’re already using 1Password 6 for Windows, go ahead and check for updates one last time to enjoy the features above and many more.  If you’re still using 1Password 4 for Windows and are wondering what the fuss is all about, now is a great time to give a 1Password account a try.  It’s free for 30 days, so go ahead — start enjoying the awesome benefits of a 1Password account and check out the great new things 1Password 6 has to offer. : )

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  1. Adam Steen
    Adam Steen says:

    I would like to also add to the growing disappointment in not have a standalone 1Password 6 for Windows, like others above, i was under the impression it was not that far away.

    Everywhere wants a subscription these days, they add up and feel like the sucking us drying, i understand the business model, but don’t like it.

    Please release a Standalone 1Password 6 for Windows.

    • brenty
      brenty says:

      I hear you, Adam. Honestly, we’d have liked for 1Password 6 to have all of the features we want already too. But building an app from scratch takes a lot of time and effort, especially to do it right, and as far as 1Password 6 has come, we’ve still got a lot to do there before we can revisit “standalone”. Thanks for letting us know that’s important to you! However, even if many of us (myself included) aren’t really fond of that dirty word “subscription”, a membership has a lot to offer. I’d encourage you to give it a try and see for yourself, and we’re happy to help you at if you want to make that transition. :)

  2. Prashant
    Prashant says:

    does it work with Edge? Do you have any incentive for existing customers? I own license for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android apps :|

    • brenty
      brenty says:

      Ah, that’s got to be the question we get asked most frequently, Prashant! While 1Password 6 does not currently work with Edge, we’ve been working with Microsoft to support their new web browser. Nothing to announce today, but keep an eye on this space in the future and hopefully we’ll have more to share. And if you’d like to migrate to a membership to take advantage of the benefits it already offers today, shoot us an email at from your registered account and we’ll be happy to help. :)

  3. Sebastian
    Sebastian says:

    Great. Got here thinking there is finally an update to the Windows version but nope….. Again another company on the “Cloud-Subscription-Only-Model”, no new standalone version and still stuck using the old one. I will never switch to a subscription model, i’d rather pay for a licence.
    Yes version 4 will continue to work – for now. It is only a matter of time until you decide to break compatibility and then it is subscription only.

    Guess i will have to use a different Password Manager soon :I

    • brenty
      brenty says:

      Heya, Sebastian! I guess that’s one way of looking at it. I think the old adage “You get what you pay for” is generally true, but this is often viewed in a negative light. With 1Password, you do get what you pay for, and a lot more. While your license (“what you paid for”) never expires and you can keep using it indefinitely, I’m sure you’ve noticed that we haven’t been sitting still. Long-time customers have benefitted from years of updates that have brought new features and improvements that did not exist a the time of purchase (hence, “a lot more”).

      We also haven’t ever actually “decide[d] to break compatibility”, and the fact that I regularly interact with customers using really, really old versions of the app, on both outdated and recent OSes, is a testament to the hard work and care we put into making 1Password the best it can be. And if you opt-in to the beta channel, you’ll see that we’ve also got an update in the works for 1Password 4 so that you can continue to use it with browsers when they “break compatibility” later this year with some pretty big changes to the way extensions work. So it should continue to serve you well for a long time to come.

      However, you may want to consider a membership, since you can then always have the latest version across all of your devices, no matter what OS or browser changes you make in the future. You can try it for free for 30 days to see all of its benefits for yourself, and if you want to go that route we’re happy to help at to make that a smooth transition for you. Cheers! :)

  4. Sebastian
    Sebastian says:

    Great and now you even won’t approve comments because you know they are true. Looks like you’ve lost another customer :)

    Mark my words, Version 7 will be subscription only and will break compatibility with all other versions :P

    • brenty
      brenty says:

      Patience is virtue, Sebastian. ;)

      I can’t comment about 1Password 7, as it does not exist. But we can definitely take your suggestion into consideration if and when we get there. :)

  5. Gabriel
    Gabriel says:

    Great! You should enable transitions to make the App smooth, also enable / update to HiDPI and High Quality display icons. The app looks sharp in HiDPI monitors, but icons are very old and pixelated..

    • brenty
      brenty says:

      Heya, Gabriel! Since we’ve built 1Password 6 from the ground up using Microsoft’s latest tools, we get high DPI and a lot more automatically, and we’ll be adding some other things as well since we’re building a solid foundation. If you’re having trouble with the display, be sure to shoot us an email at so we can help. :)

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Gabriel! To add to Brenty’s comment, if it’s rich icons that are showing up fuzzy, do shoot us an e-mail and let us know which ones are problems. I can see what I can do to find spiffier ones. :)

  6. Jesse
    Jesse says:

    There is a lot of negativity in the comments in this post attributed to disappointment about the apparent disregard for 1Password 4 for Windows standalone users. I too am among them, as I’ve expressed in the discussion forums here, so I empathize with the sentiments expressed. I think there is a still a lingering sense of betrayal (or perhaps just misdirection) in my mind.

    However, I really appreciate how receptive and responsive you all at Agilebits have been in the forums over the past months, to suggestions for improvements on UI and behavior, and also seeking parity with the 1Password for MacOS app.

    I begrudgingly switched to Windows version 6 and then back to v4 for awhile, then back to v6 beta to test new features. I’m relatively satisfied, and happy to see these latest updates pushed to production. I still think, and have reported a few instances, that there is still a bit of distance between 1Password 6 for Windows and 1Password 6 for MacOS, so I look forward to your continued efforts.

    Circling back, though, in that same vein, it absolutely feels like you guys rushed and forced an early launch of v6 for Windows a year ago. To only get these features today, just playing catchup this entire time, is one of the things that made it feel like you were not acting in the best interest of your users/customers, and rather prioritizing a new subscription/profit model.

    Please continue your diligent work; you’re doing good work. Please also consider some sort of incentive for users switching from a standalone license to a account. I’m disappointed I didn’t ask in the beginning.

    -Jesse (@Jables on the forum)

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Thanks for the positive reinforcement, Jesse! We do work really hard to make as many folks happy as we can and I’m glad to hear it doesn’t go unnoticed.

      1Password 6 for Windows did get a fair amount of flack from those coming from 1Password 4 when it was first released (and I believe you and I have actually had some more in-depth discussions about this is previous support e-mails), but I’ll circle back again to the fact that no Windows app existed for accounts. 1Password 6 had to be built from scratch while both 1Password for 4 Windows and 1Password 6 for Mac had years to mature. 1Password 6 for Windows was a solid and functional app for those using 1Password account from the beginning and I think that’s a reasonable metric by which to measure it at that time.

      To provide my own perspective, I exclusively used a PC and had never used a standalone vault (and thus 1Password 4) before working at AgileBits. If you had asked me a year ago if I had problems with 1Password 6, I would have honestly told you I loved it. Did I envy rich icons and some of the 1Password mini functions on Mac once I fired it up later? Absolutely. But we have those now (yay!) and it worked perfectly for me back then.

      Of course, that doesn’t invalidate anyone’s concerns now nor does it mean we’ll stop working extra hard to bring new features to Windows. 1Password 4 stuck around to make sure that folks who didn’t think 1Password 6 fit their needs had a choice and for that same reason (among others), we continue supporting it today. 1Password 6 for Windows is very much a labor of love for us on the Windows team and for everyone at AgileBits and we are forever grateful that customers keep giving us new and wonderful ideas about how to make 1Password great. Keep ’em coming. :)

    • Jesse
      Jesse says:

      Thanks for the response, Kate! We did indeed share many a thread about migration. I do greatly appreciate your help.

      I hear everything you’re saying, and read all of your and Brenty’s previous responses. I understand your perspective, but I think in the end you’re just going to have to concede that it won’t satisfy (all) power users using multiple platforms or v4 upgraders.

      Like I said, though, much ground has now been covered, and I’m very grateful for the new release! So thank you to you and your team.

      Getting veterans used to the new model will just take time, and having a polished app will go a long way.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      I’m always happy to help, Jesse! I think we conceded a long time ago that not everyone will be happy, but that’s not going to stop me from trying! After all, it’s good to have lofty goals, even if they may not be achievable. We could always surprised ourselves. You’re absolutely right that it will take time and that’s fine. I’m just glad I can at least count you among the people I’ve managed to make happy along the way. :)

  7. Joe
    Joe says:

    Great update! Thanks for bringing this version up to feature parity with all of the other clients, including Windows v4!

  8. Martin Hartung
    Martin Hartung says:

    Honestly, you can keep all your software to yourself as long as you try to force your users to hook up on a subscription service. I loved to use 1Password for many years now but it seems as if this love comes to an end.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      I know it’s semantics, Martin, but not including local vault support (yet) is not forcing anyone to do anything. As we’ve said a few times already, if you want to continue using 1Password 4 and local vaults, you have our full support (both technical and otherwise). If you choose to update today, yes, an account is the only way to do so, but it remains your choice.

  9. arcsech
    arcsech says:

    On Oct. 14, 2016 (on this article: you posted in a reply to a comment of mine: “Just to mention right off the top, I have no plans to discontinue support for individual licenses”.

    This is another Windows release with no support for or even mention of individual licenses. Just announce that you’re EOL’ing everything but the subscription/membership/whatever licenses and stop lying that you intend to keep the individual licenses around or care about individual license customers.

    Or, I mean, actually do literally anything for us. The option to pay $40 for the new version would be cool. That would be my preferred option, but I understand you have a new business model and you gotta stick with it.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey arsech! First off, I really do appreciate your understanding about the subscription model, even if it’s not for you. I know it’s possible nothing I say will convince everyone (or perhaps anyone) expressing these concerns that we’re not discontinuing support for standalone, but I think one thing does bear repeating: no Windows app existed for accounts. Providing and updating an app for those who use 1Password accounts is not equivalent to abandoning standalone. I understand where y’all are coming from and why you might feel there’s an implication here, but I and the rest of our support team still provide support for customers using 1Password 4 (and thus standalone) every day, and we fully intend to keep doing it. Our Windows team is currently working on updating 1Password 4 as well so that it will continue to work when Chrome and Firefox make some changes in the near-ish future. We’re here for you too — whether you choose to use 1Password 6 and a 1Password account or not.

  10. Warren
    Warren says:

    I’ll just add my complaint and note my annoyance along with the others about you abandoning standalone licenses (you’ll say you haven’t, but really you have).

    I’ve read your replies and, while I can understand Teams and Families, you cannot honestly expect us to believe that individuals were begging you to charge them a subscription to get almost exactly the same as they get on the standalone. It beggars belief.

    Reading between the lines, you’ve accused those of us who have bought standalone licences and have the temerity to ask for maybe a bit of an update, which we are 100% prepared to pay for, of being cheapskates and wanting “something for nothing”.

    I also do not believe that your new Windows version could not be adapted for standalone. Honestly, you people are very clever but want us to believe, this is simply impossible. I’m not buying it.

    1Password has for years, been the best password manager on the market, and probably still is. I have recommended countless people to buy it, defending the (slightly extortionate) cost as being well worth it but now it seems greed had got the better of you and that is sad.

    I will never pay you a subscription…never. So once Windows 4 breaks, I’ll find a new password manager from developers that do not try to fleece it’s extremely loyal customers for gimmicks (travel mode – probably needed for about 2 countries in the world) and minor benefit (cross platform synchronisation when Dropbox works perfectly).


    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Believe me or not, Warren, individuals were asking for 1Password accounts. Just like an account isn’t for you, syncing via Dropbox isn’t for everyone either and many were looking for a different solution. Where you see more of the same, others see a sync solution with less set-up involved, an easier way to keep their apps up-to-date and any number of other benefits. Price is set by the developer, but value is in the mind of the buyer and will understandably differ from person to person.

      For what it’s worth, I absolutely do not think those wanting to use a standalone license with 1Password 6 are cheapskates at all and I’m sure Brenty feels the same. If anything we said is being interpreted that way, please know that was not our intent. Rather than cheapskates, I see folks who want something different than what we’re offering right now and that’s totally fine. I also don’t believe anyone has said 1Password 6 cannot be adapted to support standalone. It definitely can, it’s just not something we’re actively working on right now. If you choose not to use a 1Password account and to stick with 1Password 4 (for now), you have our full support, including access to our customer support team if you need us.

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