Introducing 1Password 6.6 for Windows

We’ve been hard at work on a major update for 1Password 6 for Windows and I’m so excited to finally share it with all of you.  1Password 6.6 for Windows is here and it is HUGE.  I can’t possibly discuss every new feature here – there are 24 brand new features and 89 total changes made – but I’ll highlight a few that I’m most excited about.

Rich icons

Rich icons now adorn your items in 1Password 6 for Windows. This seems like a small thing, but it was probably the most common feature request I saw and I was super stoked to see these little guys waiting to greet me when I unlocked 1Password this morning. I’m sure many of you now need to scratch one thing off of your wish list, but don’t put the pencil down just yet.  You’ll need it to check off a few more before you’re done reading.

Fully automatic updates

If you’ve been diligently keeping 1Password 6 up-to-date on your PC, you’ve likely become well-acquainted with the settings menu as you check the updates section for new 1Password goodies.  That menu has been spruced up with a new icon and a new home on the redesigned left-hand sidebar along with a new help menu — just in case you need a hand.  It looks pretty spiffy, but you may find yourself paying fewer visits to check for updates, because 1Password for Windows will now update automatically while it’s locked and let you know when an update is ready.  So grab that pencil again and cross that off your to-do list — let 1Password keep itself updated from now on.

Favorites and move and duplicate, oh my!

Now that your to-do list is a bit smaller, why not spend some of that extra time marking items as Favorites in 1Password 6 for Windows?  Go ahead and show your most used items how much you appreciate them by giving them a gold star and a special spot in your favorites tab for easy access.

It may be a bit late for Spring cleaning, but if your vaults are feeling a bit cluttered it’s still a great time to to tidy up a bit. You can now move your items to a new home in a new vault without having to go back and clean up the extra copy left behind.  If you want an extra copy, you can also duplicate an item.  Move Item, Duplicate and Add to Favorites can all be found in a handy menu when you right-click an item.

New digs for 1Password and a fresh look for mini

1Password for Windows got a modern makeover in 6.6 to help you peruse your items in style. From splitting Categories, Tags and Security into tabs to giving the left-hand sidebar a fresh new look, 1Password is dressed to impress.

1Password mini also got a fresh coat of paint, and whether you access it in your notification area or from the extension icon in your browser, mini is ready to help you quickly find the item you need with more options in the sidebar, including easy access to your newly gilded favorites.

Search superpowers for mini

Finally, you can now search for items in 1Password mini from the extension icon or the notification area, whether you’re already browsing the web or just getting started. Improved ranking ensures you see exact matches for the site you’re on right at the top of the list with close matches right below. If you know precisely what you’re looking for, enclose your search terms in quotes to perform a precision search and make sure 1Password mini is finding the item that’s just right.

But wait! There’s more!

These new features are also waiting for you just a click of the update button away:

  • The vault menu has been redesigned in the main 1Password window and 1Password mini and you can now select a 1Password account to view its vaults or search for vaults.
  • Control + Click on the 1Password icon in your notification area to open the main 1Password window.
  • 1Password now remembers the maximized and minimized window states when you close it and will restore in the same state when opened again.
  • Press the Control + Delete key on a selected item in the main 1Password window to quickly move it to the Trash.
  • Restore items from Trash right in 1Password for Windows.
  • 1Password now automatically saves any unsaved edit session if you attempt to edit another item, 1Password auto-locks, or the 1Password window has been closed.
  • Autosubmit and Display in browser options are now available in the Login editor.
  • Press the ESC key to cancel the auto-save dialog from the 1Password extension.

That’s not all either, check out the release notes for a complete list of all 89 features, improvements and fixes headed your way!

Give it a try today!

If you’re already using 1Password 6 for Windows, go ahead and check for updates one last time to enjoy the features above and many more.  If you’re still using 1Password 4 for Windows and are wondering what the fuss is all about, now is a great time to give a 1Password account a try.  It’s free for 30 days, so go ahead — start enjoying the awesome benefits of a 1Password account and check out the great new things 1Password 6 has to offer. : )

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  1. Midmomac
    Midmomac says:

    There really isn’t too much else to say here. It seems you’ve decided that a subscription model is going to be your only options down the line. I believe you’re going to find out, financially, how poor a decision this is. For years I have recommended your product, but there’s no way to convince the person without the password manager that they need a subscription to manage passwords. It just isn’t going to happen.

    I certainly don’t mind paying for something that I use regularly. So my issue is not so much with the subscription, but with the lack of an option for me to control my own password vault location. You missed the point that was the beauty of your product. I can choose where to sync my vault.

    The only thing left to say is the advice I would give to any company. Listen to your customers. I don’t believe the firestorm of unhappy customers has even begun yet. It will. Now is the time to reevaluate your position and remove this requirement to use your cloud in the future. Provide a reasonable upgrade cost for your customers to continue to work in the mode they choose, not the mode do you choose. If you don’t even your loyal customers will reevaluate their use of your product.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Midmomac! We haven’t decided that a 1Password membership will be the only option down the line. That said, I fully understand why our Windows users feel this is the case given our decision to stop selling 1Password 4 for Windows. I don’t want to downplay these concerns, but I do want to reiterate that standalone licenses are still available on other platforms. I know this makes no practical difference if you didn’t already purchase 1Password 4 and Windows is part of your 1Password ecosystem, but I hope it serves as some evidence that membership-only isn’t a foregone conclusion.

      As for standalone vaults in general, 1Password 6 for Windows was built specifically for 1Password membership customers because we could not add membership support to 1Password 4, not because we are planning to eliminate standalone vaults. I understand that I can only do so much to alleviate fears right now because we still do not know if and when standalone vault support will be added to 1Password 6. I do hope the fact that we’re still supporting 1Password 4 helps at least a bit. We’d love to add standalone vaults to 1Password 6, but there’s enough left on the membership to-do list that we’re just not sure we’ll be able to make it happen and I don’t want to make promises we can’t keep.

      The only thing left to say is the advice I would give to any company. Listen to your customers.

      This is always solid advice. As our Minister of Magic recently told all of us here at AgileBits, all we can do is keep working hard to make the best 1Password we possibly can in order to make the most people happy that we possibly can. Listening to our customers is an important part of ensuring we’re living up to that, particularly when they’re sharing criticism. I hope we’ve shown we’re always willing to sit down and chat and if there’s ever anything you think we’re not hearing, our inbox is always open. ❤️ 🙂

  2. Virl
    Virl says:

    What a betrayal. I guess I will never buy 1Password, because with new versions you’re forcing me to store my private data in your insecure cloud.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Virl! While we’re not focusing on standalone vaults in 1Password 6 for Windows, we have no intention of forcing folks using them to switch. If you already have a license for 1Password 4 for Windows, you’re absolutely welcome to keep using it to access your standalone vaults. We don’t know for sure if we’ll get around to adding standalone vaults to 1Password 6 for Windows, much as we’d like to, but that doesn’t mean they’re going away.🙂

      As for the security of 1Password memberships, I’ll point you to a recent comment by Jeff Goldberg, our Chief Defender Against the Dark Arts. As Jeff stated, syncing via is far from insecure and, depending on how you sync your standalone vaults, may well be more secure than other sync methods. Of course, we want to ensure our security is top notch, so we’ve still invited security experts to prove us wrong.

      At the end of the day, what matters is that you feel comfortable with where your encrypted data is stored and we don’t just want you taking our word that your data is safe. Check out this article about our security design or our Security Design White Paper (PDF). If a 1Password membership still isn’t for you, that’s okay. Where and how you store your sensitive data should always be your choice. No matter what you choose, we wish you the best. Just stay safe out there and keep using strong, unique passwords wherever your journey takes you. ❤️

  3. George
    George says:

    I’m a 1Password4 for Windows license holder. I’ve read many of these exchanges and I’m perplexed by them. 1Password6 was created specifically for those using the subscription service and 1Password cloud, because they didn’t have an application at all, so using the service was cumbersome and a poor experience. Correct?

    Who cares? I’m running 4.6 on Windows 10 and I also have the Android app. I use Dropbox. It works for me. Why would I need an upgrade anyway?

    As long as 1Password continues browser support for 1Password4, what’s the big deal? I’m not upset that they changed their model or created a product for it. I’ll save my outrage for the day (if it comes) that they stop updating the browser extensions for 1Password4 and make it too difficult to use, or obsolete.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey George! Thank you for your support and I’m glad 1Password 4 is still working well for you. We did just update it to support future changes to Firefox and Chrome, so if you’re up-to-date we’ve got your browser support covered. 🙂

      I hope we can one day entice you with a 1Password membership, but for now, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? We’ll keep 1Password 4 in shape for you and if find yourself pondering an upgrade, we can talk then.😉

  4. Chuck
    Chuck says:

    I’m interested in standalone support in 1password 6. I just want 1password for windows to support having more than one vault open at a time; the same as Mac. I have a family license and use both platforms.

    I’m not interested in hearing more marketing speak about the greatness of 1password accounts, or how we can keep using 1password 4, or about how difficult it is for you to update the 1password 4 MFC app (or whatever framework) to hit new web services. There were options, you just decided they were more work than you wanted to put into the 1password 4 code base.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Chuck! I know we still waffled a bit on the Windows side of things and that’s precisely because we’ve learned from earlier mistakes there. 1Password 6 for Windows is less than a year old and we still have a long list of things we want to add, including standalone vaults. That said, with the current focus being on 1Password accounts, we just don’t know when or if they’ll be added. New Windows customers also overwhelmingly choose 1Password accounts (yes, this happened even before we stopped selling 1Password 4). To me, this shows we’re doing something right here, even if not everyone is happy about it.

      As Dave has said before, we were definitely too optimistic about adding standalone vaults to 1Password 6 for Windows, and we failed to deliver on the timeline we were hoping for. We feel really bad about that, because we don’t want y’all to feel like we’re misleading or abandoning you. I know the time it has taken means the very statements in this reply often fall on deaf ears, so it makes things harder for us too. We are eternally grateful to our standalone customers for your support over the years and it’s hard enough to find the words to express that gratitude without the specter of past mistakes lurking over our efforts.

      This is one of the reasons for Dave’s rule about talking roadmaps. We don’t want to make that mistake again. The unpredictable nature of building new but unproven things can easily turn us into liars if we’re not careful. Although the particular issue of support for standalone vaults only recently rose to greater prominence, this is actually something Dave and the team have been discussing for some time. This lengthy discussion history meant we felt as comfortable as we ever do bending the rules, but we can still only bend them so far.

      The honest truth is that we don’t know whether standalone vaults will be added to 1Password 6 for Windows. It remains true that this is something we’d like to do, but we don’t want to make the same mistake twice and conflate things we’d like to do with things that we know will get done. We hear you and we are listening. We may be slower than we’d like at times, but we’ll keep doing our very best to turn you into happy 1Passowrd customer too.🙂

  5. freediverx
    freediverx says:

    Your core user base cares about security, not about silly features meant to protect clueless newbies. I will never use a password manager that requires my passwords to be stored by the vendor. I don’t care if the data is encrypted and AgileBits doesn’t have the keys. There’s no need to force an additional attack vector on what was otherwise a secure product.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey freediverx! As I’ve mentioned before, value is in the eye of the consumer. We think everyone deserves security, no matter their technical prowess, so we do see value in features that protect those less well-equipped to protect themselves. Of course, that doesn’t mean these features have value to you personally and that’s okay. Adding value for others doesn’t need to be in conflict with maintaining value for you. If you’re happy with your standalone vaults, we’re happy to keep supporting them. 🙂

  6. freediverx
    freediverx says:

    I’m going to save my breath though (others can look at our families, teams, and personal announcements if interested)

    I have no use for family or team features. As far as “personal” features are concerned, your link led me to this:

    get 6 months free!
    I have no interest in a free trial of something I don’t want in the first place.
    Built-in automatic sync across all devices
    But I already have perfectly functional cross-device sync using my existing iCloud account.
    Data loss protection
    In the several years I’ve been using 1Password I’ve never had this problem. Regardless, that’s what my Time Machine backups are for.
    Web access to your data on
    This is something I explicitly do NOT want, as I remain convinced that making my account accessible online creates an unnecessary attack vector and increases the chances of a future breach, despite AgileBits’ best efforts to prevent one.
    Item History for restoring deleted or changed items
    1Password 6 already provides access to previously used passwords.
    Secure Document storage
    No need for this. This goes well beyond my desired scope for a password manager.
    Brand new multi-factor security model
    Only relevant for online access to passwords, to which I’ve already indicated my objection.

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      More power to you, Freediverx. If things are perfect for you, that’s fantastic! There’s no need to fix what isn’t broken. Many others really enjoy these new features and are happy they exist. At the end of the day, however, it’s all about what floats your boat and if standalone vaults are your thing, great! Please continue to enjoy them.



  7. Gabriel
    Gabriel says:


    Allow us to select what items we want to erase permanently from Trash – Archived Items and what items we want to keep there to restore.
    Disable history in case we don’t change password. I changed the icon for login item and it generated an old version item.
    Update home page, i already saved PDF Kit, but it always suggest me to do that.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Gabriel! Thanks for the feedback! Item history is a newer feature, so we’d love to do more with it. I agree that having more control over what is and isn’t stored in item history could be handy. If you have tons of items, I could see it getting tough to navigate pretty quickly. I’ll be sure to pass your feedback along to our developers. 🙂

      As for the website nagging you about the Emergency Kit, it shouldn’t be pestering you if you already saved one. I’ll let our website developers know about it. We never want you to lose access to your data and the best way to prevent that is making sure you have an Emergency Kit handy in case anything happens, so maybe we’re being a bit overzealous. 😉 In the meantime, I’d give humoring the website a try. Next time it asks, just download one and make sure it matches the one you have, just to be safe. You can never be too careful. ❤️

  8. Chuck
    Chuck says:


    Thanks for answering my question.

    I either want to be able to open multiple vaults in 1 password 4 or I want to be able to use standalone vaults in 1password 6– that looks a lot more like the OS X version of the application.

    I won’t consider upgrading or paying for a subscription unless the windows version of 1password more closely matches the Mac version in features and also has standalone vault support. There are uses for that even for people that use I have partially migrated from Macs in recent years, and found that the Mac version of 1password is much better than version 4 of windows 1password.

    I hope you can prioritize putting standalone vaults into 1password 6. I would be happy to pay for that upgrade. it would also keep me (and some other people, from the comments here) in the 1password ecosystem.

    p.s. As a windows (.NET, C++, etc) developer, it would be interesting to know the real reason you could not upgrade 1password 4 to use features. My wild guess is that you ran into an issue with wininet certificate and/or cipher support and didn’t want to port it to a new framework. It seems like 1password 6 already has most of the code in place to support vaults– it handles the same functionality from the “cloud” vaults, after all.

    Best of luck with your company.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Chuck! I hear ya on standalone vaults. While I can’t say they’re right around the corner or anything, they’re a consistent topic of conversation and we’re well aware of the need. For the moment, I hope that keeping 1Password 4 up and running will tide you over until we’re able to dedicate the time to building them properly. As a developer yourself, I’m sure you can understand the need to juggle competing priorities and the unpredictable nature of code. I hope we have only easy tasks ahead of us and are pleasantly surprised by how quickly the to-do list shrinks, but I know better than to get my hopes too high. 😉

      As for 1Password 4 and 1Password memberships, I’m not a developer myself, but I’ve been told the code base was just too old to support an internal database and that this was the primary sticking point. Regarding standalone vaults in 1Password 6, the very basic framework was there in the past, but standalone vaults were never especially functional in 1Password 6. 1Password 6 has never been able to write to a standalone vault, for example, so adding or editing items wasn’t possible. The read framework was necessary for importing at first and now that it’s not, its removal has eliminated some obstacles that will help with everything we still need to accomplish moving forward. I’ve quickly learned that there’s little correlation between the fanciness of a feature and the ease of adding it. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that are the hardest to build, but we’ll keep chugging along all the same.🙂

  9. K.C.
    K.C. says:

    I still don’t understand why you won’t allow people to buy a license for 1Password 4 if you are still “supporting” it. Obviously that is something that your customers still want. If you claim to be doing what is best for your customers, why deny them what they want/need? Also, if I need another license for my household, do I have no other option than to switch to a membership account? That doesn’t sound very much like “supporting standalone users” to me.

    I also had to take a moment to refrain from laughing out loud when you said that most people were buying the membership accounts over standalone prior to the time when you stopped selling licenses for 1Password 4. That was probably due to the fact that the purchase page for 1Password 4 was buried under several links and pages, and nigh impossible to reach (trust me, I Skyped with several friends/relatives to help them purchase a license, and it was a PITA). You can claim what you want, or try to kid yourselves, but don’t neglect to take into account what making something very hard to find/buy will do to your marketing numbers. I think people chose membership accounts, as they had no other choice.

    The final thing I’ll mention is that I’m tired of hearing about how the majority of your customers are choosing the subscription account model. I can’t believe that for a second, especially when the major selling point of 1Password was the standalone vaults. With all the negative comments I’m seeing here, on twitter, and numerous articles online (do a quick google search), it just feels like additional slaps in the face when you keep telling us it is what everyone wants and is the “best for us”. We’re fine deciding what is best for us, and I’ll echo the thoughts that others have shared and tell you that the “best thing for YOU to do” is to add support for standalone vaults in 1Password 6, so your huge initial base of customers doesn’t eventually fade away.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey, K.C.!

      I still don’t understand why you won’t allow people to buy a license for 1Password 4 if you are still “supporting” it.

      We stopped selling 1Password 4 when the decision was made to stop actively developing it. Much like a 1Password membership, your license for any version of 1Password includes the ongoing development of that version. A portion of what you pay for is gone when we’re not continuing to develop a particular version of the app and we didn’t feel right asking folks to pay for it. Of course, if folks are still set on standalone vaults and 1Password 4 even knowing that 1Password 4 is only getting the updates necessary to keep it secure and compatible with the newest browsers and whatnot, they can give us a shout and I’m sure we can work with them.

      That was probably due to the fact that the purchase page for 1Password 4 was buried under several links and pages

      Actually, there was a link right in the app to purchase it and the app itself was available on our downloads page, beyond being available in our store (which I found as the top Google result for “purchase 1Password license”). I won’t say that marketing played no role whatsoever (I’m sure it did), but Windows is only part of the equation here as well. 1Password 6 for Mac has also been available in our store as well as via in-app purchase from the Mac App Store as has been the case since we made the switch to an in-app purchase.

      Ultimately, I only have my own experience in support to judge by, but as someone who spends the majority of her time on 1Password for Windows support, I’ve dealt with the license vs. membership discussion more than most. I’ve seen folks go both ways, but I’d actually estimate I’ve seen more new customers choose a membership when directly presented with both options. In reality, however, these numbers are neither here nor there so long as our customers are happy with the product they purchase. I’ve hardly seen anyone unhappy with a 1Password membership, including those who have made the decision to switch from standalone and 1Password 4. No matter how you choose to use 1Password, if y’all are happy, I’m happy. 🙂

      We’re fine deciding what is best for us

      We’re fine with that too. Advice is not a demand or requirement, after all. I’ll often tell the Wataburger loyalists here in South Texas that Steak N Shake has the best hamburgers, because they cook their burgers fresh and Frisco sauce is some sort of magical concoction created by wizards of tastiness. Some folks don’t need or want my advice about burgers, but I love me some Frisco melts and their reluctance won’t stop me from extolling the virtues of my favorite greasy meal. Just so with 1Password memberships. We think they’re the best for most folks for the reasons we’ve enumerated, but the final decision is yours. 🙂

  10. Kc Asante
    Kc Asante says:

    Wow! you folks have angered a lot of people!
    I was planning on jumping on here and expressing my disappointment as a standalone license user that the push to subscriptions just isn’t something I’m going to be doing. I was quite frustrated that 1Password 6 can only be used on the mac side with my license and on windows we’re being nickel n’ dimmed, but it seems I don’t need to.
    After reading this whole post I’ll just say, count me among those who hopes you guys change your mind and start offering us standalone license users some more upgrade options in the near future. 1Password is really great software and I too have evangelized it to friends and family for years. But if the subscription model is the only option moving forward, I suspect it’s only a matter of time before we all move onto another solution that doesn’t force monthly subscriptions.
    To those who read and reply to these posts I say keep up the good work. It wasn’t easy reading through all this; I can only imagine what you guys go through all day fielding so much customer frustration. Hopefully the decision makers at your company will see all this and make better decisions in the future.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Kc! Rather than regurgitating what’s already been said, I’ll just point you to a recent post Dave wrote about 1Password memberships and standalone vaults/licenses. While we’re not promising standalone vaults in 1Password 6 for Windows, Dave’s post should help provide some clarity on 1Password memberships generally. I can tell you right now that we have no plans to eliminate standalone licenses, but feel free to give the linked post a gander if you’re interested in more details. 🙂

  11. Lin
    Lin says:

    For years I accept the fact the windows version of 1password is light-year behind the Mac one because possibly everywhere the companies are holding the belief that windows users are not picky and it is safe to keep them in an older version. I bought licenses for mac version (which has been in version 6 for, like, centuries) and windows version (which has been in version 4 even longer). I sync my data between my PC (for work) and my Mac (for a bit travel).I sync with my google drive and I never complained. I even had the iOS version until I traded in my iPhone. I could not remember how many times I have recommended this to my friends. When I have to reinstall a new copy on my PC this week, I was thrilled to find the version 6 for windows. But now, you are simply telling me there is no plan for standalone version 6 for windows? Gosh, you have version 6 in the so-called subscription and you simply didn’t want to allow an update from 4 to 6 for windows user. That’s nonsense and it’s apparently a bias against old user like me. I am not even looking for a free update. The reason I selected 1password and bought licenses for both mac and windows is that I believe an excellent tool like 1password deserves my support. For passwords and identities, I always prefer a paid tool which has more credits than free tools.
    But now you are disappointing. I am not buying it. To be honest, I don’t believe a word you said regarding the abandoning of standalone windows 6.
    What is the key of successful password manager?
    Easy to use?
    Cloud and cross-platform convenience?
    Bullshit. None of these is a real selling point. Even the bank got hacked, in this era of cloud computing.

    It is trust. Pure and simple.
    And you lost mine.


    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Lin! Although I understand why you’re frustrated, I still hate hearing that folks feel we’re purposefully neglecting any given group of 1Password customers. The focus on 1Password memberships in 1Password 6 for Windows has nothing to do with any desire to lock standalone users out of an upgrade. Each platform necessarily has its own road map. These are native apps designed to integrate with your operating system and make full use of all the features and benefits each provides. On Mac, that road map included adding 1Password memberships to the existing 1Password 6 for Mac because the app had the necessary features to do so already. On Windows, that road map included developing a completely new app for 1Password memberships while maintaining 1Password 4 for standalone vaults because 1Password 4 did not have those necessary features needed to support 1Password memberships. If it did, perhaps the road maps would have looked a bit more similar.

      That does mean 1Password for Windows moves a bit slower than 1Password for Mac at times. Every feature needs to be built from scratch, including standalone vaults. It also means the future is a lot more uncertain. I’ll never claim that any development is easy, but it’s much harder to predict how quickly we can develop something completely new than it is to predict that we will not take away something that already exists. I can safely say we will not take anything away from 1Password 4 and that we’ll do everything we can to make sure it keeps working well for you. I can’t yet take that leap and say we’ll be able to finish building the Windows app we want our 1Password membership customers to have and have the time and development resources remaining to build standalone vault support into 1Password 6 as well.

      Of course, we do know that trust is an important part of choosing a password manager and trust always has to be earned. Security and transparency play a role in earning that trust, but so does honesty. Perhaps, especially, honesty in the face of criticism and honesty when we know what we have to say will be met with disappointment (or even hostility). That honesty is the one thing I do my best to maintain when talking about 1Password 6 for Windows, both in these comments and elsewhere. I cannot say that 1Password 6 absolutely will get standalone vault support while maintaining that commitment to honesty. I can say that we’d like for 1Password 6 for Windows to get standalone vault support, but I’m not going to make promises I’m uncertain we can keep.

      I hope that’s enough to get folks who are frustrated about standalone vaults on Windows to stick around. For those who do stick with us, we’ll keep taking care of 1Password 4 to make sure it keeps taking care of you. We’ll continue to keep you updated about what the future holds for 1Password 6, and, as soon as we know we can keep promises about standalone vaults, we’ll be happy to make them. 😊

  12. Tamer Aydogdu
    Tamer Aydogdu says:

    You went out of your way to be able to make 1password a subscription so that you could sell it as SaaS. You even killed what made your product different than other products in the market: The data used to be stored locally and the users were in total control over it. Not any more.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Tamer! We introduced 1Password memberships to address certain pain points for a large group of customers, but we haven’t abandoned standalone licenses or vaults. We love 1Password memberships and they’ve done a really great job of addressing those problems, but we continue to support 1Password 4 for Windows for folks on Windows who want to stick with standalone vaults and 1Password 7 for Windows as well as 1Password 7 for Mac will also include support for standalone vaults and be available as licensed products for a one-time fee. Standalone licenses and standalone vaults are also still available in 1Password 6 for Mac, just as they’ve always been.

      We do believe that a 1Password membership will be the best option for most of our new customers (and even some who have been with us for a while), but we know they’re not for everyone and that’s a-okay by us. Although your data is always your own and an encrypted local cache of your data is maintained on your devices no matter where you choose to store your vaults, we know standalone vaults are important to many of our customers and don’t want to take that option away from you. 1Password memberships are awesome and we may spend some time trying to convince you to give one a try, but standalone vaults are here to stay now and in 1Password 7.🙂

  13. Alex Zonin
    Alex Zonin says:

    After reading countless complaints about the departure from standalone I am definitely +1 in favor of the old model. Sounds like one/some of the head honchos had a “brilliant idea” to do this membership thing, and the employees just have to nod in agreement. Somebody there has to stand up and tell Jeff, Roustem, and Dave that you have to do both models in parallel. Maybe make an online poll among your current users, to see what we think?

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Alex! Far from being mere yes-men (yes-people?) we really do like 1Password memberships. They address some very real needs for many of our new and existing customers as Dave discusses in this post. I personally answer at least one ticket per day where I think, “If only this person had a 1Password membership, I could fix this …” That doesn’t mean 1Password memberships are for everyone, but they really do prevent a lot of potentially catastrophic problems some folks were encountering with the “old model.” I genuinely prefer my 1Password membership and, though some of my teammates disagree with me, I’m not alone either.

      Of course, we want that choice to be preserved and have done our best to ensure it is preserved. We still support 1Password 4 for Windows for folks who want to stick with standalone vaults and the option to use standalone vaults has remained in the latest version of the apps on all other devices. This is one reason we were a bit taken aback by the sudden uproar. Both standalone licenses and memberships have been available side-by-side since we launched 1Password memberships and we have never had any intention of changing this. Contrary to the (very reasonable and understandable) interpretations of many, no one needed any convincing that standalone vaults needed to stick around.

      Of course, I do think we needed to do a better job of explaining why Windows was (and still is for a bit) in the state it was/is in. 1Password 6 does not support standalone vaults, but 1Password 4 does. 1Password 4 does not (and cannot) support 1Password memberships, but 1Password 6 does. This doesn’t mean (and never did mean) standalone vaults were going away. It just meant we needed to spend some time on a Windows app for folks who choose a 1Password membership so they could use their membership on Windows too and have access to all the great features our standalone customers already had in 1Password 4. We’ve since put some additional effort towards explaining this better and I have needed to write fewer of these replies lately, so I do think it’s be working. 🙂

      We’re now at a point where folks who choose a 1Password membership have an app we’re pretty proud of in 1Password 6 and we’re ready to start the reunification process in 1Password 7 as I discuss at the end of this post. I hope this has gone a step further towards demonstrating there are no plans to get rid of standalone vaults and that we can continue to set minds at ease as we’re able to share more about 1Password 7 moving forward. You’re absolutely right that both can exist in tandem and that’s what we’ve been doing and what we plan to continue doing with 1Password 7 – no convincing of anyone required.😉

  14. Balibe
    Balibe says:

    It appears users are upset and 1Password is just defending their choices in this Blog. Show us the requests from all your loyal customers requesting a subscription model versus the previous model …..

    What a waste to the valued customers that have been with you for years like me. More so for the customers that have been here since the beginning, I feel for ya …..

    The new iOs is no longer syncing with DropBox, my standalone and paid for PC version can no longer find the file. I looked in DropBox and the file no longer exists.

    While I can understand what some people may want with a paid subscription. What about the people that supported you all these years and don’t want a monthly subscription? You just ignore them and push them to a subscription with our data now stored on your servers? Equifax repeat on everything I have stored on your servers one day ????

    $35.88 a year for single user ….. $59.88 a year for a family ….. appears to be a high price per month with no discount for a user to purchase a yearly subscription.

    I have recommended your product to friends for years. Some of them are now regretting the 1Password recommendation I provided them. I no longer recommended you product to anyone …..

    As it appears the future of 1Password is based on generating monthly income versus providing a great product at a reasonable price, you have lost another customer and all recommendation to anyone I know.

    In closing ….. Thanks for the all years where you provided a great product at a reasonable price. I hope you relook at what built your company and not forget your long time supporters …..


    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Balibe!

      The new iOs is no longer syncing with DropBox, my standalone and paid for PC version can no longer find the file. I looked in DropBox and the file no longer exists.

      I wanted to start here, even though I’m going out of order, because although this is certainly not intentional, it’s still not cool. 1Password for iOS absolutely should still sync with Dropbox, and your vault should remain on Dropbox unless you’ve elect to delete your data from Dropbox. Of course, we are not immune from things going wrong and, whether you choose a standalone vault or a 1Password membership, we are always here to help when things do go wrong. I’ve sent you an e-mail from our support system requesting some additional information so that I can help you get your standalone vault(s) syncing properly again.🙂

      It appears users are upset and 1Password is just defending their choices in this Blog.

      Folks are upset, but I think there’s some confusion about what our decision was in the first place and my goal in responding to these comments has been moreso to explain that decision. Understandably, some folks have taken our choice to keep 1Password 6 for Windows membership-only as a decision to abandon licenses and standalone vaults. In reality, this decision was made because we couldn’t update 1Password 4 for Windows to support 1Password memberships and we wanted to make sure folks who did choose a membership had an awesome app. So we built 1Password 6 from scratch and, in order to get it ready as quickly as possible, we kept 1Password 4 for our standalone customers rather than immediately adding standalone vaults to 1Password 6. We’ve continued to support standalone vaults alongside 1Password memberships and, now that folks who choose a 1Passowrd membership have an app we’re proud of in 1Password 6, we’re working on bringing everyone back together in 1Password 7 for Windows.

      What about the people that supported you all these years and don’t want a monthly subscription? You just ignore them and push them to a subscription with our data now stored on your servers?

      I’m always saddened when I hear this because I spend a good chunk of my time supporting our standalone customers and I hate hearing that y’all feel ignored. In my collection of support requests I’m working on from our Windows customers, well over half of them are from our standalone customers, but there is still clearly something we’re doing that is making folks feel ignored. If it’s the lack of an upgraded app for standalone vaults on Windows, we’re already working on that of course, but if there’s anything else we’re doing that’s giving that impression, I’d like to work towards changing it. Standalone vaults aren’t going anywhere. 1Password memberships are great and we’ll definitely end up talking about them a lot (probably on occasion to folks who don’t want to hear about them), but how you use 1Password is always your choice and we’ll never ignore you based upon that choice. If there’s something we’re doing that’s giving the impression we are ignoring you, I want to fix it.

      Thanks for the all years where you provided a great product at a reasonable price. I hope you relook at what built your company and not forget your long time supporters

      We’re happy to continue providing a great product at a great price and I hope some of what I’ve mentioned here helps you feel more comfortable sticking with us and continuing to recommend 1Password to your friends. What constitutes a great product at a great price is, of course, different for each of us. I genuinely love my 1Password membership because not having to manage sync, having my parents be able to recover my account for me if I forget my Master Password, and having emergency access to my items in my browser is important to me but that doesn’t mean everyone feels the same way. At the end of the day, it’s about what is a great product for you and what works for your budget. We want all of our customers, both new to 1Password and folks who have been with us from the beginning, to be able to choose what works best for your needs and your budget. For that exact reason, we’ve continued supporting both standalone vaults and 1Password memberships and will continue to do so with 1Passowrd 7. 🙂

  15. Stephen de Saulles
    Stephen de Saulles says:

    Another dissapointed user here, I use Windows 10 + OSX + iOS and loved the fact I could have a single database, located where I wanted, that linked seamlessly between all three platforms. Loved the fact all three versions were very similar to use. Was totally happy to pay for upgrades where I could see a jump in performance, which is exactly what I’ve done on all platforms.

    Like others, have been waiting and hoping for an upgrade to the now ageing 1P4W.
    Windows 1P4 is now way behind the 1P6 on OSX, User Interface, categories etc are quite different.

    So, over to subscription. Everyone is doing it so no surprise I suppose, “follow the dough” as we say in the UK, more money in that model and a predictable revenue stream.

    I think I will be looking for an update of what the 1Password offering used to be, but reading here it looks as if that sadly won’t be from 1Password. Ho hum, I’ve been a great advocate of 1Password over the years, there must be at least 20 people who have followed my recommendation to use it over the last few years, particularly people who have to use both Mac and PC. A new search begins.

    Totally understand you need to maximise revenue, so hope it goes well, I’m imagine corporates will be keener to adopt than individuals, which is clearly a priority as they have the deep pockets.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Stephen! The idea that standalone vaults and 1Password memberships are mutually exclusive is an understandably common misconception among our Windows customers, but we have no intention of ditching one for the other. 1Password memberships are great and they address a lot of problems many of our customers were encountering with standalone vaults as mentioned in Dave’s post here. That said, contrary to this popular belief we’re in the process of doing the opposite of switching to subscription-only and are, in fact, working on bringing our standalone customers and membership customers back together using the same app in 1Password 7 for Windows, as discussed at the end of this more recent post. We love 1Password memberships, but we also love you and don’t want to force you to choose a 1Password membership if it’s not something that works for you (even if we may try to nudge you that way a bit).❤️

      I mentioned that feeling we’re moving away from standalone vaults is reasonable, particularly if you’re a Windows person and that’s due in no small part to 1Password 4. 1Password 4 has many fans, but you’re right that it’s starting to show its age and could do with an update. When we first started offering 1Password memberships, our intent was to build on the existing apps across platforms. Ultimately, however, we found that just couldn’t be done with 1Password 4. Enter 1Password 6. 1Password 6 was built from the ground up to support 1Password memberships, which was no small task on its own. This led us to decide that our resources were best spent building up 1Password 6 for those who wanted a 1Password membership and to continue supporting 1Password 4 in the meantime for folks who preferred standalone vaults. Since our focus has been on building up 1Password 6, I can definitely understand the feeling that we were moving away from standalone vaults, even though the intent was always to add standalone vault support to 1Password 6 later on.

      We didn’t like creating this schism. It’s more work for us to be supporting two separate Windows apps and it’s a pain for y’all to have to think about which app you need. The intent all along has been to arrive where we are today. We’re now at a point where we are able to shift focus to bringing standalone vaults back to the latest Windows app and that’s exactly what we’re working on. We don’t have an ETA on 1Password 7 for Windows just yet, but it will include support for standalone vaults and be available as a standalone licensed app in addition to being free for folks with a 1Password membership.

      Above all things, 1Password is about making security an easy choice for everyone. We feel 1Password memberships are leaps and bounds ahead of standalone vaults in addressing the “easy” aspect, but the “choice” bit is still very important and we want to preserve the choice to purchase a standalone license and use standalone vaults if that’s what you prefer. Folks seem to think we can only offer 1Password memberships or standalone licenses, but we see no reason we can’t just have both.🙂

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