Introducing 1Password 6.6 for Windows

We’ve been hard at work on a major update for 1Password 6 for Windows and I’m so excited to finally share it with all of you.  1Password 6.6 for Windows is here and it is HUGE.  I can’t possibly discuss every new feature here – there are 24 brand new features and 89 total changes made – but I’ll highlight a few that I’m most excited about.

Rich icons

Rich icons now adorn your items in 1Password 6 for Windows. This seems like a small thing, but it was probably the most common feature request I saw and I was super stoked to see these little guys waiting to greet me when I unlocked 1Password this morning. I’m sure many of you now need to scratch one thing off of your wish list, but don’t put the pencil down just yet.  You’ll need it to check off a few more before you’re done reading.

Fully automatic updates

If you’ve been diligently keeping 1Password 6 up-to-date on your PC, you’ve likely become well-acquainted with the settings menu as you check the updates section for new 1Password goodies.  That menu has been spruced up with a new icon and a new home on the redesigned left-hand sidebar along with a new help menu — just in case you need a hand.  It looks pretty spiffy, but you may find yourself paying fewer visits to check for updates, because 1Password for Windows will now update automatically while it’s locked and let you know when an update is ready.  So grab that pencil again and cross that off your to-do list — let 1Password keep itself updated from now on.

Favorites and move and duplicate, oh my!

Now that your to-do list is a bit smaller, why not spend some of that extra time marking items as Favorites in 1Password 6 for Windows?  Go ahead and show your most used items how much you appreciate them by giving them a gold star and a special spot in your favorites tab for easy access.

It may be a bit late for Spring cleaning, but if your vaults are feeling a bit cluttered it’s still a great time to to tidy up a bit. You can now move your items to a new home in a new vault without having to go back and clean up the extra copy left behind.  If you want an extra copy, you can also duplicate an item.  Move Item, Duplicate and Add to Favorites can all be found in a handy menu when you right-click an item.

New digs for 1Password and a fresh look for mini

1Password for Windows got a modern makeover in 6.6 to help you peruse your items in style. From splitting Categories, Tags and Security into tabs to giving the left-hand sidebar a fresh new look, 1Password is dressed to impress.

1Password mini also got a fresh coat of paint, and whether you access it in your notification area or from the extension icon in your browser, mini is ready to help you quickly find the item you need with more options in the sidebar, including easy access to your newly gilded favorites.

Search superpowers for mini

Finally, you can now search for items in 1Password mini from the extension icon or the notification area, whether you’re already browsing the web or just getting started. Improved ranking ensures you see exact matches for the site you’re on right at the top of the list with close matches right below. If you know precisely what you’re looking for, enclose your search terms in quotes to perform a precision search and make sure 1Password mini is finding the item that’s just right.

But wait! There’s more!

These new features are also waiting for you just a click of the update button away:

  • The vault menu has been redesigned in the main 1Password window and 1Password mini and you can now select a 1Password account to view its vaults or search for vaults.
  • Control + Click on the 1Password icon in your notification area to open the main 1Password window.
  • 1Password now remembers the maximized and minimized window states when you close it and will restore in the same state when opened again.
  • Press the Control + Delete key on a selected item in the main 1Password window to quickly move it to the Trash.
  • Restore items from Trash right in 1Password for Windows.
  • 1Password now automatically saves any unsaved edit session if you attempt to edit another item, 1Password auto-locks, or the 1Password window has been closed.
  • Autosubmit and Display in browser options are now available in the Login editor.
  • Press the ESC key to cancel the auto-save dialog from the 1Password extension.

That’s not all either, check out the release notes for a complete list of all 89 features, improvements and fixes headed your way!

Give it a try today!

If you’re already using 1Password 6 for Windows, go ahead and check for updates one last time to enjoy the features above and many more.  If you’re still using 1Password 4 for Windows and are wondering what the fuss is all about, now is a great time to give a 1Password account a try.  It’s free for 30 days, so go ahead — start enjoying the awesome benefits of a 1Password account and check out the great new things 1Password 6 has to offer. : )

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  1. Tavis
    Tavis says:

    As a long time user of 1Password since the v3 days I am very saddened by this release. I am not a fan of forcing users to move their local vaults to your subscription based service to use the latest software.

    Even 1Password staff, in 1Password’s own forums have stated numerous times that they are working on local vault syncing for v6, which to my knowledge has never seen the light of day, apart from read-only support. I mean, even staff user ‘brenty’ is quoted stating “We definitely want to add full local vault support [to v6] for everyone” and ‘Mike T’ said “By the way, when we do add local vaults and licensing support to 1Password 6, there is no guarantee it will be a free upgrade, we haven’t decided yet on that, so you may expect to pay an upgrade fee.”

    I understand that the upgrade would be chargeable, every major version for Windows has been. But the fact stands that you have left your long standing customers behind on older software, despite promising to bring v6 up to feature parity for such a long time. v4 is really starting to show it’s age and it is only going to get older whilst you working on wringing money out of users who use your subscription based service.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey, Tavis. Those statements remain true: we do want to add local vault support. A year ago, 1Password accounts had no Windows app at all, so I hope you understand why accounts needed to come first. The intent was not to leave standalone customers behind, it was to get account customers caught up. Progress takes time, but we’ll get there.

  2. Mike B
    Mike B says:

    I think the thing you guys need to understand is that with every app-and-his-dog moving to a subscription model there is the real threat of saturation.
    The big services that went first could get away with it, but once every small-medium sized developer latched onto it the value proposition in a macro sense plummets for the consumer. You are effective moving my software and service from capital expenditure to operational expenditure. The difference being that the consumer loses the power to seek value (and still remain a customer/user) by delaying that upgrade or skipping a version every now and then. The user no longer gets to decide if the latest features are WORTH upgrading for.
    If every piece of software I used moved to a $4-15/month subscription I’d be looking at well over $500 a month. I’ve already dropped 3 this year and moved to alternatives.
    You must accept that at some point the consumer is going to look at their CC bill and start to drop services. Now I know you guys rate password security highly but there are other alternatives and sadly the Netflix’s and Adobe’s of the world are always going to take precedence!
    Surely you can see the possibility that soon enough the point of difference for 1Passsword will be to offer standalone versions again rather than try to survive in a sea of subscriptions.
    I will also add at this point that as a non-US/CAD customer your price puts me constant at the mercy of exchange rates and also the inevitable times you decide to raise prices.
    I’m really sorry for the negativity, I know it’s hard, but your current strategy is just so disappointing to me personally.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Mike! I do understand the subscriptions stack up, particularly for those of us who rely heavily on technology to simplify multiple facets of our lives. I won’t spend too much time re-hashing the rationale for a subscription service. I think most already understand that it’s what turned out to be most sustainable for us to ensure a reliable sync services and aggressive ongoing development (which helps us put together great releases like this). We do understand that Netflix and other services may win out over a 1Password account for some, but I’ve seen just as many priority lists with a 1Password account at the top as not. All of that said, as we’ve mentioned before we have no intention of abandoning the standalone model at present. It simply hasn’t made it to 1Password 6 for Windows just yet.

      I also hear you about exchange rates. Beyond 1Password, I’ve heard similar complaints about everything from video games to purchasing from US online marketplaces. As an American, I experienced some exchange rate shock when I was living in Spain for a month and wasn’t certain how much my rent would be each week in USD. Since our prices are in USD, even my myraid Canadian teammates have to deal with the exchange rates, so it’s something we’re keenly aware of and will keep in mind moving forward.

    • freediverx
      freediverx says:

      “The big services that went first could get away with it, but once every small-medium sized developer latched onto it the value proposition in a macro sense plummets for the consumer. “

      Exactly. AgileBits might have gotten away with this forced move to subscriptions if their introduction of a subscription model marked the first time passwords could be reliably synced across devices via a cloud service. But that milestone passed some time ago, and those customers who wish to sync via the cloud are already doing so via other cloud services they already pay for.

      I own only Mac and iOS products and sync everything via iCloud. If I were to pay for 1Password’s subscription service, I would get ZERO net benefits in return for the added expenditure and restrictions on sync options. And I say that assuming AgileBits isn’t deluded enough to think I would consider cancelling my iCloud Drive account to pay for AgileBit’s competing service.

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      I think we’re going to need to agree to disagree here, @freediverx. There is a ton of additional value in 1Password memberships that go well beyond a simple sync service.

      I’m going to save my breath though (others can look at our families, teams, and personal announcements if interested) as you’ve made it clear that you’re happy doing what you’re doing. And that’s great! It’s up to us to convince you that we have invented a better mouse trap and until you feel comfortable and excited to make the jump, you don’t have to.

      And no, we’re not deluded enough to ask you to cancel your iCloud Drive account. That would be silliness. 😉

      Take care and continue rocking your standalone vaults!


  3. Cesar
    Cesar says:

    I’ve also pay for upgrades every year since version 2 and have 1Password for macs, iPhones, tablets, PCs. And I will never pay for a subscription. We stand alone license buyers help you guys get where you guys are now and now you guys turned your back on us. Not cool. I would rather use a different program then pay for a subscription.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      While choosing the right password manager is up to you, Cesar, that won’t stop us from trying to win you over. As I and others have said before, there are subscriptions we all accept without a second thought that are much less useful than 1Password if we look at them objectively. From Netflix to my monthly cable bill, I fork over some pretty substantial monthly payments that only help me get a few hours of often sub-par entertainment. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve fallen asleep watching something I’m not truly interested on TV, I’d be able to pay my 1Password membership for the next several years, I’m sure.

      We stand alone license buyers help you guys get where you guys are now and now you guys turned your back on us.

      I understand where this sentiment comes from, but I am still saddened every time I hear it. We really do appreciate our early adopters. So much so, I never feel like the thanks I try to express in e-mail responses to y’all are adequate and I already feel like I’m doing no better here. Making 1Password the best it can be for all of our customers has always been and will continue to be our goal and guiding light. I’m sure we’ll have our disagreements about what the best it can be is – both now and in the future – but I hope you know we are still listening, even when we fall a bit short.

      I would rather use a different program then pay for a subscription.

      Despite this, I still hope we can convince you to give a 1Password membership a try one day. Of course, we will never force you to switch, but if we do manage it, I hope we hear from you so I can thank you again for helping us get our start. Until then, we will continue to support standalone vaults and you. After all, our support and gratitude doesn’t cost a thing. You have both no matter what you choose. :)

  4. MK
    MK says:

    Just a quick note to join the chorus of continued disappointment in lack of support for standalone vaults/dropbox sync in 1Password6 on Windows.

    I find it quite concerning and extremely disappointing that despite many customers feedback, AgileBits are continuing to force the issue. I thought you guys were better than this – it’s why I bought your products (including multiple upgrades) in the first place.

    You’re not listening to some of your most loyal customers.

    As someone that works in Customer Experience, I find that extremely concerning.

    Whist I acknowledge that would be a great thing, even for me. I simply do not want to put all of my critical eggs in one proverbial basket.

    There are plenty of others in the same boat it seems.

    The wise path to take would be to build the option in for standalone, even if it’s a paid license upgrade.

    Despite having paid for several iOS upgrades plus in-app purchases for myself and family, plus several app upgrades, I would be okay with paying a fee to upgrade my 1Password4 for Windows license to 1Password6 for Windows.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hello MK! I think most of my response would be repetitive of prior comments, so rather than rehashing the standalone issue generally, I’d like to instead touch on your point about putting “all of [your] critical eggs in one proverbial basket.” If you’re syncing your vault with 1Password 4 via Dropbox, the major difference is the basket itself rather than the number of baskets. You’re still syncing your eggs (data) using one basket (Dropbox) with a standalone vault. The basket itself changes to our secure servers with a 1Password account, but this basket is specifically designed to securely sync your 1Password data across devices.

      Of course, there are some key differences between these two baskets. is specifically designed as a secure sync solution for your encrypted data, whereas Dropbox is meant to be a general mass storage system. Dropbox is an excellent mass storage solution and I wouldn’t be without it even though I no longer use it to sync my vault, but since is optimized for exactly what we use it for and nothing else, it allows us to sync your vaults faster, more securely and more simply.

      Consider setting up a new device. With Dropbox, you need the 1Password app, your Dropbox password and the name(s) of the sync file for the specific vault(s) you want on this device. You probably need to open up 1Password on another device to find your Dropbox password and need to type a strong and complicated secure password into the new device to authorize Dropbox. You may need to check another device to recall which vaults you need on this one and the name of their corresponding sync file. You then need to add each vault you want to your 1Password app on this new device one-by-one, entering your Master Password for each (or worse, you give up adding secondary vaults and later find yourself without needed data). Conversely, with a 1Password account, you download the app, scan your Setup Code, enter your Master Password, and you’re done. Plus, everything syncs in a flash via Dropbox is fast for syncing a ton of files, but is even faster and can sync even multiple vaults in under a second.

      This difference is amplified when you share with family. With standalone, you need to set up new vaults for each member of your family and determine how to organize everything on Dropbox so you know whose vaults are whose each time you set up a new device. With a 1Password account, you can invite your family with a simple e-mail and easily share vaults and items with them from a central Admin Console maintaining complete control over who can access what for vaults you create and manage. Your family members get their own sign-in credentials ensuring they get the right vaults on their devices every time. You can create new vaults right on, share them if you’d like, and these vaults will immediately show up on all devices signed in to your account (and devices your family members are signed into if you’re sharing the new vaults) — no adding them to each app individually. You can even recover a family member’s account for them (or they can recover yours) if they forget their Master Password or lose their Secret Key, whereas the only way to recover a lost Master Password with a standalone vault is to guess it – a tall order with a complex and secure Master Password. If you update an item on accident or need an old password for any reason, you can view and restore previous versions of items on whereas you’d need to restore a backup of your entire vault on a previous date to do the same with standalone.

      All of this is possible thanks to our control over the basket your data resides on and all without sacrificing one iota of security. Your data remains encrypted end-to-end, is only ever decrypted on your local device and is secured by both your Master Password and your Secret Key – neither of which we ever have (or want) access to.

      Of course, the choice is still yours as I’ve mentioned before, but far from forcing the issue, 1Password accounts (and 1Password 6 for Windows) were a direct response to customer concerns about issues with standalone vaults like those discussed above. We haven’t forgotten standalone – we’re continuing to support 1Password 4, so if you decide that the new features included with a 1Password Membership aren’t for you, you’re welcome to stick with version 4. We’re working hard to improve 1Password Memberships every day, so we’ll be doing our best to woo you over. Of course, if you’re convinced now, feel free to email us at and we’ll see what we can do to help you make the switch. 🙂

  5. Vandenborne Kevin
    Vandenborne Kevin says:

    While this new client looks great, I’m also disappointed that there is still no support for local vaults – but seeing as I’m not the only one who prefers them, I do hope that that changes in the near future. I use a Mac for the most part and that client is miles ahead of the windows standalone version, so I hate the moment I have to login to something on Windows.

    I understand that a subscription model is probably the best for average users to start using password managers, it’s easier to set up to work on all devices because you can just log in, no hassle with syncing stuff on Dropbox and the like.

    I’ve looked at some password managers, and there are some lesser known ones out there that are truly cross platform and even have a linux client but don’t have as many features as 1Password. I may consider switching at some point If the gap between accounts and standalone grows bigger, the moment the mac standalone client is left out/behind – I’m definitely out.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      You’ve hit it right on the head, Kevin! 1Password accounts fit a certain set of needs we’ve been asked to fill and we’ve focused on them more recently. Of course, we really do think they have something to offer to everyone and I’d encourage you to take a look at my previous response to MK in these comments for a significant (but far from exhaustive) discussion of some of these great features and to give an account a try if you see something that excites you. After all, they’re free for 30-days, so there’s nothing to lose. In the meantime, we have no plans to end support for standalone vaults, so if you’re happy with standalone and version 4 on Windows, we’ll be here to keep you happy no matter which path you choose. 🙂

  6. steve smith
    steve smith says:

    There are several motivations for desiring a ‘standalone’ version of 1PW, whether for windows or for Mac:
    1. People who do not want to pay using subscription model
    2. People who do not want agilebits to host their data, for any reason (however contrived you may consider it to be).

    I fall in the second camp, as while I do subscribe to 1PW families, I also use a local vault on my Mac for things I don’t want in the families account. It is not clear to me, whether agilebits could be forced to change a member’s email address and then trigger an account recovery to get to my personal vault in the families account. Since the vault access is not cryptographically enforced, such edge cases may be possible…i dont know.

    It is for this reason that I have a separate local vault in addition to my families account. I also don’t like how after such a long time, no local backup solution has been provided to accounts users. Sure, your recommendation is to just copy the contents to a local vault, oh hang on, there’s a need for a local vault! And, it would be great if you procided an automated way to do this rather than do it manually.

    All in all, I am (personal opinion only) happy to pay for the subscription, but still have a need for a local vault. I feel the pain of Windows users out there…if you were to remove local vault access in the Mac/iOS version, I would be gone in a heartbeat.


    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Steve! I’ve heard the request for a local backup on a number of occasions and it’s something we’ve got in the back of our minds as we plan for future development. There are no specific plans right at this moment to add it, but we know there are folks who want it. For now, it may help to set your mind (more) at ease to know there’s a good amount of redundancy built into the system. Each of your devices has a local database and the version history of each and every item is individually saved on so you can always view or restore a previous version of any given item if you need to. The servers where your fully encrypted 1Password data lives are themselves backed up as well. Of course, I’ll never judge anyone for being extra-careful, so if you’d like to keep a local vault as a backup, knock yourself out.

      As for changing your e-mail, we couldn’t do that even if we wanted to (and we don’t). In fact, we have extremely limited information about your account in general and are completely powerless to change anything about it even when our customers wish we could. We can’t recover or change your Master Password for you, look up your Secret Key or anything else that might allow us to your account. This is an intentional security design decision. We don’t want us to be a potential vulnerability. As Jeff Goldberg said in a previous post, “We cannot use, lose, or abuse information that we don’t have.” If you’d like to learn more about exactly what we do (and don’t) know about you and your account, check out this article on our support page.

  7. B Webster
    B Webster says:


    A longtime RoboForm user, I purchased a standalone license for 1Password 4 for Windows in December 2016. I understood that local vault support (“we are working hard on local vault support for 1Password 6”) was in development and would be available within a few months. I also understood that an upgrade to 1Password 6 was free and that I would be able to upgrade when local vault support was available.

    I’m not interested in storing my important data & files in the cloud so a account is not an option for me.

    I’m thinking I made the wrong long-term choice for my password management needs. Heck, I would pay (again) for a standalone license to 1Password6 if there was some certainty that the licensed product was supported for 2-3 years.

    Can standalone license users get a commitment from Agilebits that standalone support for 1Password6 will be a available within specific time frame?

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey B Webster! It’s tough to make any commitments about future features, no matter what they are. Even up until the day before 1Password 6.6 for Windows was released, I was hesitant to say rich icons (or any other of the myriad new features) would be out the following day because issues have come up at the twilight hour before and likely will again. In short, predicting the future is tough and the best I can do right now is say that we still want to add local vault support to 1Password 6 for Windows, but it’s not something we’re actively working on right now so committing to a time frame isn’t something I can do. I don’t want to make any promises I can’t keep.

  8. Farmer
    Farmer says:

    Hi, been a happy user since day 1 on Mac. Have happily used it with iOS and windows as well. I use vaults extensively to store data for clients several of which have explicitly asked any data related to their infrastructure not be stored online. So I use wifi sync between Mac and phone and copy an updated version to my boot camp partition on a schedule. I have confidence the subscription service is secure but wouldn’t risk going against the wishes of clients who pay my bills.

    It’s not the subscription model in my case, it’s the hosted data. I’d gladly pay you a subscription to maintain local sync.

    To clarify does v6 on windows allow reading of local vaults (even read only) and is there anyway for me to purchase it? Or is a subscription necessary? If I pay the subscription can I disable the subscription sync and use wifi sync only and continue copying vaults to windows for local read only?

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Farmer! That’s an understandable limitation and, although I’ve seen fewer and fewer of those requests over the years, the distrust of the cloud hasn’t died out completely. While I certainly wouldn’t recommend going against your clients’ wishes, please do not hesitate to share any of our security documentation with them if you feel it might address their concerns. You can find an overview of our security model here and anything you could ever want to know about 1Password security design in our Security Design Whitepaper (PDF). Maybe a few hearts and minds will change.

      1Password 6 for Windows does not support local vaults in read-only mode for new users. If you’ve already added any read-only local vaults, they’ll remain available. Since standalone uses 1Password 4 and accounts use 1Password 6, you can effectively use both, but we generally don’t recommend it since you’ll need to do some juggling with the extension to make both apps play nice together. If you’re interested in giving it a try anyway, send us an e-mail at and we’ll help you get set up.

  9. This Kind Of Upsets Me
    This Kind Of Upsets Me says:

    Why do you keep mentioning that we can just keep using 1Password 4? You know that’s not going to be viable eventually. (And, let’s face it, 1password 4 for windows sucks. Locking standalone license holders in version 4 of an app they paid good money for that quite frankly sucks, while giving the latest and greatest to your preferred subscription model is sleazy. What happens when OS upgrades eventually prevent 1Password 4 from working? Will you have updated 1Password 10: Daily Subscription Model to support standalone licenses? Will you update 1Password 4 to be comparable with the newer OS/Browsers? You’ve compared supporting older versions like 3 until they completely break, but since this is the only version that has stand alone licenses, the implication is that once it’s gone, it’s subscription only and that’s just the way it is. (Despite your constant Fake PR sounding “we’ll totally keep supporting both… standalone support is coming for 1password 6! Both models will work together hand in hand.”) You’ve already said that and it’s already proven to be, if not a “lie” then “a blatant attempt to pacify betrayed customers by pointing at something shiny and running the other direction in hopes they’ll forget to ask for a few months”

    Also, if people overwhelmingly asking you for 1password individual accounts is a thing that made you make that priority #1, why is the overwhelmingly negative response to 1password 6 being subscription only not causing you to make standalone support one of your top priorities? You don’t think it’s very offputting to hear that (AFTER MANY promises that it was coming) standalone support isn’t even being worked on right now, and “might” be something you revisit in the future?

    just say it, guys… please. just say it. this is what we are now. pay up or use your old shit until it’s as broken as our customer trust

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Why do you keep mentioning that we can just keep using 1Password 4? You know that’s not going to be viable eventually.

      I actually don’t know for sure that 1Password 4 won’t be viable eventually. This is certainly possible (and perhaps even likely), but the first hurdle (changes to browsers, like you mentioned) has already been overcome. We just updated 1Password 4 to support upcoming changes to Chrome and Firefox. Far from leaving 1Password 4 to die, we are actively ensuring it will keep on kicking.

      Might OS/browser changes one day make this impossible? Sure. As you mentioned, this is finally happening with 1Password 3 for iOS and we warned customers still using it that they’d need to update and have been helping them along the way. If this does happen with 1Password 4 for Windows, we will similarly do everything we can to help those still using 1Password 4 to navigate the transition given whatever options happen to be available when the time comes to cross that bridge. That’s not something we need to do today and we have no reason to believe that time is coming any time soon. As such, any prediction I’d make about what the future holds is almost certain to be wrong so I’ll simply say that if we reach that point, we’ll be here to help.

      Also, if people overwhelmingly asking you for 1password individual accounts is a thing that made you make that priority #1, why is the overwhelmingly negative response to 1password 6 being subscription only not causing you to make standalone support one of your top priorities?

      If the comments on this blog represented the sum total of the feedback we get about 1Password 6 for Windows, then we likely would be prioritizing standalone support. The fact is that folks choose 1Password accounts every day. Our customers also request features that benefit both standalone and accounts, features that benefit accounts only, features that would only benefit a small subset of our customers, and, yes, features that would benefit only standalone customers. We listen to every one of these requests (yes, even those for standalone support in 1Password 6), and I know I’ve personally passed on a number of +1s for standalone along with +1s for a number of other features. Like every developer, we set priorities based at least in part upon these requests and I know those who make the big decisions are aware of the feedback here, but this is only one factor that goes into making those decisions and I’m certainly not a mind reader (though that would be a nice super power, if I get to pick one).

      this is what we are now. pay up or use your old shit until it’s as broken as our customer trust

      I can’t say this, because this isn’t a decision that has been made. The current state of things is that we’re focusing development efforts on 1Password accounts and are continuing to support 1Password 4 for standalone customers. I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that we will continue to be grateful for your support over the years whether or not we convince you to give a 1Password account a try. We will continue to support 1Password 4 even as why try to make 1Password accounts even better in hopes of winning you and others over and we will continue to support you and your choices no matter what the future holds. :)

    • freediverx
      freediverx says:

      It’s clear to me that AgileBits’ strategy is to try to get as many of their users as possible on the subscription model and eventually force the switch on everyone once they’ve reached a critical mass of users. The reason they don’t admit to this is that they’re prepared to back off on their plans if a sufficiently large portion of their customer base rebels, in which case they will have little choice but to continue supporting alternate sync models.

      So from our perspective as customers, the best we can do is to continue to complain loudly about the company’s plans and to raise awareness amongst existing and potential customers in order to apply continuing pressure against this move.

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Please do continue to make your voices heard! Seriously. We love hearing from our users and just like any marriage counsellor will tell you, the bedrock of a successful marriage is communication. I think a password manager is arguably more important than marriage so communication is even more paramount! 🙂

      And when 1Password 7 comes out, please vote with your wallets and make it clear to us that you’re still using standalone vaults!

      Take care and stay safe out there,


  10. Graham Johnson
    Graham Johnson says:

    Hi,could someone at AgileBits please post a pointer to a previous blog post where you discuss the pros and cons of the non-Dropbox (subscription) model from a technology perspective? I’m guessing there is no difference at all, in terms of potential susceptibility to data breach, between (a) having my vault stored on AgileBit servers versus (b) having it on Dropbox’s servers? However i haven’t been following the blog closely so missed that briefing. Thanks in advance.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Graham! Both are secure, but the two do work differently and we put a lot of thought into security design when developing 1Password accounts. While I can’t point you to a blog post that specifically lays out a comparison, you can find our 1Password accounts announcement blog post here, which includes a brief discussion of 1Password account security features. Our Defender Against the Dark Arts, Jeff Goldberg, also wrote a more recent blog post about handling and storage of encryption keys as well, which addresses some common pitfalls of a hosted service we’ve designed 1Password to avoid. One key feature added to 1Password accounts is your Secret Key, which is needed in addition to your Master Password to decrypt your 1Password account vaults. You can find also find an overview of our security design here and the nitty gritty technical details can be found in our Security Design Whitepaper. If, after all of that, you still have questions, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to answer them.

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