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When we introduced 1Password Teams near the end of 2015, it included a brand new way to access 1Password right in your browser. Tasks that were impossible before became not only possible but super easy. A few short months later, we introduced 1Password Families, specially tailored for home use. And a year ago, we introduced 1Password memberships for individuals. As 1Password.com grew to support a greater variety of people, it had to meet the needs of everyone — from individuals to small families to giant corporations.

Today, we’re unveiling the new 1Password.com. This redesign prepares us for the future and all the great features still to come. Whether you’re using 1Password.com at home or as an administrator of a large team at work, the new design is just for you. We’re so thankful for all the feedback you’ve provided, and we’ve used it to make your experience even better.

The Admin Console is dead, long live the Admin Console

We know that managing a team can be difficult. Although I can’t help you resolve any office fridge disputes, as the designer for 1Password.com I can make things easier for you in other ways.

If you’re an administrator on your team, 1Password.com just got a whole lot simpler to navigate. You’ll see one of the biggest changes as soon as you sign in. We moved all the features that used to be buried in the Admin Console out to the sidebar on the Home page. Everything you have permission to do is now directly available to you.

Information that used to be hidden in the Admin Console is now visible at a glance. For example, a list of all your groups is now accessible right in the sidebar, so you can instantly give someone access to all the resources they need with the right permissions automatically set.

Your ideas, implemented

One improvement in particular is a direct result of feedback we’ve received. You can now manage vaults right from the Home page. It’s just one more way we’ve put everything right at your fingertips.

Sweating every detail

The redesign touched on just about every element of 1Password.com:

  • The new Quests section helps new team and family members get started more quickly.
  • Higher contrast list views make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Higher density detail views show you more at a glance.
  • Notifications alert you to recoveries and pending team members in a central location on every screen.

All of this is only the beginning. We plan on doing much more with those detail views and notifications. Keep an eye out!

Good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight

One of my favorite parts of my job is adding a little levity. Now when you sign in to 1Password.com, you’ll see different messages in the sidebar based on the time of day. It wasn’t exactly the number one feature request, but I do hope it makes you smile. :)

Thanks for coming on this little tour with me. We’ve come to the end of it, but we don’t have to stop here. Feedback fuels designers like me; we love to hear from people using what we design. I love talking to people about how they’re using 1Password.com and what else they might want to see in the future. Email me your best ideas.

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  1. Amie
    Amie says:

    Since there was a prior comment on the whole levity thing… I couldn’t resist chiming in…

    That is literally one of my favorite things about y’all (Texas girl here). While I am far from a techy, you make complex features very user-friendly. I’ve been able to get my MOM on board – that says a lot! I have never enjoyed reading release notes and the whole picnic analogy had me cracking up. It actually got me to look up where you’re located because the thought came to mind “Man… I bet they’d be fun to work with/for”

    So, THANK YOU for your levity, don’t ever change because that’s what makes y’all unique. :)

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Amie! Maybe we Texans are just naturally a bit goofier? I was born in Texas, but grew up in the Midwest. When I visited Texas as a kid, I always loved that you couldn’t leave a restaurant without someone saying, “Y’all come back now, ya hear?” It just made you feel a bit more like family. I ultimately took that advice to heart and moved back to Texas after college.

      These days, these personal interactions with our customers are my favorite part of my job. It’s what makes my job fun instead of just, well, work. While I am happy to put on my serious face when I need to, I love getting the opportunity to drop a Star Wars reference or a (potentially awful) joke into my replies here and elsewhere. We’ll never make everyone happy and perhaps we need to take it down a notch at times, but I doubt it will ever go away completely and I’m glad to hear you enjoy it.🙂

      Thanks for the love and you come back to these comments again now, ya hear?❤️ 😉

  2. Thomas Mejer
    Thomas Mejer says:

    Would you consider making it possible for a vault of my choosing to be the start page when logging in to 1password.com?

    99.99% of the time I’m logging into 1password it is to find and use a login, not to do any admin.

    Now I have to log in, then choose a vault and then find the desired item.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Thomas! I hope you don’t mind my jumping in for Matt and the design team here. They’re super busy this week crating more spiffy designs for 1Password and we didn’t want to leave you hanging.

      You can already do this actually! Open the vault you want to be the start page, bookmark it, then sign in to 1Password.com from that bookmark. Once you sign in, that vault page will be the first thing you see. If you’d like, you can even bookmark your vaults individually so you can pick your vault ahead of time based upon the bookmark. In fact, if you create your bookmark with a particular item selected, that item will be selected with its item details displayed upon login so you could even do this on the login level. I mean, that last bit is probably overkill, but I hadn’t tried this before and might maybe be getting a bit carried away seeing how deep I can go.😉

  3. Kyle
    Kyle says:

    Hey Guys, I would really like to have a fantastic online training resource to get all of the end-users I have setup with 1Password teams to get to fully take advantage of the platform. Really need a “101” version for the less savvy. I tried Linkedin Learning but their content is for 1Password 4 still. Any ideas here?

    • Kyle
      Kyle says:

      Oh, and great work with everything really. We’re quite happy with the advantages of the subscription model, except you are making my Finance Dept. want to hurt me by only offering credit card payment and no PO’s.

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Kyle! I poked our sales team and they told me they have goodies for you, so I passed along your e-mail and they should be reaching out to you with some resources. I let them know about your grumpy finance department too so they’ll have some info about how we can help out on that front as well. Thanks for the love and I’ll be sure to pass your compliments along to the rest of the team.❤️ 🙂🙂

  4. castorag
    castorag says:

    Getting tired of having to constantly reinstall IPw as a Google Chrome extension. I seem to have been doing it about every month lately. Is this related to your new features? And howcum it doesn’t always populate the credit card info when I ask it to? Is it asking too much to just, in the words of the old classic musical “L’il Abner,” “Put ’em back, put ’em back, put ’em back the way they wuz”?

    • Kate Sebald
      Kate Sebald says:

      Hey Castorag! I know I replied to you elsewhere about issues with the Chrome extension in general, but I did want to take the time to address your mention of increasing issues being related to new features. We did recently make a pretty significant change to how the 1Password extension communicates with the main app, which certainly could have increased the frequency of hiccups. It was something that had to be done, however, as not only is native messaging a more secure way for the extension to talk to the main app, the old way is no longer going to be supported by Chrome or Firefox in the near future. As I mentioned in prior replies, the extension shouldn’t be a consistent source of pain. In fact, I might have encountered one significant issue with it ever, so we’d love to take a look, if you’re up for it. Send us an e-mail with a diagnostics report attached and I’d be we can make a few tweaks to make it less disruptive. 🙂

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