Up top, drag and drop – iOS 11 super powers for your iPad

Our favorite Tuesday of the year was just here — the latest update to iOS was released for you, me, and all our friends checking for updates. There’s a beautiful new Control Center, updated fonts across the board, a quick way to pay your friends for chocolate chip cookies with Apple Pay (coming later this year), and our personal favorite, drag and drop on iPad. We got really excited when Apple showed off drag and drop for iPad at WWDC in June, and now you get to enjoy it in 1Password on your iPad too!

Before you update

Since big iOS updates only happen once a year, I tend get pretty excited and jump to “I’m gonna install this right now!” But before updating, here are a few things I recommend doing before updating:

  • Back up your iOS device: As tempting as it is to grab the update right away, you likely spent a lot of time getting used to your iPhone or iPad just the way it is now. Just in case something happens during the update, it’s always good to have a backup ready. Learn how to back up your iOS device.
  • Sync 1Password: If you have a 1Password account and you’re signed in to it on your iOS device, you’re all set. If not, you can create an account and migrate your data to keep things synced and backed up. Learn more about keeping 1Password synced.
  • Know your Master Password: Before updating, make sure you have a copy of your Master Password written down. You can print your Emergency Kit and write it there. Your Master Password may be required after you update to iOS 11, so it’s always good to have it somewhere just in case. And yeah, I too might be printing my Emergency Kit again after I take a handwriting course.

With your iOS device backed up, 1Password synced, and your Master Password written somewhere safe, update to iOS 11 and you’re ready to get those cookies.

Drag and drop with 1Password on iPad

One of the coolest features in iOS 11 is drag and drop on iPad. Just like on a computer, we can finally drag and drop things by tapping and holding, then dragging text, photos, and more between apps on our iPads. We added support for this to 1Password, so you can drag a username and password to those fields in another app instead of copying and pasting them:

You can also add a contact to 1Password. Just open Contacts and 1Password side by side and drag the contact to 1Password. I finally added Batman to 1Password on my iPad with this, and I put it in a vault shared with my family so they can get in touch with him whenever they need something. Hope I have the right address though.

To use drag and drop with 1Password on your iPad, update to iOS 11 and make sure 1Password is up to date. Then with 1Password and another app open side by side, drag a username, password, or other field from 1Password to a text field in the other app to fill it.

Cookie time

Well, my Watch, iPhone, and iPad are all updated so I’m off to test out these new heart rate features on a run. Our designer Matt also told me you can raise your wrist while listening to music on your iPhone and the Watch will automatically let you play/pause, skip, and adjust the volume, so I’m really excited to use that more often when I’m out and about, and hopefully I’ll run past a cookie shop too. See you soon. 👋

5 replies
  1. Tangible
    Tangible says:

    “…a quick way to pay your friends for chocolate chip cookies with Apple Pay…”

    That’s actually not in this release. They pulled it from the Beta and said it will be in a future release. In the meantime, Square Cash works great, and isn’t restricted to Apple users only. Some of us have Android friends.

    • Jeffrey Goldberg
      Jeffrey Goldberg says:

      Thanks for the correction, Tangible. As you can imagine, this sort of thing happens when parts of a blog post are drafted during the Beta period.

  2. Jeffrey Goldberg
    Jeffrey Goldberg says:

    This is really great, and I would like to add a security point. This drag and drop is does not involve using the clipboard, so the app that you drag to will be the only app that ever gets the opportunity to see what you have dragged from 1Password. (There are some safeguards with the clipboard, but drag and drop is safer.)

  3. Rodrigo
    Rodrigo says:

    While the drag and drop is nice, this seems to have added a step to the process. I loved the shelf system where I just dragged from right and had immediate access to 1Password. Drag and drop from there would be great. But now we have to drag up the dock, grab 1Password and drag to the side of the screen, then login, and then drag and drop. Not a big deal, but a slower process to get to the password. Though drag and drop then makes the actual use of the password faster.

    • Michael Fey
      Michael Fey says:

      Good morning, Rodrigo! You’re right, losing the swipe-from-right gesture was a bit of a disappointment. One huge improvement, however, is that apps that are running in Slide Over like this now remain on the screen while you interact with the main app – something that wasn’t possible in with iOS 10. I’ve also found that if I’ve previously run 1Password in Slide Over, bringing up the dock and tapping on it will launch it in Slide Over each time, without me having to do the drag-and-drop dance. That’s a micro savings, but a savings nonetheless. :)

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