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With spring finally here, looking back towards the winter months can leave you feeling chilly! But never fear, we’re here to bring you some good news to warm your heart 🙂

Over the Christmas Season, we had our annual newsletter – this year we decided to ask you all to help us share the gift of food security with the community. With $50,000 as our goal, we were all super excited when the peppermint meter reached the top.

Since then our team has been visiting food banks throughout Ontario to drop off cheques totaling $50,000 to wonderful groups who have been helping people secure healthy meals. We’d love to take this chance to share with you some information about all of them.

One of our first stops was The Grace Cafe in St. Thomas, Ontario. This street mission is headed up by a wonderful woman named Ginny who makes sure every person coming in receives a warm meal with a side of smiles and friendship. Ginny was surprised and happily shocked when she learned of our donation – knowing how many people she can help with this made our day!

Next we visited the St. Thomas Elgin Food Bank, also known as The Caring Cupboard. Karen is the General Manager and she took us through their space, explaining how everything operated and talking about all the various networks that they work with to provide for people in the community – it was great to know how much our donation would help. 🙂

We moved on to the Brantford Food Bank after that, where one of our team members had recently moved. Due to unprecedented flooding in the area, the timing of the donation couldn’t have been better for the community, and Will was excited to help make an impact for those in his new home town. 🙂

The Markham Food Bank was next. Since 1984, this group has been helping to provide for members of the community. Shiner was super excited to drop off our donation, where he also got to meet one of the founders – Gladys Keeble, who is 92 years young and still an active member!

Our last stop in our tour was the Ontario Association of Food Banks. Based in Toronto, this group helps to coordinate resources and help food funding throughout the province. It’s a huge project to undertake and they do a great job helping people in need, while also providing advocacy and leadership for the community at large.

Thank you all for your help over this Christmas to help us meet our goal! It was a wonderful feeling to make an impact on our community, and I’d like to encourage you to remember your local food banks when out grocery shopping – every dollar makes a huge impact for these groups!

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    • Sara Teare
      Sara Teare says:

      Thanks @Ron:)

      It was a great feeling visiting the various places we made donations to and seeing the impact it would have. And it was really great hearing from people around the world who were taking time to donate a canned good to their local food bank also – sharing really is wonderful!

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