Now you can keep up to speed with the latest in the Comedy & Entertainment Industry straight from Hollywood directly on your smartphone! See what your favorite Celebrities are doing in Hollywood & more.

We’ve added some new features! Our signup process now integrates with MailChimp, so when you sign up, you will also be signed up for our mailing list. We’re all about being easy peasy around here. One signup, two birds…two lists…you catch the drift.

On the simplifying theme, we’ve also integrated our app with the 1Password extension. Now the login and signup process is even easier than before. You can use the 1Password extension to generate and save your login credentials. Don’t worry, you can still login using Facebook.

You may have noticed a new silhouette on your home screen (we assume you have us on your homepage of apps). We’re in a constant state of change here at Blaque Violet Media, and one of those is our icon. We wanted to better represent our app through our icon, and this one does just that. Just enough Blaque Violet to get you intrigued.

Always stay updated with the following in-app features:

– Social feed including Twitter & Facebook Posts directly by Mz. Blaque Violet
– YouTube Channel Feed
– Exclusive Photos of Celebrities
– Push notifications
– An EXCLUSIVE feed for the app, updated by Mz. Blaque Violet

“Sharing the latest in the Comedy & Entertainment Industry,” Blaque Violet Media LLC.