LX Gesetze is an intuitive and modern law app. Our intelligent search function allows you to easily search well over 500 German federal laws. Regular updates keep the law texts always up to date.

Finding what’s relevant.

The live search makes it quick and easy to find the sections you are looking for. Our intelligent algorithm shows you results in real time while typing.

Simple navigation.

Use the intuitive quick navigation to swiftly jump to a different section.

Clear classification.

The collections of the law texts conform to common legal practice providing overview and orientation. Within 20 legal fields you will find the laws most relevant to you at a glance.

Great typography.

The clear design puts the text first. Fine tuned typography makes the daily work with law texts much more pleasant and effective.

Offline access.

No WiFi? No problem. All laws can be read and searched offline.

Always up to date.

Say goodbye to manual updating! Regular updates of all available law texts keep you always up to date.

Feature Overview.

  • Offline access to well over 500 German federal law and regulation texts
  • Regular updates of all available laws
  • Live search to quickly find and open laws and sections
  • Intuitive classification scheme conforming to common legal practice
  • Clear design and typography
  • Simple jumping within laws using the quick navigation