Power Music puts you in control of your music on your iPad.

Manage and display your sheet music and chord sheets with ease. The Power Music app allows you to perform without paper.

Simply add your sheet music and chord sheets to the Power Music app and start performing. Find your music by title, author, or category and set up playlists with ease. Flip through songs and turn pages with a simple tap on the screen, or use a Bluetooth foot pedal such as the AirTurn or PageFlip Firefly. Transpose chord sheets instantly.

Import sheet music from PDF files or your iPad camera, then edit pages with a tap. Type chord sheets naturally, without any cumbersome “tagging”, and the chords are detected automatically.

Full integration with Power Music Professional and Essentials on Windows, and Power Music Mac on OS X, using Power Music Box, allows you to quickly transfer songs and playlists between devices.