Primary is a powerful Instagram gallery app. Hide unwanted photos/videos within Primary, show/hide all videos, create lists of people and tags, fast-switch between accounts, pinch to zoom.

• VIDEO: view videos without annoying auto-play or hide all videos
• FILTERING: curate your feed – hide people, posts, or tags you don’t want to see within Primary
• SIMPLE LISTS: make lists of up to 10 users or hashtags
• MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS: fast-switch between all your (or your family’s) accounts
• POWERFUL GALLERY: double-tap to like, read and write comments, view on a map, and filter all without leaving the gallery
• ISOLATE AND ZOOM: tap a photo to isolate it, then pinch to zoom
• UNREAD COMMENTS INDICATOR: quickly find new comments
• LAST VIEWED PHOTO INDICATOR: know where you left off
• URL SUPPORT: URLs in comments are tappable
• THUMBNAILS: view any gallery’s thumbnails, even in your feed (iPhone-only)
• UNIVERSAL APP: view your gallery on iPhone and iPad
• ICLOUD: all of your filters, lists, unread comment and last viewed photo information are synced