Use Rego to privately bookmark where you are, where you want to go and where you’ve been. Capture moments in photos and notes. Organize your places with collections, custom pin colors and favoriting. And when you’re ready to get there, send your places to other apps like TomTom, Apple & Google Maps for navigation.

Rego is private, but it’s also the best way to share a place when you want to. Meeting a colleague somewhere? Send them the place with Rego. Got friends coming into town? Send them your recommendations in a published collection.


– Travelers use the search and discovery tools at the Rego website to plan their trips, and import those places into Rego. Then while traveling, they use the maps and pins to get around, discover new places and capture memories in photos and notes.

– City dwellers use Rego to bookmark local cafes and restaurants, starring their favorites and putting those with wifi in a custom collection.

– Photographers use Rego to bookmark and review potential photo shoot sites with customers.

– Real estate agents use Rego to bookmark their listings, complete with reference photos and notes.