The Hit List for iPhone app icon

Powerful, flexible, and simple task management — for everything. Big jobs? Weekly errands? Bucket lists? Five year plan? No sweat. Use it with The Hit List and enjoy fast, reliable syncing service included with the purchase of the app.

Whatever it is, capture it in The Hit List — then relax. Let The Hit List keep track of it for you, freeing you to focus, and be more effective with time management and task management.

It’s easy to learn — it’s as easy as making lists. And, it’s powerful enough to let you plan, let it go, then act at the right time.

The Hit List is simple, yet powerful and flexible enough to be used with systems such as Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen, or your very own unique approach.

Life is complicated enough. The tool you use to manage life’s chaos doesn’t need to be. Keep it simple, with The Hit List. You can use it to manage a to-do list just like you would on a piece of paper. Or you can do much more. With The Hit List, the interface simplicity belies the power within.

Available for Macs (sold separately on the Mac App Store) and iPhones. Use one app, or both with the included standard sync service to have everything you need at hand and in sync when you want it.