From its strong, no-hassle passwords to logging you in with a single tap or click, 1Password is the best password manager and secure wallet available.

Marco Tabini: Macworld

I’ve taken at least half a dozen password managers for a test-drive in the last 12 months, and 1Password is the only one that truly nails the right balance between security and convenience.

Merlin Mann: “That Guy”

1Password is just so goddamned smart about fixing a serious problem that I hate dealing with. That’s maybe the definition of an awesome app.

Felicia Day: Actress, Geek, Gamer, Misanthrope

…1Password makes me feel better about my account securities.

Federico Viticci: MacStories

I can’t work without 1Password.

1Password makes it easy to save your own bacon. The name 1Password is a little misleading because it’s so much more than that now. Then again, 1placeforanythingyouneedsecureandeasilyaccessible is a bit convoluted, isn’t it?

Benjamin J. RoethigGeekBeat

1Password is the best password management app out there.

Steven TweedieBusiness Insider


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Hack-Proof Your Life: A Guide to Internet Privacy in 2014

You should also have a different password for every site, so that a hacker who gets your dating website password won’t all of a sudden have access to your Gmail account. Weinstein also recommended using a password manager like 1Password.

Keith WagstaffNBC

1Password 4 for Mac makes managing all your passwords easy and secure

Passwords stink. Password policies vary widely from the many sites you choose or have to use, and satisfying them all is hard, and hard to keep up with. That’s why 1Password is an invaluable application — and the new 1Password 4 qualifies as a worthy update.

Lester Victor MarksApple Insider

1Password Gets Password Sharing, Better Encryption, and a Ton More

1Password, one of your favorite password managers, just got a huge update on OS X with a brand new interface, password sharing, all-new browser extensions, better encryption, Wi-Fi sync, favorites, and integration with other apps.

Whitson GordonLifehacker

1Password 4 for Mac arrives with shared vaults, 256-bit encryption and Wi-Fi Sync

With lots of new landmark features, this release is a must-upgrade for existing users and a great buy for new customers.

Josh OngThe Next Web