1Password 3.8.7 for Mac supports more Chrome, plus an extension teaser

If you use Google Chrome and have a knack of answering “pffft, of course I do!” before people are even able to finish asking if you like to live on the bleeding edge, this post is for you!

More Chrome comin’ right up

Just two weeks ago we came full circle by bringing the great new version of our browser extension back Google Chrome, where it began over a year ago. Now, 1Password 3.8.7 for Mac is out for non-MAS customers with one of our most-requested features as of late: support for Chromium and Canary, the beta and bleeding-edge versions of Google’s Chrome browser (yes, this is coming to the Mac App Store version, along with support for the WebKit browser too!). You can snag the update by starting 1Password and going to 1Password > Check for Updates.

There are plenty of other changes in 1Password 3.8.7 for Mac though, including some fixes for keeping data between 1Password and the browser extension in sync, changes to language in preferences for things like restarting the Helper and keyboard shortcut descriptions, and some great updates to our Diagnostics Report tool. You can read more about those changes in our changelog.

Something useful this way comes

We’re beta testing an awesome update to our browser extension that I think you’re really going to love. While we finish cooking the extension and our blog post detailing the great changes and some power user tips, you can snack on the screenshot I included in this post.

Feel free to opt into the beta option on our Mac extension download page to sneak a peek (and help us test!). Or you can refrain from spoiling your dinner and we’ll have all the details for you soon!

ScreenCastsOnline posts a great 1Password + Safari extension + Dropbox primer

The venerable Don McAllister at ScreenCastsOnline has posted a great tutorial for his members that covers 1Password 3.9 from the Mac App Store, Dropbox sync, and even our new browser extension that we completely redesigned this summer. A free trailer is embedded below:

The full set of videos starts from square one with getting 1Password 3.9 installed from the Mac App Store. It shows you how to get set up with Dropbox sync and creating new Logins, then takes you all the way through some of the finer details of browsing quickly and working efficiently with our flexible new extension. Some of the videos are available for free, while the full tutorial is available to ScreenCastsOnline members, which you can learn more about here.

Thanks Don for a great 1Password tutorial!

Extension Update: Firefox AutoSave returns

Good news, Firefox 6.0+ for Mac users. We released a small update to our browser extension last night that brings back AutoSave. You even get first access to a new design we’re trying out for the AutoSave dialog, based on a lot of user feedback. It saves a lot of space while still giving access to some necessary features via the gear menu, such as toggling “never for this site” and AutoSave for all sites.

The new extension is now at version 3.8.5 for all browsers and you can learn more about the other changes in our extension changelog.

To get the new version, you shouldn’t have to do anything! That’s the magic of modern browsers automatically updating your extensions. But here’s how to force an update if you want to check it out right away:

  1. Go to Tools > Add-ons
  2. Click the gear menu at the top of the Add-ons manager and choose Check for Updates
For bonus points: you shouldn’t have to restart Firefox after updating the extension anymore! So how do you like it so far? Let us know in our forums!

Full Circle with 1Password + Chrome

Chrome Master Password prompt

It seems like only yesterday that I was here introducing the “New Chrome Extension + Beta!” Well, here I am with some more great news: Now all you devoted Chrome fans can get your hands on the new extension that we debuted with Safari 5.1, just in time for Chrome 14!

As many of you know, however, this journey really began with Chrome. So now we’ve taken the technology we originally developed for our Chrome extension, refined and redesigned it (as seen in Safari), and now it’s out of beta. And while it looks a bit different than what we Chrome devotees have grown accustomed to, it works very similarly, so we can all feel right at home.

But it isn’t just a pretty new face. We’ve put a lot of work into improving the form filling from our original Chrome extension and added a number of new editing and viewing features so that you can do a lot more without ever leaving your browser.

So What’s New?

While the interface has gotten a huge redesign from the previous 1Password Chrome extension, we have added a few other things as well. Some highlights:

  • Universal Unlock – 1Password and the extension now lock and unlock simultaneously!
  • The Sidebar – Use Tab to switch between Logins For This Page, All Logins, Identities, Credit Cards, Password Generator, and Settings
  • Item Details – Click the (>) arrow to the right of any item (or press the Right Arrow on your keyboard) to view and even edit them!

With improvements under the hood, a fresh look, and added functionality, the 1Password Chrome extension is better than ever.

Update Déjà Vu

“So, this sounds pretty great,” you say, “but how exactly do I take advantage of this nifty new extension?” you might also say. Take no action! Just sit back and relax: Chrome automatically updates all of its installed extensions!

But if you’re as anxious as I am (I couldn’t wait!), you can follow these steps to force Chrome to download the update immediately:

  1. Launch Chrome and go to Window > Extensions
  2. Click on “Developer Mode” over to the right
  3. Click on the “Update Extensions Now” button that appears to the left — done!

(Wow, I feel like I have said this all before!) As always, be sure to join us in our forums if you have any questions or feedback. Happy browsing!

The 1Password extension right-click returns from the sunset

Remember at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when Indy, Dr. Henry Jones, Sallah, and Marcus were riding off into the sunset, and you wished they didn’t have to? That’s kinda like the right-click feature of our completely redesigned 1Password extension: with the releases of Lion, Safari 5.1, and Firefox 6, it had to ride off into the sunset, but we knew you wished it didn’t have to end that way. So our developers donned their best fur fedoras and set out on a quest to see if our right-click hero could return, never forgetting the cardinal rule: Xcode marks the spot.

I am happy to say that our developers were successful, and they didn’t even have to deal with any snakes, flying refrigerators, or crystal skulls! As of 1Password extension version 3.8.2 for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on the Mac, the right-click menu is back (Chrome users: you’ll have to opt into the beta version since we’re still polishing the extension up for you). You can now right-click to view all your Logins for the current site, fill a Login into the current form, and open the 1Password extension to fill Wallet and Identity items.

Safari users should note, however, that the right-click menu will work a little differently than Chrome and Firefox; you’ll see available Logins in the main right-click menu instead of listed under a sub-menu. This is due to a limitation in Safari’s extension APIs for third-parties, and we’ve reported the issue to Apple. We also made a bunch of changes and fixes for Safari and Firefox users, including a lot of improvements to the extension’s communication with the main 1Password app, support for Firefox 7, and more.

Your browser should automatically update to the latest version of our extension. But if you want to get it right away, you can visit our extension download page or open the 1Password app, update if necessary, and go to 1Password > Install Browser Extensions.

As far as our next task after this release, we’re focusing on improving AutoSave, especially for Firefox users. If you give the new right-click features a try, let us know what you think in our forum!

New in beta for Chrome: Go & Fill from the Omnibox

Google Chrome and 1Password’s Go & Fill feature: two great tastes that, now, taste even better together.

As of 1Password extension version 3.8.2 beta 5 or later, you can now use Go & Fill right from Chrome’s Omnibox. All you need to do is type “1p”, hit Tab, then start typing a few letters to find the Login you need. Arrow to the relevant Login and hit Return to open it in the current tab. Slick, eh?

This trick should work in Chrome on both OS X and Windows as long as you have the latest versions of 1Password 3.8.x for Mac and 1.0.8 for Windows and opt into our beta extension by clicking the beta button on our extension download page. Heads up for Windows users though: the rest of our new extension interface hasn’t made it over quite yet. Also, just to make sure you’re rolling with the most up-to-date version of 1Password, use the built-in Check for Updates feature to check for the latest release.

As always, let us know what you think and submit bug reports in our forum!

Extension Tip: Keyboard shortcuts aplenty

Command key backlit

Photo credit: Anderson Mancini

It’s Monday, which means it’s time to jumpstart your week with copious amounts of coffee or tea and some great keyboard shortcuts for our new browser extension!

One of the great things about this new extension format is that it’s much friendlier to both mouse cowboys and keyboard ninjas. We’ve had great feedback from mouse users in our forum, so I wanted to post some tips to help you Live By The Keyboard types to get around in the extension more quickly. Keep in mind, though, that the tips below are written assuming that you have AutoSubmit enabled in the extension’s Settings panel, which is at the bottom of the list.

1Password Extension 101

A refresher course on two of our long-standing default shortcuts couldn’t hurt: Command + \ still opens the 1Password browser extension and displays any available Logins for the current page, while Command + Option + \ takes you straight to All Logins (ProTip: you can customize those shortcuts by going to 1Password > Preferences > Logins).

If your selection is on a Login in the “Logins for this page” panel, the Return key will AutoFill that Login into the current browser tab and AutoSubmit it. If you hit Return on a Login on the All Logins panel, you can sit back and watch 1Password open a new browser tab, take you to that Login’s URL, AutoFill your Login, then AutoSubmit.

Extension Shortcuts 1001

Our new extension has some new shortcuts up its sleeve, too. You can hit Tab and Shift-Tab to cycle down and up (respectively) through the different item sections (Logins for this page, All Logins, Wallet, Identities, Strong Password Generator, and Settings).

When you find the section you want to browse, the up and down arrow keys will let you browse through your items. The right arrow key will let you view the details of the currently selected item, while the left arrow key will—wait for it—get you back out to the item list. In any list of items you can begin typing to instantly filter those items.

If you’re done using the extension but prefer to keep your hands on F and J, a quick flick of the Escape key will dismiss the 1Password extension popover and let you get on about your business.

Extra Credit

While we do not currently have a keyboard shortcut to lock the extension, you can certainly click the lock icon at the bottom of the popover. If you really want a keyboard shortcut, though, you could set up a utility like Alfred, LaunchBar, or anything else that can run Terminal commands with this:

open x-onepassword-agent://extension/lock

Bind a keyboard shortcut for it and enjoy the system-wide convenience of locking your browser extension no matter which app you’re in.

Class Dismissed

I hope these tips can help you enjoy 1Password to its fullest potential: helping you to get in, Login, and get back to what you’re doing as quickly as possible.

Retrospective: One month of Lion and 1Password

It’s been just over a month since Apple released OS X Lion and quite literally reversed the definitions of “up” and “down”. At least when it comes to scrolling. And only if you don’t go to System Preferences > Trackpad/Mouse and disable “Natural Scrolling”. But I digress.

Time flies when you’re fervently updating 1Password and releasing all-new browser extensions for such massive releases as Safari 5.1, Firefox 6.0, and Chrome 143.28.852, or whatever version they’re up to today. In fact, when I tally everything up, we’ve released over 40 updates in the past five weeks across our Mac, Windows, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome editions of 1Password—and that doesn’t even include beta releases for testing! But that long list of updates *does* include a completely redesigned extension interface and a lot of improvements, changes, nips, tucks, and bug fixes—all thanks to your awesome feedback in our forum.

Big transitions like new OS X releases—especially one like Lion which made so many major changes to both over- and under-the-hood technologies—and Firefox 6 are never easy, and we know 1Password has had a bumpy ride over the last month. I want to thank you all for your great feedback in our forum and here on the blog, as well as your patience as we fix bugs and polish 1Password to be a great Lion and cross-browser citizen.

Moving forward, we have a lot of great stuff in store. Our top priorities are polishing the new extension for all platforms (including getting it ready for Windows browsers!), improving the Firefox 6 experience, and bringing the extension to Chrome. Of course, we have a couple other buns in the oven, but we’re not quite ready to get the butter out of the fridge, if you follow my meaning. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Thanks again for being the best customers a small software shop could ask for. We’ll keep the 1Password updates coming, and we can’t wait to hear from you in our forum.

1Password 3.8 for Mac is out with support for Firefox 6/7 and a new extension setup process

Well that was quick. If it seemed like only yesterday that we released a 1Password 3.8 beta for Mac and initial support for Firefox 6 on the Mac, that’s because it was.

Today we’re happy to say that 1Password 3.8 for Mac is out of beta and so is our Firefox extension. Besides gaining support for Firefox 6 and 7 on the Mac, this 1Password update brings a great change to our extension installation process that’s been a long time coming. We have a new 1Password > Install Extensions menu option, as well as a Preferences > Browsers redesign, that takes you straight to our fancy new extension installation page. This will ensure that you get the latest version of our extensions that are regularly updated for this brave yet crazy new world of break-neck browser release schedules.

In short: if you upgrade to Firefox 6, grab 1Password 3.8 and use our new extension installation page to get the extension you need.

I should also mention that, while we have brought our new extension format to Firefox 6, we haven’t been able to bring all features back, such as right-click and HTTP auth support. We’re working on those. Also, if you need extensions for previous versions of Firefox, you can snag em from our legacy extension page. We know not everyone is always ready to upgrade their browser right away, so we’re trying to keep things as simple and available as possible for our users.

So check out the 1Password 3.8 for Mac update and the new Firefox 6 extension and let us know what you think in our forum!

We have big improvements thanks to big new 1Password and extension updates

It may feel like a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, but today is the three week mark for Apple’s release of Lion and Safari 5.1. In that short time you’ve given us tremendous feedback in our forum and here on the blog, and we’ve been listening intently with a completely redesigned extension interface and lots of fixes. Now we’re back with another great round of gigantic performance improvements and bugs that, fortunately, are no longer with us.

Now starring in 1Password 3.7.5 and 1Password extension for Safari 3.7 (fresh out of beta!):

  • Huge, huge improvements to the data sync process between 1Password and the Safari extension
  • Ever experienced the Data Not Available error? That error is what’s no longer available, thanks to our sync fixes! (see what I did there?)
  • Did you have issues with Universal Unlock? They should be universally gone!
  • Any problems with AutoSubmit or being asked to re-save existing Logins? These updates should auto-fix them! (Note: we still recommend that you disable Safari’s name and password filling option under Safari > Preferences > AutoFill)
  • Did keyboard shortcuts feel not-so-shortcut-y? These updates should get you back up to speed
  • Did copy to clipboard ever fail you? Copy away!
  • Big Edit Mode improvements in the extension: you can now view your passwords and pressing the Return key will now save changes instead of dismiss the popover
  • The Strong Password Generator‘s password strength indicator should once again update live as you change settings
  • Fill Login once again works on Twitter login pages and other sites that have multiple login forms
  • There’s a new welcome screen to help both new and seasoned 1Password vets learn their way around the new extension
  • We now display an update page to notify you when Safari silently updates our extension. This allows you to review the release notes, plus it reminds you to restart Safari
  • We have a new Settings > Troubleshooting option with your current 1Password and extension version numbers, release notes, useful statistics, and notifications when updates are available
  • Deleted items should stop reappearing in 1Password’s trash
  • Fixed Fill Login shortcut when there is only one login available but the domain didn’t match perfectly

That new Troubleshooting page I mentioned in the Settings tab should prove useful for helping to diagnose and solve problems. It can tell you which versions of the extension and app you’re running, as well as some other data that can help us diagnose issues. If you run into a quirk, definitely check this page out for some easy fixes that can help you get back on your feet quickly.

I’d also like you to check out that new Getting Started tutorial I mentioned for users who install the new extension for the first time. It’s designed to help 1Password users from all walks of life—whether you just installed our trial or you’re one of our biggest fans—get used to the basics of the new extension. If you have thoughts on this tutorial, I’d love to hear them in the comments.

How to update

You can check for updates in 1Password by going to 1Password > Check for Updates, and Safari should auto-update our extension for you soon. If you want to update immediately and need some help on how to do so, please check this support document for instructions.

As usual, let us know how things are going in the Agile forum, where our support folks and fantastic community stand ready and waiting to talk 1Password, updates, troubleshooting, and anything else on your mind!