Want to help us test Wi-Fi sync in 1Password 4 for Mac and iOS?

I have good news and good news, so I’ll give you the good news first: Wi-Fi sync is coming back in 1Password 4 for Mac and will be a free update to 1Password 4 for iOS. Some of our users want a local, cloud-less option to sync 1Password data, and we aim to deliver it soon.

The other good news is we need your help to test it, so we’re opening our Mac and iOS beta programs again to recruit a few good testers. Wi-Fi sync has been rewritten entirely from scratch and it will be 1Password-4-only, so we’ll need you to beta test both iOS and Mac versions.

Do you have:

  • an inconsolable itch to use Wi-Fi sync in 1Password?
  • a Mac running at least 10.8 Mountain Lion and an iOS 6 device?
  • good-to-great beta testing skills?

Prove it—sign up for our beta list and help us make Wi-Fi sync in 1Password 4 the best it can be.

Please note: we have not announced a release date for 1Password 4 for Mac or for when Wi-Fi sync will arrive as a free update in 1Password 4 for iOS. Right now we’re focused on making Wi-Fi sync great, and we’ll release as soon as we can get it there.

Browser extension update out for Firefox Aurora, Chrome users

Firefox Aurora iconAre you a Firefox user who lives dangerously in Aurora territory? Is “pre-beta” your middle name? Well, we have a vodka martini browser extension update with your first name on it.

As par for the course, Mozilla has been hard at work on testing new features and next-generation paradigms in Firefox Aurora, the more-beta-than-beta version of its browser, which means we’ve had to update the 1Password extension to stay in step. If you use Aurora, our update is now live that should fix a few incompatibilities and get you back to logging in and filling forms with a click.

Google Chrome users can also look forward to some better Credit Card and Identity filling.

Safari users, well, you can sit this one out because all is well in Cupertino’s corner of the web.

Your browser should see 1Password extension 3.9.17 pretty soon and auto-update to it. While you wait, you could perhaps peruse the changelog and revel in that lifestyle of danger you got goin’ on.

1Password 4 for Mac is coming – sign up for our newsletter, save the world (from bad passwords)

1P4 Mac beta banner

Do you like 1Password for Mac?

Do you like possibly being picked to beta test incredible new versions of software, finding bugs, and squishing them with impunity?

How about newsletters?

If you like at least a couple of these, there’s a good chance we’ll like you, so why not sign up for our 1Password 4 for Mac newsletter? Soon, we’ll have infrequent news and details to share about what is easily this year’s most widely anticipated new version of 1Password for Mac. We’ll also have a private beta test, which means if you want to help defend the world from bugs and bad passwords, you’ll hear about your chance on the newsletter. Keep in mind, 1Password 4 for Mac will require OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Keep in mind that, once we start looking for beta testers, we won’t have room for everyone and it will be a slow rollout. Hang tight for details on that because we still have plenty of work to do.

Since we announced the 1Password 4 for Mac newsletter on our Twitter and Facebook accounts yesterday, we’ve received over 7,100 signups. I’m no economist, but I think it’s pretty obvious that the following chart makes this number look really awesome.

1P4 Mac newsletter signups

Know what else would be really awesome? You signing up for our newsletter to be among the first to learn about the all-new, utterly gorgeous and powerful, coming-later-this-year 1Password 4 for Mac.

Mountain Lion Update: 10.8.1 is out today

Apple has released the first update to Mountain Lion, version 10.8.1, as of today. So if you’re one of the more cautious folks who never install the “dot zero” update, now’s your chance to pull the trigger. If you already made the leap, you can go to the Mac App Store and get your update from the Updates tab, or you can use the manual installer if you prefer. Either way, you’ll need to restart when it’s done.

This is an update of particular importance to 1Password users because it includes a fix for the Safari crashing bug we’ve seen with Safari 6, Mountain Lion, and our Safari browser extension.

As with all system updates, usual disclaimers apply here. You’ll need to make sure your other applications (and in our case, browser extensions) are up to date, and it’s always a good idea to have a backup of some sort before you click install, because you never know.

How To: Fix Safari 6 crashing on Mountain Lion

It’s been a couple days since Apple released Mountain Lion, and overall, I hope you’re enjoying it as much as we are. After some reports from users, though, we believe there is a bug in Mountain Lion that could cause Safari 6 to crash for some users. Here’s what’s going on and how to fix it.

With the help of our excellent users and Daniel Jalkut over at Red Sweater, we’ve looked into this bug and it appears to be caused by a problem with proxy settings under Mountain Lion. This could be due to changes you made to your proxy configuration, or due to some apps that make these changes for you.

If you are experiencing Safari 6 crashing under Mountain Lion with our 1Password extension installed, a quick fix is to adjust your proxy configuration settings under System Preferences > Networking. Here is our document that outlines more details and another that shows you how to adjust your proxy settings.

We’ll bring you more details as soon as we get them.

1Password for Mac is ready for Mountain Lion, Gatekeeper, and Retina, oh my!

Today is the day, ladies and gentlemen. The one you’ve all been waiting for. This is not a drill: OS X Mountain Lion is here.

Fortunately, 1Password for Mac has been prepared for this day for some time now. Whether you get it from the Mac App Store or our website, 1Password is fully Mountain Lion compatible, and the Mac App Store version has been sandboxed since its debut in the store last fall. Even if you use our website version, 1Password is properly signed with our developer ID for Gatekeeper, Apple’s new OS X feature that gives you control over which apps you run.

Heck, we also made sure last week that 1Password for Mac was ready for its Retina closeup. If you buy a beautiful new MacBook Pro with Retina display, enjoy over 3.5 million more pixels of 1Password goodness.

So enjoy Mountain Lion and be sure to update 1Password and our browser extension, if you haven’t already. This is a great release and we’re glad we could be ready for it and you on day one.

1Password for Mac just gained 3.5 million more pixels

Yep, you read that right. Our valiant designer, Dan Peterson, just got done hand-crafting over three and a half million new pixels just for you, owners of the new MacBook Pro with Retina display. And boy is his paint brush tired!


Available now in the Mac App Store and from our site is a shiny, extremely high-res new version of 1Password. Accompanying all those new pixels are 130 new images for 1Password’s various interface elements, bringing 1Password’s total pixel count on a 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display up to 4,746,049. Yowsa.

And just because some of you may not have seen our previous update, yes: 1Password is already fully prepared for OS X Mountain Lion (due out later this month) and Apple’s new sandboxing rules in the Mac App Store.

1Password 3.9.6 for Mac is a free upgrade for Mac App Store customers, and 1Password 3.8.20 for Mac is also free to our website customers. Enjoy!

1Password was born ready for Mountain Lion

Mountain LionAs you may have heard, Apple has a new kitty called Mountain Lion on the way, due out sometime in July. Apple’s site naturally brags about things like “over 200+ new features” and “more, better, faster,” but I’m sure your top question is: “but will 1Password be ready?!”

The short and sweet answer is: like Terry Benedict1Password was born ready. Ok, maybe’s that’s going a bit far. I mean, the first version of 1Password, released over six years ago, was actually born and raised on OS X 10.4 Tiger and missing a vowel. And a consonant.

So let me try this again: as of recent updates to both the Mac App Store and website versions, 1Password is ready for Mountain Lion and even Gatekeeper, a new OS X feature that gives you more control over what apps your Mac can run. If you want to learn more about Gatekeeper, our Chief Defender Against the Dark Arts penned a couple of posts to give you a general overview and more details on this important OS X addition in Mountain Lion.

Of course, your decision to upgrade to a major new OS release probably rests on a number of other apps being ready as well. After all, not every app can be ready on day one, so don’t be afraid to do a little homework before taking the plunge. But as far as AgileBits factors in, you can rest assured that 1Password been ready for Mountain Lion for a while now!

Like 1Password for Mac? Like LaunchBar? Now you can use them together!

I’m going to venture a guess that you like 1Password. I’m going to step even further out on this precipitous limb and wager that you also like LaunchBar, the productivity utility from the fine folks of Objective Development. If I’m on solid footing here though, I have some good news for you: 1Password and LaunchBar are now great friends.

Available in LaunchBar’s nightly builds is all-new support for quickly searching and opening your 1Password Logins, tags, and folders. Yeah, you heard me right: the 1Password trifecta of logging in quickly is now built into a LaunchBar beta near you and, soon, the official shipping version.

It’s pretty easy to get going, too. Once you install and launch the LaunchBar beta build, it should automatically find your 1Password keychain (the 1Password index is enabled by default), so just start searching. You can type the first couple letters of a specific Login, tag, or folder, or you can type 1P, hit the right arrow on the 1Password entry, and browse through all your 1Password items right inside LaunchBar? How cool is that?

[Tip: you might have to go to LaunchBar > Preferences > Calculator and disable the “Switch to Calculator when typing a digit” option.]

We’re so excited and thankful to see LaunchBar gain such quick access to their 1Password items no matter what app they’re using. Thanks to everyone at Objective Development for making this happen!