1Password for Mac just gained 3.5 million more pixels

Yep, you read that right. Our valiant designer, Dan Peterson, just got done hand-crafting over three and a half million new pixels just for you, owners of the new MacBook Pro with Retina display. And boy is his paint brush tired!


Available now in the Mac App Store and from our site is a shiny, extremely high-res new version of 1Password. Accompanying all those new pixels are 130 new images for 1Password’s various interface elements, bringing 1Password’s total pixel count on a 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display up to 4,746,049. Yowsa.

And just because some of you may not have seen our previous update, yes: 1Password is already fully prepared for OS X Mountain Lion (due out later this month) and Apple’s new sandboxing rules in the Mac App Store.

1Password 3.9.6 for Mac is a free upgrade for Mac App Store customers, and 1Password 3.8.20 for Mac is also free to our website customers. Enjoy!

Like 1Password for Mac? Like LaunchBar? Now you can use them together!

I’m going to venture a guess that you like 1Password. I’m going to step even further out on this precipitous limb and wager that you also like LaunchBar, the productivity utility from the fine folks of Objective Development. If I’m on solid footing here though, I have some good news for you: 1Password and LaunchBar are now great friends.

Available in LaunchBar’s nightly builds is all-new support for quickly searching and opening your 1Password Logins, tags, and folders. Yeah, you heard me right: the 1Password trifecta of logging in quickly is now built into a LaunchBar beta near you and, soon, the official shipping version.

It’s pretty easy to get going, too. Once you install and launch the LaunchBar beta build, it should automatically find your 1Password keychain (the 1Password index is enabled by default), so just start searching. You can type the first couple letters of a specific Login, tag, or folder, or you can type 1P, hit the right arrow on the 1Password entry, and browse through all your 1Password items right inside LaunchBar? How cool is that?

[Tip: you might have to go to LaunchBar > Preferences > Calculator and disable the “Switch to Calculator when typing a digit” option.]

We’re so excited and thankful to see LaunchBar gain such quick access to their 1Password items no matter what app they’re using. Thanks to everyone at Objective Development for making this happen!

1Password for Mac and iOS on sale to celebrate WWDC 2012!

Today kicks off Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco, and some of the AgileBits team is out there to partake of Apple’s engineering knowledge and make sure the local bars are properly stocked. But we figured we should celebrate Apple’s event with you too, so for a limited time, 1Password for Mac and 1Password Pro for iOS are on sale!

“How much on sale,” you ask? “For how long,” you wonder? Well: they’re both 20 percent off through Saturday, June 16, so when it’s gone, it’s gone. But don’t forget: no matter when you buy (or bought) 1Password for Mac in the Mac App Store, you get a free upgrade to 1Password 4 for Mac when we release it!

In other words: 1Password for Mac is just $39.99 in the Mac App Store, and 1Password Pro (the universal one for iPhone and iPad), is just $11.99 in the App Store. But only until the 16th. Whether you’ve been waiting to pick up 1Password or you know someone who could really use a copy, this is the perfect way to get on board.

1Password Power Tip [Mac]: Use 1Click Bookmarks just about anywhere besides your browser

Boy, it sure is easy to log into sites from 1Password or the 1Password browser extension; after all, that’s kind of the point. But what if you want that easy access from other apps, or a way to organize Logins related to a certain project with all the other stuff for that project? We’ve got you covered.

You know 1Password’s 1Click Bookmarks feature, the one that enables you to create bookmarks that log you in with a single click? Well, your browser’s toolbar isn’t the only place those can live. Put simply: you can drag a 1Click Bookmark into almost any app. Think about that for a second.

A 1Click Bookmark in an OmniFocus task note, complete with its title from 1Password!

So, to start with the example that our intrepid Code Wrangler, Jamie Phelps, posted to his blog: you could create a new task in OmniFocus to remind you to check in on a website and, to make your task easier when the time comes, drag that site’s Login from 1Password into OmniFocus’s task creation window. Later, when it’s time to get things done, you can click your 1Click Bookmark from OmniFocus to open the site, unlock the 1Password extension (if necessary), and get to checking off that box even more quickly.

A 1Click Bookmark in iCal

If iCal is more your thing, you could create a new event or reminder to, say, buy flowers for your special someone or pay off your credit card. Drag your Login for 1-800-FLOWERS.com or your bank into the iCal editor’s URL field, and later on you can click the bookmark you created in iCal to automatically log into its site—all without touching 1Password or even needing to manually open your browser.

Heck, you can even drag 1Click Bookmarks to your desktop or the document side of your Dock if that’s how you roll. If OS X or an app supports clickable URLs and files, you should be able to drag over your 1Password Login to make it easier and faster to log into sites and get things done.

Alfred 1.2 for Mac is out with 1Password 1Click Bookmark superpowers!

Remember how Alfred, the excellent productivity utility from Running With Crayons, integrated 1Password 1Click Bookmarks in a recent beta? We’re happy to say those crazy colorers wrapped up the beta, and Alfred 1.2 is out!

If you use Alfred and you have its PowerPack which adds some great extra features, you can now quickly browse your 1Password Logins right inside Alfred, then open one to login with your default browser—all with a couple strokes of your keyboard no matter what app you’re using. Simply invoke Alfred, type “1p,” hit Return on the “1Password Bookmark ‘…'” option, and type a couple letters of the Login you have in mind. Then hit Return and watch the magic happen.

Use the 1P trigger in Alfred to get to your 1Password logins quickly!

This has been one of Alfred’s most popular feature requests for a while, and we’re honored that they put this together so well. Alfred 1.2 is a free update from Running With Crayons for website customers who have the PowerPack add-on (sorry, Mac App Store Alfred users, but Apple doesn’t allow the tech in the store that powers this 1Password+Alfred integration). Just grab the update, open Alfred’s preferences, and check out the new 1Password sidebar item for a powerful and quick new way to open your 1Password Logins!

Use Alfred for Mac to quickly open 1Password Logins

(UPDATE: This is no longer a prerelease feature, you can use it right now!)

If you’re like many enterprising Mac users, you probably use a utility like Alfred, a great productivity booster shot that lets you open apps, move files, search specific websites, control iTunes, and much more with just a few keyboard strokes. Thanks to an Alfred release now in beta, you can count 1Password among its special tricks.

A new option in Alfred 1.2’s sidebar lets you turn on 1Password integration. Click it, enable the option, and click Reload Bookmarks. Now, whenever you want to log into a site quickly even if you aren’t in your browser, you can:

  • toggle Alfred (Option-Space by default)
  • type “1P” and a space
  • type a couple letters of a Login you want to open
  • hit Enter to automatically open that Login in your default browser like a boss (if 1Password is locked, you’ll need to unlock it, but the auto-login process will continue. Also like a boss)

Use the 1P trigger in Alfred to get to your 1Password logins quickly!

If you’re a Chrome user experiencing a little déjà vu, you’re not crazy; this works a lot like our fancy Chrome 1P trick. But this Alfred integration has been a pretty popular feature request, so we’re happy and thankful to see the Alfred folks crank it out.

To get on Alfred’s beta channel, you have to be running the website version, not the Mac App Store version:

  • Go to Alfred’s preferences (just activate it and hit Command-,), then the General panel, then the Updates tab
  • Enable the “pre-release” option and check for updates

That’s it! You are now free to move about your Mac and log into sites more quickly, thanks to Alfred’s new 1Password integration!

1Password update out in Mac App Store now, website soon

Our Mac App Store 1Password customers have a small update waiting in the Updates tab, and our website customers will also get a little present soon too.

For Mac App Store customers, we’ve made some big improvements to our Passwords Plus importer so it can now create Secure Notes, Credit Cards, and Logins. We also updated our Chrome extension so that it should play well with the changes coming down the pipeline in the Beta, Developer, and Canary builds.

1Password 3.9.5 is available now in the Mac App Store and is a free update to all existing Mac App Store customers.

As for you wonderful website customers, 1Password 3.8.19 is coming soon with a few perks of its own. For starters, this version will play nicely with Apple’s upcoming release of OS X Mountain Lion and its new Gatekeeper app security feature (Jeff Goldberg is working on a good post explaining more about this). This release will also include the Chrome support we released in the Mac App Store update.

1Password 3.8.19 should be out later today for our website customers, so keep an eye on @1Password on Twitter and Facebook for the announcement. Because jamming on the 1Password > Check for Updates menu is not much of a way to pass the time.

A fix for Safari 5.1.4 for Mac and 1Password Helper problems

Good news, everyone! Well, bad news, then good news. To keep things short: Apple just released Safari 5.1.4, and it’s causing some ruckus with our 1Password browser extension for a few of our Mac users. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that we have a fix, and it’s pretty darn easy. We have a support document that explains everything with an accompany screenshot, but in short: for the vast majority of customers experiencing this problem, it seems to be an issue with running Safari in 32-bit mode instead of 64-bit. To get Safari and our 1Password Helper playing nicely together again, you can:

  • Quit Safari
  • Right-click Safari in your Applications folder and choose Get Info
  • Uncheck the “Open in 32-bit mode” option
  • Restart Safari and live happily ever after

So far, we’ve seen only one instance where a customer also had to restart their Mac for this fix to actually stick. But on the whole, this seems to solve the problem. If you still experience trouble, though, please get in touch with our support team and they’ll get you squared away!

A big 1Password extension 3.9 update is out!

Are you sitting down? Ok, you folks who stand while you work—don’t answer that. Regardless, if you’re reading this in Safari, Chrome, or Firefox, we have a great new 1Password browser extension release for you.

Fresh out of beta is version 3.9 of our browser extension, and boy it’s a doozy. We added support for multiple profiles to Firefox and Chrome, and domain matching is, as they say in the car industry, “all new,” except we actually mean it. We completely rewrote it to watch out for things like subdomains and international domains.

All told, we added over 20 new features, changes, fixes, and bits of TLC in this extension update, and you can read all the details if so inclined. As for how to get it:

  • If you already have our new 1Password browser extension installed, your browser should update automatically, if it hasn’t already
  • If you need to install our extension on Mac or PC (Windows Firefox users—your wait is almost over, promise!), just open 1Password’s Preferences to the Browsers pane, click Install Browser Extensions, and follow the instructions on the webpage that opens

We hope you enjoy the new extension, and let us know what you think!

1Password updates are out with some nice new perks

They say “good things come in pairs.” Or maybe it’s “to those who wait.” Hang on, who is “they” anyway?

Before we get wrapped up in colloquialisms, let’s tackle something a little easier: the new perks that both our Mac App Store and website customers can enjoy in a pair of 1Password updates we released. We’ve added the usual round of all-natural performance enhancements and polish (honest: AgileBits is a steroid-free company!). Mac App Store customers can check the “What’s New” section in the store, and website customers can check our version history page.

These updates are waiting for you, right now, up in the Agile Cloud. Here’s how to grab them:

  • Mac App Store customers: Open the Mac App Store and go to the Updates tab
  • Website customers: Go to 1Password > Check for Updates