1Password and iPad: Part Deux

It’s been a couple of weeks since we posted our initial mockups of 1Password for iPad. Since then, our two co-founders, Dave and Roustem, got together with our Lead Designer, Dan Peterson, for a “Weekend of iPad” design and development, so we figured it’s time for an update on our progress.

Show Your Work

We want to convey the actual evolution from our initial concepts to our latest and greatest, so we combined the two images to help you get an idea of our change in direction. Remember, though, that these are still just Photoshop mockups, and still very much in flux. Designing an interface for the iPad is also proving to be quite the challenge, primarily because Steve Jobs, Phil Schiller, Jonathan Ive, and Tim Cook are still refusing to return our calls about getting a review model. It’s just crazy. I mean, after the 25th voicemail, you’d think they’d finally cave, amIright?

Here is our latest 1Password for iPad mockup in portrait view:

1Password iPad portrait 2.png

Note that the detail view for the currently selected item has shifted from occupying its own space at the bottom to an in-line selected area. This simplifies our interface and leaves more room to view and scroll through your list of items, especially since each letter in the alphabet slider on the right gets more room to breathe and a larger touchable target.

Next up is our landscape view, which got rearranged quite a bit:

New landscape.png

The item list and detail view were swapped in the interest of thumb-ability. This way, no matter which arm you use to hold your iPad, and which you use to tap on the screen, you won’t have to reach over and obscure the details of the item you actually want to look at. That’s the idea for now, anyway.

Something New

Of course, what would our second iPad teaser post be without an all-new screenshot to tease you with?

iPads 3d - blog post.png

Behold, our iPad lock screen and a step of our first-run experience. 1Password 3 users should recognize these, as they are heavily influenced by our Mac version.

Lessons Learned

One of the most interesting things about developing our iPad version is that we’re learning new ways to solve problems and make 1Password easier to use, but not just for the iPad. Dan says that they’ve discovered a lot so far that they want to bring back to our Mac and iPhone versions, which means all of our users will benefit from our iPad development, even if they never get an iPad.

As always, thanks for checking out our latest ideas everyone, and don’t hesitate to let us know what you think in the comments!

1Password and iPad: Part 1

Yes, I said “part 1.”

I hope it comes as no surprise that we’re planning, plotting, and otherwise scheming to bring 1Password to the iPad in a big way. But if you are surprised, well… surprise! I hope it’s good news, because we’re really excited about our progress. So excited, in fact, that we feel like sharing some of our design concepts with you.

We aren’t content to leave you with using that 2x button on our iPhone app. It’s an iPhone app! And while it is the Best 1Password iPhone App Ever (if we may so humbly say ourselves), the iPad is an entirely different beast, and we’re giving it the utmost attention it deserves. Keep in mind that the following screenshots are design mockups from deep within our labs. They aren’t finished or even working models yet, and you wouldn’t believe what I had to go through to be able to post them publicly. Honestly, don’t bother asking, because I can’t tell.

Pleasantries aside, let’s get on with the show. Meet our initial vision of 1Password for iPad!

iPad mock 1.jpg

Above is a mockup of 1Password running vertically on iPad. Smashing, isn’t it? Dan Peterson, our in-house design demigod, has been cranking away on iPad and 1Password touch projects since we got back from The Agile Cruise, and it shows!

But of course, what is 1Password on iPad without a landscape mode? I’m glad you asked.

iPad mock 2.jpg

Check out those gorgeous icons, the item list with alphabet scroller, and the stylish bolts that really bring the item detail area together. And yes, we have popovers! I told you we’re hitting the iPad in a big way.

We’re not finished yet, but we think we’re on the right track. We want to bring you the best 1Password on iPad experience possible, so let us know what you think of our prototypes here in the comments!

1Password 3 Feature Spotlight: iPhone sync

Let’s be honest here: syncing 1Password with 1Password touch on your iPhone or iPod touch is pretty awesome. It’s easy to set up, secure, and hella fast. In fact, you may be wondering whether it’s possible to top our sync features in 1Password 3. With this post, I am happy to confirm that it is most certainly possible. But first, a little background.

When we released 1Password touch 2.0 earlier this year, we completely redesigned our Wi-Fi sync feature for iPhone and iPod touch. We greatly simplified the setup process and made it automatic, so anytime your Mac and iPhone are on the same network and you unlock 1Password touch on your device, a sync occurs without you needing to lift a finger.

Now in 1Password 3, you can lift a finger, if you want. Drawing some inspiration from iTunes, we built an entirely new syncing dashboard to give you more control over your device and what you sync. Setup is still super-simple, and by default, 1Password will automatically sync all of your Logins, Secure Notes, Wallet Items, and Software Licenses, as well as any folders that you organize them with.


But what if you want to bring along only your work Logins, or your banking Logins? Now you can create a couple of folders in 1Password, organize your 1Password items in any way you want, and then select only those folders in our new iPhone sync dashboard. 1Password touch will sync just the items in those folders with 1Password on your Mac, allowing you to scale back to the bare essentials when you want. In fact, 1Password touch Pro will even organize items on your device according to the 1Password folders folders on your Mac as well, keeping you even more organized while on-the-go.

Of course, what would a redesigned iPhone sync dashboard be without a “replace everything on my device” option? If you ever need to start from scratch on your iPhone or iPod touch, or you just want to do some house cleaning, you can now easily perform a clean sync and replace everything on the device with your 1Password items and folders.

But wait, there will be more

Now we’ve heard that at least one or two of you would like to be able to sync 1Password touch on your i-device over the Internet, without having to be in the same room, or perhaps even the same country, as your Mac. On this topic I have good news and not-really-bad news and will, overall, add up to a smile on your face.

The good news is that we’re working really hard on a way to sync through “the cloud” using MobileMe or any standard WebDAV server. This means that MobileMe customers will be able to enjoy an effortless sync setup, and other users with their own compatible web hosts can get their advanced geekery on.

The not-really-bad news is that this sync won’t arrive with 1Password 3.0. This feature will take some time, and we have more work to do on the Agile Keychain and 1Password for both platforms in order to provide the awesome experience our users have come to expect. Instead of making a promise on this feature’s availability that we might not meet, I’ll just say it’s “coming soon.” It will be released in a free 3.x upgrade, and that’s about all we can talk about for now.

This about covers the new iPhone sync features in 1Password 3. Be sure to look back through our 1Password 3 Feature Spotlight series to see in-depth looks at other major features that are on their way, and stay tuned here on the blog for future posts as well.

1Password and 1Password Pro 2.2 updates released

1Pt_Pro_icon.png1Pt_Std_icon.pngGood news everyone: The App Store badge on your iPhone or iPod touch should be sporting at least one red icon, and there’s a great reason for that! We released updates for 1Password touch and 1Password touch Pro, bringing both to version 2.2. What’s so awesome about a couple of small updates? I’m glad you asked.

1Password touch and 1Password touch Pro both received some major new features, as well as roughly a (virtual) ton of changes and fixes (no joke, we weighed it on our virtual office scale). We outlined some of these upcoming features and differences between 1Password touch and its big Pro brother back in June, and this 2.2 update delivers on some of them.

First, 1Password touch now has our custom Quick Copy and Paste feature that the Pro version gained in June. This feature took a little while longer to bring to the standard version because of a rejection over a minor issue, but then we simply got bowled over with customer support questions about 1Password touch Pro and iPhone OS 3.0. With the release of 1Password touch 2.2, owners can copy an entire username, password, software license, or other snippet with a single tap.

1Password touch also gains a database reset option, auto-capitalization in Notes fields, support for Landscape Mode in various views (including the browser!), and the ability to rearrange the toolbar tabs.

1Password touch Pro lives up to its “Pro” name with two exclusive new features, as well as all the improvements and fixes we added to the standard version. First, 1Password touch Pro can sync the folders you create in 1Password for the Mac to keep all your stuff organized on-the-go (note that creating, editing, or adding items to folders is coming in a future update). Second, you can now copy multiple fields to the clipboard when using our Look Up in 1Password Safari bookmarklet.

There really are quite a few feature changes and bug fixes in both of these new versions of 1Password touch, so be sure to check out their iTunes pages for the full details. Also remember that 1Password touch Pro is on sale for a limited time while we add Pro-level features. 1Password touch Pro will eventually cost $14.99. But you can grab a copy for a steal of a price ($7.99 as of this writing) and lock in free updates.

David Chartier
Chief Media Producer, Agile Web Solutions