Jessy on authentication and passwords in premiere of On the Wire podcast

Jessy Irwin On the Wire

On the Wire is a new podcast about the security threats we face and how we can protect ourselves against them. It’s hosted by our friend Dennis Fisher, who was previously behind the podcast at Threatpost.

The new podcast covers such topics as privacy, fraud, and social engineering. It aims to do so in a simple way that’s easy for everyone to understand. A lot of this stuff goes right over my head, which is why I’ve been relying on 1Password to secure my digital life for so long! I’m looking forward to listening to a security-centric podcast that doesn’t make my eyes glaze over.

The first episode of On the Wire is extra special because it features Jessy, our Security Evangelist! Listen to Jessy talk about the state of authentication, passwords, and security education.

To listen to the episode, you can stream it on the On the Wire website.

Jessysaurus Rex joins the AgileBits team!

An adventure 65 million years in the making

A couple of weeks ago, we introduced you to the wonder women of AgileBits, who make this company and 1Password what they are today. We’re happy to announce that a new member has joined that illustrious team. If you follow the world of online security, you may already be familiar with her (or at the very least with one of her security sign bunnies hopping around Twitter!).

JessysaurusRex - Jessy Irwin

Her name is Jessy Irwin, and she is an influential voice in the world of information security. She also happens to love dinosaurs. A published writer and presenter, Jessy champions online privacy and security and spends much of her time educating people about the need for strong, unique passwords; secure software development; and operational security (opsec). She works to raise security awareness among students and educators, and helps the average Internet citizen learn what they can do to keep themselves, their data, and their online identities secure. She’s an obvious choice and a natural fit for our team, and we’re so glad that she’s here. @1Password and Jessy have been each other’s Twitter boo for a long time, a courtship that culminated in a grand proposal. (Spoiler alert: She said yes!)

Thanks for the Storify and kind words, Matthew!

This week, Jessy was a guest on Threatpost’s Digital Underground podcast. She and host Dennis Fisher had a great discussion about passwords, student privacy, how Jessy got her start in the world of information security, and her new role at AgileBits. You can subscribe to the Threatpost podcast on iTunes or listen to Jessy’s episode on the Threatpost website.

If you’re interested in learning more about online security, I highly recommend following @1Password and Jessy on Twitter. Jessy frequently shares her thoughts on the latest tech developments (such as Wednesday’s Apple event) and how they might impact your security, as well as great articles and blog post written by some of the smartest hackers and security researchers in the world. I enjoy following her on Twitter and having her do the work of curating all those interesting articles for me.

Here’s to you, Mr. Sheridan!

One of the challenges we face as a tech company is making our software accessible to everyone. It’s sometimes hard to gauge, because we’re so close to it. Doing research to answer customers’ questions makes it even more difficult to take a step back and make sure we’re not getting tooooo nerdy.


That’s why I was so excited when I heard from my friend Allison Sheridan this morning. Allison hosts the fantastic NosillaCast, a technology podcast with an ever so slight (ahem) Macintosh bias. She’s previously documented her own experience of switching to 1Password, but yesterday she spoke to Ken Sheridan, her octogenarian father-in-law.

1Password for Mac logo

In this lovely interview, we learn how Mr. Sheridan was managing his passwords before Steve (his son and Allison’s husband) helped him set up 1Password. My favourite part is that we also learn how 1Password has made his digital life so much easier and more secure. This enables him to more frequently do things like check his financial accounts, which he used to do only occasionally because it was such a hassle.

We want everyone to have a great experience with our software, and Mr. Sheridan makes me feel like we’re on the right track. Have you shared 1Password with friends, kids, or parents, possibly less geeky than you? We’d love to hear your experience. Leave a comment below or stop by our discussion forums.

Thanks for introducing your family to ours, Allison. Mr. Sheridan, we’re so happy to welcome you.

Aleen and Chalene, sittin’ in a tree…

…talkin’ s-e-c-u-r-i-ty!

Chalene Johnson

Chalene Johnson is a motivational speaker and best-selling author. In June of this year, her Twitter account was hacked, as was her main Instagram account. She shared this sad tale on her podcasts, The Chalene Show and Chalene Johnson’s Build Your Tribe.

Upon completing the tedious and time-consuming task of recovering from the hack, Chalene researched password managers to ensure she’d never have to endure such an experience again. At the end of her quest to find the best password manager, Chalene discovered 1Password!

Aleen Simms

To talk to her listeners about 1Password, Chalene invited our very own Aleen Simms. They discuss everything from pricing to basic 1Password use and password hygiene. Have a listen, and pick up a handy tip or three along the way.

The episode is fittingly titled, The Most Important App You Will Ever Download, and you can listen to it in iTunes. Thank you for the invitation, Chalene!