Fireside with Monty: 1Password 6.8 for Windows is here!

Monty and his fellow ‘Bits have been busy here getting ready for the holidays and just couldn’t wait to deliver the latest update. With over 100 changes, there is more inside our newest version than ever before.

The 1Password Slack app makes administrators happy

Our all new 1Password app for Slack automatically posts messages in Slack when important events happen on your team. And it’s way more powerful than email.

Administrators: Get to know 1Password Teams

1Password Teams is an invaluable tool to keep your team and their passwords safe and secure online. It’s simple enough for anyone to use, but if you’re an administrator of a team, you likely have responsibilities that go beyond simply filling passwords and storing information.

The good news is that you don’t need a dedicated IT department to make the most of your new password manager. 1Password Teams comes with everything you need to not only manage your team, but also to let your team manage themselves.

1Password X: A look at the future of 1Password in the browser

Introducing 1Password X – our brand new, full-featured experience that runs entirely in your browser.

1Password 7 for iOS: Efficiency Abounds

Hello and happy November, everyone! We’ve long anticipated this day here at AgileBits. After months of hard work, 1Password 7 for iOS is now available on iOS 11. The very first step in the journey that brought us to this point was taken back in June, shortly after the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Before a […]

Integrate 1Password into your Android apps

Account sign-up and sign-in is a critical piece of your app, but it’s also the part that is most likely to create friction for new users. It might be necessary for your app to collect information such as an email address and password, but let’s face it, those details are rather tedious to type out. […]

1Password living on the [Microsoft] Edge

I’ve long been curious about Microsoft Edge. It’s fast, light-weight, and much more secure than the Internet Explorer of my childhood. It had everything you look for in a browser … except 1Password support. Today that changes!

Up top, drag and drop – iOS 11 super powers for your iPad

Our favorite Tuesday of the year is here — the latest update to iOS was just released for you, me, and all our friends checking for updates. There’s a beautiful new Control Center, updated fonts across the board, a quick way to pay your friends for chocolate chip cookies with Apple Pay, and our personal favorite, drag and drop on iPad. We got really excited when Apple showed off drag and drop for iPad at WWDC in June, and now you get to use it in 1Password on your iPad too.

Why is this information sensitive? The deeper Equifax problem

As the world now knows Equifax, the credit rating company and master of our fates, suffered a data breach in May and June 2017, which revealed to criminals details of 143 million people. (I would have liked to say, “143 million customers”, but that is very far from the case. We have no control at all over Equifax and other credit rating companies collecting information about us. We are neither their customers nor users.)

The revealed data includes:

Social Security numbers
Dates of birth
Driver’s license numbers (unspecified number of these)
Credit card numbers (209,000 of these)

Face it, The iPhone X Looks Amazing

As blown away as we were by today’s product announcements from Apple we were even more blown away by our inclusion in the festivities. To see Phil Schiller on stage showing 1Password on the new iPhone X was magical.