How to use 1Password to manage cryptocurrency

Want to invest in cryptocurrency, but don’t know how to manage it safely? Learn how to use 1Password to secure your crypto information – exchange accounts, private keys, wallet backups, and more.

1Password is for families

Sharing 1Password with your Family has never been easier! Make connections, spend time together, and enjoy Family Day with us here in Ontario:)

Developers: How we use SRP, and you can too

Today we’re announcing that our Go implementation of Secure Remote Password (SRP) is available as an open source project. Learn about how 1Password uses SRP and how you can implement it in your own apps.

Terraforming 1Password

1Password is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). We have been using AWS for several years now and it is amazing how easy it was to scale our service from zero users three years ago to several million users today. We recently switched from AWS CloudFormation to Terraform to manage our infrastructure and would like to tell you about it.

1Password command-line tool 0.2: Tim’s new toys

Want to level up your skills as a 1Password administrator? Learn all about the latest version of the 1Password command line tool.

Same as it ever was: There’s no reason to melt down

The Intel CPU flaw, that is being referred to as “meltdown”, is a big deal. But just because it is an extraordinary bug doesn’t mean that it requires an extraordinary response from most people. The same practices that you should already be doing are enough.

1Password keeps you safe by keeping you in the loop

1Password’s browser extension has always been designed from the outset to keep you safe from some recently discovered browser based attacks on some password managers.

Fireside with Monty: 1Password 6.8 for Windows is here!

Monty and his fellow ‘Bits have been busy here getting ready for the holidays and just couldn’t wait to deliver the latest update. With over 100 changes, there is more inside our newest version than ever before.

The 1Password Slack app makes administrators happy

Our all new 1Password app for Slack automatically posts messages in Slack when important events happen on your team. And it’s way more powerful than email.

Administrators: Get to know 1Password Teams

1Password Teams is an invaluable tool to keep your team and their passwords safe and secure online. It’s simple enough for anyone to use, but if you’re an administrator of a team, you likely have responsibilities that go beyond simply filling passwords and storing information.

The good news is that you don’t need a dedicated IT department to make the most of your new password manager. 1Password Teams comes with everything you need to not only manage your team, but also to let your team manage themselves.