1Password tips

Remotely use 1Password on the new Apple TV

1Password and Apple’s Remote app make the perfect pair for your new Apple TV.

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1Password and your browsing habits: What we don’t know can’t hurt you

1Password is private by design. We cannot lose, use, or abuse data that we never have. Your data, your business.

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Secure all the things in Secure Notes

Learn why Secure Notes is Megan’s favourite category in today’s 1Password Tips post.

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How 1Password for Teams protects your secrets

Meet Julie, the newest member of our security team. In our new post, she explains the three layers of security used by 1Password for Teams.

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1Password 6.1 for iOS: The Unity Edition

1Password for Teams and All Vaults are the most notable features in our latest update, designed to bring unity and serenity to your 1Password experience.

1Password for Teams: Getting Started (Admin)

Starting your admin adventure with 1Password for Teams

So you’ve signed up for 1Password for Teams. Awesome. Begin your adventure as a team admin with this, our first guided tour.

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Introducing 1Password for Teams

Today I am happy to announce 1Password for Teams, an exciting new way to use 1Password within a team environment!

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When a Leak Isn’t a Leak

Our security team answers your questions about the AgileKeychain sync data format and how 1Password keeps your data protected.

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1Password 5.4 for Mac: The Convenience Edition

Our latest update offers a large type option for passwords and a new beta browser extension, among other features designed for your convenience and security.