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More Watchtower, still no watching

Watchtower tells you when a site has been compromised without telling us which sites you have in your 1Password vault. Jeff explains how we put your privacy first when designing this feature.

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Getting Productive

Getting Productive with 1Password just got easier! Get 50% off of 1Password for Mac and 1Password for Windows for a limited time.

mind your ps and qs

When back doors go bad: Mind your Ps and Qs

This is going to be a long and technical article, but the point can be stated more simply: The kinds of security architectures in which it is easy to insert a back door are typically less secure than the security architectures in which it is hard to insert a back door. The back doors that […]

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Trouble with Mac App Store updates? We can help.

A small percentage of our users are experiencing issues after updating 1Password via the Mac App Store. The good news is that the fix is super easy: A reboot will likely resolve the issue.

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Update on 1Password for Teams

1Password for Teams has seen significant progress over the past three months. Dave walks us through the highlights.

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Staying Organized with 1Password for Teams

Put passwords in their place with 1Password for Teams and the new All Vaults feature.

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1Password 6 for Mac is here!

Upgrade today for a customizable and global All Vaults view, improved strong password generator, Teams vault support, and more.

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AgileCloudSDK: iCloud Sync Gets Its Wings

Want to sync with iCloud outside of the Mac App Store? We’ve got you covered. Introducing AgileCloudSDK!

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1Password 6.2 for iOS: The Resolution Edition

Our latest update helps you stay informed with Watchtower, organized with All Vaults, efficient with new 3D Touch options, and more!

Behind the Mug, Vee

Meet Virginia, AgileBits Day Brightener

Today’s Behind the Mug features Virginia Thayer, our very own Day Brightener.