Fantastic Secrets and Where to Find Them: Pocket Watch Edition

It’s been a few weeks since the release of 1Password 6.5 for Mac and we figured it was time to bring 1Password 6.5 for iOS to the party as well. Just like its big brother, this update to 1Password for iOS is absolutely gigantic.

Our Security, Our Rights

Every day it feels like our rights to privacy and security are under attack, and indeed, if you’re keeping up with the news, this is a lot more than just a feeling.

1Password 6.5 for Mac: Fantastic Secrets and Where to Find Them

These past few months we’ve been toiling like house elves on an incredibly new and awesome version of 1Password for Mac and I am happy to report it is available now.

Introducing 1Password Windows for Teams!

Today is a very big day in Windows land: 1Password Teams is now officially available on Windows! Our Windows team has made amazing progress since we introduced the first beta for Teams earlier this summer and I’m super excited to share the results of their incredible work with you. Let’s jump in!

Send in the crowds (to hunt for bugs)

We unequivocally encourage security researchers to poke around 1Password. It is an extremely important part of the process that helps us deliver and maintain a more secure product to everyone. There is now a public Bug Bounty program available for 1Password!

Friends (Still) Don’t Let Friends Reuse Passwords

In light of the Yahoo! data breach, now’s a great time to up your security game.

Hello, macOS Sierra!

1Password is ready for macOS Sierra. Here’s a run down of our favorite new features and some awesome places 1Password appears in new OS!

Pro Features for 1Password Teams: Many Bells and Much Whistles

We’ve added some incredible new Pro features to 1Password Teams and we’re extending our Early adopter special that gives you all these Pro features at the Standard price!