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1Password 6 for Mac

Released January, 2016, 1Password 6 for Mac builds upon a solid foundation with substantial improvements and great new features. A more flexible Strong Password Generator can now use words to create strong and secure passwords. The new All Vaults view provides a customizable look at multiple vaults. 1Password for Teams integration means that—work, home, or play—all your information is safe and easily accessible in one place. We’re also pleased to be able to provide iCloud sync for everyone, which improves purchase options for all our customers. 1Password 6 for Mac is built for OS X Yosemite or newer, and is a free upgrade from the previous version.

Download the 1Password 6 for Mac press kit

1Password 6 for iOS

Released September, 2015, 1Password 6 for iOS shows off a little more blue and beautiful new icons. Improvements to the Strong Password Generator enable you to use words to create strong and secure passwords. The all-new Spotlight search helps you quickly find items and view their details in 1Password. Optimizations for larger screens and Apple Watch mean that being secure looks better than ever.

Download the 1Password 6 for iOS press kit

1Password for Teams

Released as a public beta in November, 2015, 1Password for Teams introduces an entirely new way to use 1Password in a team environment. With 1Password for Teams, everyone gets the simple, convenient security of 1Password, and you get the tools you need to control and manage their access to your most important information.

Download the 1Password for Teams press kit

1Password 6 for Android

Released February, 2016. 1Password 6 for Android is a complete, full-featured reimagining of our Android app for both phones and tablets. Users can unlock with their fingerprint, edit and create items, and sync seamlessly with or via Dropbox or Android’s Folder Sync support. The app is free and all features can be unlocked with a one-time, in-app purchase or using a 1Password membership.

Download the 1Password 6 for Android press kit

1Password 6 for Windows

Released October, 2016, 1Password 6 for Windows melds security and convenience for the most popular operating system in the world. Users can create strong, unique passwords for all their accounts, log in with a single click, seamless sync with and encrypt all their important information with the one password they need to remember.

Download the 1Password for Windows press kit