1Password for iOS Features: Action Bar

1P4 iOS Action BarOne of my favorite things about the new 1Password for iOS is that it’s fast, but I’m not just talking about under the hood stuff for developers. I mean that a lot of its new features like Web Mode and Favorites make you fast. They let you get in, get what you need, and get on with your day faster than any previous version.

One of these features that speeds up your flow is the new Action Bar, which is our take on that incredibly clever “swipe across this thing in a list to see some buttons that let you do stuff to the thing you just swiped” action we all saw in Loren Brichter’s Tweetie.

While in Vault Mode viewing your Favorites, Categories, and Folders, you can swipe to the right across any item to quickly reveal actions you can do to it. For example, Logins (which you see in this post’s image) get Trash, Favorite, Web Mode, and Smart Copy:

  • Trash will do just what it says (you’ll be prompted to make sure, but still—careful with that one)
  • Favorite will add that item to the Favorites tab for quick access
  • Web Mode will open the Login’s URL in Web Mode and auto-fill your username and password
  • Smart Copy will Do The Right Thing and copy the most important piece of information from that item to your device’s clipboard, ready for pasting into other apps. For Logins, that’s the password, while for Credit Cards, it’s the actual card number

Different types of items may not have all these actions. Secure Notes, for example, aren’t filled into web forms or opened in Web Mode, so their Action Bar only shows Trash and Favorite. Bonus Pro Tip: marking Secure Notes as Favorites is a great way to keep them readily accessible for quickly jotting down ideas in a private place.

I hope you dig the new Action Bar in 1Password for iOS. It really is the best way to quickly get in, around, and out of your 1Password items.

1Password for iOS featurecast – Web Mode

Yes, featurecast. Not a podcast, kind of a screencast, but really, a featurecast: I want to use a little more than screenshots and smoke signals to show off some of the great stuff in 1Password, but still keep each video short ‘n sweet ‘n easy to digest. That means low-calorie, high 1Password nutrition, gluten-free.

Think 1:10 is short ‘n sweet enough for a featurecast of the all-new Web Mode in 1Password for iOS? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or in this forum thread.

1Password for iOS Features: There and back again with the clipboard

The scene: you’re creating a new password for a Login or another app on your device.

The protagonist: you.

The antagonist: tapping too many times to create a password, copy it to the clipboard, and paste it somewhere else.

The solution: our new Copy to Clipboard option in 1Password for iOS!

Whenever you create a new password now, it will automatically be copied to your clipboard, ready and waiting to be pasted into a tab in the all-new Web Mode browser or another app. You can tap the “show password recipe” option while using the Strong Password Generator to see the “Copy to clipboard” option, among others, or even disable it. But the story’s not done, yet.

We wanted to ensure your new passwords don’t sit forever in your clipboard where you may accidentally paste them into a message or a tweet hours or days later. To solve this challenge, we gave 1Password for iOS a “clear clipboard” option (Settings > Security) for anything you copy out of 1Password for iOS, then turned it on out-of-the-box. The default is 90 seconds, but you can push that all the way up to five minutes or “never.”

This way you can create your new password, copy it to your clipboard literally without lifting a finger, paste it into your final destination, then sit back and let 1Password clear your clipboard for you, keeping that info safe and sound.

1Password for iOS—keeping your info safe since 2008, and now saving you even more extra taps since December 2012.

1Password for iOS Features: Categories are the new Wallet

There’s a lot of new stuff in the new 1Password for iOS—I mean, a lot—but one of the most important changes is the new Categories tab. We rounded up all the different types of stuff you keep safe and use in 1Password and made it all more flexible, not to mention easier on the eyes.

You can check out our user guide on the new Categories, but I’ll give you the cliff notes. Categories is the tab in Vault Mode where you create and organize all your stuff, including Logins, Secure Notes, Credit Cards, Identities, and more. It also includes everything that was in the Wallet tab in 1Password 3, like Rewards Programs, Bank Accounts, and Memberships.

From the Categories tab you can tap into any category and get down to business, but now you can also reorder them! Yes, another great addition to the new 1Password for iOS is the ability to reorder Categories however you want—simply tap the Edit button in the top titlebar, then drag Categories above or below each other. Maybe you really love Secure Notes and want them to be above Logins, or maybe you don’t plan on having to add or update your Identities anytime soon. Drag them around to your heart’s content, then tap Done.

The new Categories tab can be a big help, and you can learn more about it in our user guide. Plus, don’t forget to check out the new 1Password for iOS, now available in the App Store!