Apps that Love 1Password: Orbit for

Orbit iconOur page of Apps that Love 1Password has experienced a sudden lack of gravity, as Orbit for is the latest to add support for quickly searching 1Password for account credentials.

Orbit is kind of like CloudApp for Mac and Droplr. It lets you quickly upload files from your iPhone and adds a short sharing link to your clipboard, perfect for sharing in social media and email. The big difference is that Orbit is built on top of your account storage and integrated with any other services and apps you run.

Upon logging into Orbit on your iPhone for the first time, a 1Password button will quickly switch you to our app and automatically search for “” among all your items. Simply swipe to the right across your item to show the Action Bar, tap the clipboard to copy your password, then switch back to Orbit to paste.

We’re delighted that Orbit brought 1Password along for an interstellar ride so you can login quickly and get on with sharing. Check it out in the App Store.

Apps that Love 1Password: Tappd That for tracking your beer to-dos, to-done

tappd_that_icon_300It’s time to kick back with Apps that Love 1Password and open a proverbial cold one. The latest app to add 1Password integration is Tappd That, an offline companion for Untappd, a beer and bar discovery service.

Untappd gives you personalized beer recommendations and helps you find the best bars wherever you are. You can catalog and review beers you’ve had and add beers you aspire for to a wishlist. Tappd That makes all this even better by letting you take your check-in history and wishlist offline. The next time you take a journey to experience the best, most remote beer known to humanity? Tappd That will have your list even if you’re so far off the grid, you may as well be in Canada.

As of the Tappd That 1.0.4 update, a new 1Password button on the Untappd login form will let you switch to 1Password with an “untappd” AutoSearch. Just swipe across your Untappd Login item, tap the clipboard to copy the password, then switch back, paste it in, and you’re ready for a beer.

Tappd That 1.0.4 is available now in the App Store.

Expense Tool 2 adds 1Password support to create, enter passcodes

App_Icon_512x512Our Apps that Love 1Password page gets a little longer today, and it’s for a great cause: your personal finances. Jürg Otter has released Expense Tool 2 for iPhone and iPad, a big new version of his expense tracking tool with some great new features, including 1Password support.

In a nutshell, Expense Tool 2 helps you watch how much you spend on food, your new hobby, vacation—whatever you want. You can attach receipts, photos, and locations to the expenses you track, and create multiple sets to keep things organized. Expense Tool 2 also lets you exchange data between multiple iOS devices—great for tracking expenses with a coworker or a special someone.

To keep all this sensitive financial information safe, Jürg’s big Expense Tool 2 update added 1Password support for creating and entering a passcode to lock the app. It’s a great way to create a strong, unique password to protect your expense data, yet conveniently enter it when it’s time to get tracking.

Check out Expense Tool 2 and its new 1Password integration in our in our gallery below, or go pick up a universal copy for iPhone and iPad for just $1.99 in the App Store.

Apps that Love 1Password: Pushpin for Pinboard

Pushpin loginLike Twitter overload and email overload before it, plenty of people these days suffer from bookmark overload—too many links, too many places, too hard to find them all when it matters. That’s why great apps like Dan Loewenherz‘s Pushpin, a client for Pinboard, exist.

Pinboard lets you collect and organize all your bookmarks, things to read, and random links in a single place. As you have already deduced, Pushpin is a great iPhone client for using Pinboard and its many features, including searching all your bookmarks, viewing bookmarks across the entire site by tag and feeds, and adding bookmarks on the fly from other apps.

With a big ol’ 2.0 upgrade, Pushpin now makes it much easier to log into your Pinboard account using 1Password.

Thanks to Dan Loewenherz for adding a little 1Password to Pushpin so it can join the ranks of Apps that Love 1Password!

Apps That Love 1Password: Dispatch

I’ll admit, we might need to switch to a weekly digest format to handle all these Apps That Love 1Password posts. While we kick around that idea, you can kick around Dispatch, a new iPhone email client that lets you actually do something with all those messages.

Dispatch looks like a minimal email client, but as Chad Feldheimer so eloquently said, appearances can be… deceptive (NSFW). You can create tasks from messages in OmniFocus and Things, save links to Evernote and Pocket, send text selections to Drafts, open addresses in Google Maps, and more. You can also add text snippets on a per-account basis and even create them by selecting text in a message.

Of course, one of Dispatch’s best features is the sweet, sweet ways in which it shakes hands with 1Password. While adding an account, a 1Password button will appear to let you quickly switch, search for the Login you need, and copy your password to paste it. Plus, if you tap a link in a message, one of your options will be to open it in 1Password’s feature-tastic 1Browser so you can fill forms and shopping carts with a single tap.

Dispatch is available now in the App Store, and I personally recommend it.

Apps that Love 1Password: Crux Web Browser and Downloader

Crux - login, browse

Crux – login, browse with 1Password

I’m delighted to say that our Apps that Love 1Password page continues to grow, and today it’s our second web browser! We’d like to thank Maximilian Litteral for adding 1Password integration to Crux Web Browser and Downloader.

As of Crux 1.2.1, you can open any webpage in 1Password and automatically search 1Password for Logins to a couple built-in services, like Instapaper and Readability.


It’s a great way to let you browse the web more securely, and makes it much more convenient to use 1Password’s extremely secure, you-couldn’t-remember-them-if-you-tried passwords to log into sites.

Apps that Love 1Password: iCab Mobile

iCab Mobile - search

iCab Mobile now lets you easily find your 1Password Login for the current webpage

Good news, everyone: the Apps that Love 1Password page has broken into the iOS browser scene, thanks to Alexander Clauss’s iCab Mobile.

This is particularly good news for me, as iCab has been my main iOS browser for quite a while. With the big version 7.0 upgrade Alexander released, iCab Mobile’s action menu now lets you switch to 1Password for iOS and AutoSearch for the Login for iCab’s current webpage. Swipe the Login item, tap the clipboard to copy your password, switch back to iCab, and log right in.

Bonus points: 1Password will erase your password from iOS’s clipboard after 90 seconds. You can adjust this Clear Clipboard option under Settings > Security.

Thanks to Alexander Clauss for making it easier to securely log into webpages with iCab Mobile and 1Password!

Apps that Love 1Password: MUDRammer

MUDRammer - login, browse

MUDRammer now lets you search 1Password for dungeon logins and open all links in 1Password

The family of Apps that Love 1Password has grown once again! This time it’s MUDRammer, which marks 1Password’s first foray into iOS gaming, specifically the text-based dungeon-y and crawling-y genre of gaming.

MUDRammer is an iPhone and iPad client for MUDs, or Multi-User Dungeon games. They’re online, multiplayer, text-based dungeon games, and MUDRammer gives you a leg up with its new 1Password integration. You can now set 1Password as your default browser for links in MUDRammer, and you can tap the title bar to quickly search 1Password for a Login for the current MUD in which you’re playing.

Thanks a lot to Jonathan Hersh for adding 1Password to MUDRammer! You can grab the update in the App Store now.

Feed Wrangler for iOS debuts with 1Password login support

Feed Wrangler 1P iconGoogle Reader shuts down soon, so avid news readers are searching for alternative services and apps. One such alternative just debuted yesterday called Feed Wrangler, and it has some really clever features, including one that landed it on our Apps that Love 1Password page.

If you have 1Password for iOS installed, Feed Wrangler displays a 1Password button on the login page. Tap it, and you’ll switch over to 1Password with an AutoSearch already filled in for Feed Wrangler. From there you can quickly copy your password, switch back to Feed Wrangler and log in.

Feed Wrangler has some great features worth checking out, like Smart Feeds for filtering out items you don’t want to read, and automatically marking a story as read if it’s already in your Instapaper or Pocket queue. Plus, Feed Wrangler debuted as a paid service—just $18.99 a year with free access to the apps—so you know they’re not looking to sell out to Google, Yahoo, or Facebook and turn it into a social ranking app for crowd-sourcing shopping recommendation ratings.

A somewhat ordered list of iOS apps that integrate 1Password

iOS app gridYou may have seen some of our recent posts about iOS apps integrating 1Password, making it easier to use the spiffy new Web Mode to browse the web or simply to log into apps using your strong, unique passwords created with the Strong Password Generator.

We’ll keep letting you know all the new apps that add 1Password support here on the Agile Blog. But I also decided to immortalize them in one big handy dandy page for easy, ongoing reference.

Are you a developer? Did you add a slice of 1Password to your app(s)? Let us know!