Some 1Password tips for iPhone and iPad to start your Tuesday off right

1Password Pro icon1Password for iPhone and iPad has some great tricks up its sleeve, including easy ways to let you peek at a password, a quick way to search, and even bumping Safari over in—or possibly out of—your dock. So let’s get started, shall we?

The Basics

  • Swipe to reveal password on iPad – 1Password for iPad behaves like the Mac version in that it conceals your passwords all the time. But if you want to get a quick look at a password, simply swipe to the right to reveal it. Want to conceal it again? Swipe to the left or simply tap another item.
  • Backup. Please – Of course, 1Password Pro for iPhone and iPad is a great companion to 1Password for Mac or Windows, but it works great  as a stand-alone client as well. Even if you use Apple’s iCloud service to backup your entire device though, it’s a very good idea to backup 1Password as well; you can never be too careful. Fortunately, we built a backup mechanism into 1Password Pro that doesn’t require you to sync with the Mac or Windows versions, and we have a doc that explains how to set it up.
  • Tap to get a Copy dialog – You can quickly copy many types of 1Password information to your clipboard with a simple tap (hold it for just a split second). You can tap a Login’s password and username, a Wallet item’s credit card number or bank routing details, and even Software licenses.

The Not-So-Basics

  • Customize your Auto-Lock settings – We set 1Password to lock pretty quickly by default because we want to make sure your information is protected from prying eyes. But let’s say you use 1Password Pro on an iPod touch or iPad that never leaves the house and you’d rather not have to type in your Master Password as often as we set it. If you’d like a little more flexibility in how often you have to unlock 1Password, go to Settings > Security and try out different Auto-Lock settings to find something that fits your environment and workflow.
  • Change your password conceal setting – You can choose whether the iPhone and iPad versions conceal your passwords by default under Settings > Display (on iPhone, tap the More section to get to Settings). Like the Auto-Lock setting, our users asked for some flexibility here to fit the way they work and play with 1Password.

1Password Like a Pro

  • Get to search, quick – Naturally, many users feel the fastest way to find the 1Password item they need is to search for it. One way to go about this is to use a great productivity utility like Launch Center Pro. Think of it as sort of an Alfred or LaunchBarfor 1Password, but for your iPhone (and, hopefully, soon for your iPad). Launch Center Pro is a way to quickly do a wide range of different tasks on your iPhone, and one of them just happens to be launching 1Password and going straight to the search section. After you install Launch Center Pro, add an action from the plus button in the upper right and search for 1Password. There are two options, and one is to search. Give it a name, place it where you want, and boom—you have a quick way to launch 1Password straight to the search dialog, even if you’re halfway across your Home Screen.
  • Use 1P as a browser replacement – I know earlier I told you about a quickly way to copy passwords and other information out of 1Password Pro, but maybe you don’t even have to bother doing that. We built a capable browser right into 1Password that can auto-fill usernames and passwords. All you need to do is find the Login you want to use in 1Password, then tap the arrow next to its URL to spring our browser into action. Depending on the website, you may need to tap the world icon in the browser’s toolbar to copy and paste that site’s Login details while in the browser. But in most cases, 1Password should fill your info in just fine. Simply tap the website’s login button to get on with your business.

I think that’s about enough 1Password Pro awesomeness to drop on you for today. Got a favorite trick like this? Share it in the forums and I’ll round up a few for a future post!